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Family Trip to Destin, FL

by Juliemara



Christmas is a favorite time of ours to take a trip. We don’t actually celebrate the holiday but we still get the day off. My husbands business is very busy up until the Christmas holiday so as soon as Christmas eve arrives things slow down and we can take off as a family to anything we like for as long as my job will let me be away. This year we decided to go back to Destin, Florida, we went last year as well. And while last year wasn’t exactly our ideal vacation we did things a little differently this time. Last year we stayed in a hotel at a resort for two nights then drove to visit with friends in Alabama. This year we stayed for over a week in a rented house.

Destin Vacation Rental Ocean Views

The house was a perfect rental for the four families with seven kids between them that shared it. Six bedrooms, five and a half baths, golf cart, heated pool, great neighborhood, walking distance to the beach and close to great shopping. I loved this house so much I felt like I needed to send the owners a gift for letting us stay there!




It wasn’t warm on the gulfs edge but it was warmer than in Atlanta. We were able to spend some time on the beach playing in the sand. The girls were so cute digging and jumping and running through the beautiful white sands of the beach. It was so fine and white it looks a little like snow, but I’ll take sand over snow any day. One of the spots we visited was the Crab Trap restaurant which had a great playground structure right on the sand.


The girls had a great time playing with the other kids we vacationed with. They got to stay up late, sleep in and sit at the eat at bar for most of their meals. There was plenty of down time indoors so I brought an arsenal of indoor activities to keep kids entertained. And the pool heated to bath tub temps was a great way to spend chilly mornings. Look out for more photos to come.




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Spring forward

by Juliemara


Time continues to fly, the girls keep getting bigger and smarter. This past weekend we said good bye to winter and sprung forward to spring.

The girls have been sleeping later these past couple if days, hopefully that will last. The last few weeks of 4:30 wake ups and the screaming that came with it was not fun.

The winter was cold but we made the most of it and spent lots of Saturdays and Sundays with friends and family. Now that the weather is warming up we are looking forward to morning walks though the woods and afternoons at the splash park. Summer is my favorite time of year. And based on how much our girls love the water I think it will be there’s too. I wonder if they will remember swimming in the pool.


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Getting out

by Juliemara


It’s the little moments that I love with my girls. We don’t always stick to strict nap time on the weekends. Especially now that the girls are transitioning to one nap a day. So afternoon naps are usually started in the car and sometimes transferred to the crib.
Everyone once in a while, when I am on my own in the afternoon and the girls fall asleep in the car I’ll just let them take their whole nap there. Afterward we will hop in the wagon for a little stroll down the block before dinner.





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