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Weekend fun Photos and a Big Thank You!

by Juliemara


My mom was in town this weekend, I love hearing the stories she tells of her friends who drink their morning coffee with my blog posts each morning. Blogging is a lot of work without much reward. But I don’t do it for the recognition, I do it for down the road.


Even now, I will click on a “you may also like” box and read a post I wrote months ago. I know one day when I no longer write I will be glad I can look back and have it all there, categorized and archived forever. But for now, I love writing and I know that my readers love reading because you vote! 20130423-113808.jpg

And because you vote I have stayed on page one of Top Baby Blogs and even moved up recently to #12! Thank you, Thank you! A special thank you to Safta and Saba, Nana and Grandaddy, and Debbie and Susan who are a few of the many who make a point to vote everyday from each of their devices.The biggest compliment you can give a blogger is more exposure, lots of new people have found my blog via Top Baby Blogs.






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Monday again?!

by Juliemara

This past week was a bit crazy, it’s actually an understatement, but I don’t really know what the word is for the week I just had. You see, I work full time in a very seasonal business, which means that while there is work and readers to do year round twice a year we create a line of products all in about six weeks the last of the six weeks is the presentation where we show it to the executive team for their approval, which mean that in the days leading up to this presentation we often work all day and into the night, sometime 8pm, 9pm or even 10pm. This was my first presentation week since being back at work, the previous season I was having babies the night everyone was working until 10 pm! So that explains the lack of posts several days this past week.
On top of it being crazy at work I was dealing emotionally with the loss of my uncle, then to hear that my dad had to go to the hospital, he will be ok, but it was still scary. And I forgot to mention that on Wednesday it was my biggest sister birthday! Happy birthday big sis! She such a good big sister, she didn’t sarcastically say to me “why didn’t I get a birthday shout out on the blog” as I would have done. No, she didn’t do that, what does a great big sister do instead, she brings my husband and I cake! It was yum.

Home depot had a sale on gas grills this weekend, so since we only have two grills we needed one more. Ok, we didn’t need it, but it’s gas, the others use charcoal, which I’m not really too good with, ok i wouldn’t try to light a charcoal grill unless it were life and death. So the new grill is pretty much for me, but don’t tell my husband that, he thinks it’s for him. See it in the corner.

Oh and that’s the dinner we had on our deck. Made by my sweet husband. He made pizza on the grill. It was a very cool idea. DON’T make pizza on the grill the bottom gets chard. But it was very nice of home to make dinner, he usually does.

Overall it was a really fun weekend. We love spending two whole days just playing with our sweet girls, they are just so sweet.












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bits and peices of the blog world

by Juliemara

One of my favorite blogs Bluebird does a Friday post of stunning pictures that document bits+ pieces of her week. This week she asked her readers to comment with links to their own versions of bits + pieces. I  checked out who had commented and clicked on this link, and found this,

it’s so true and so hard to understand unless you have been there or are there now. But what I want to know is does that feeling ever change. When your child turns one, is that when it’s ok to let them be as use your time to take care of mundane tasks and not feel like you are missing out on special moments that you could be spending playing with this little child, what about when they are five or ten or eighteen and about to leave your house, isn’t it important to make sure that you spend every last second possible with them before they go while leaving the dishes for another day, I think so, but that’s a lot of dirty dishes.

My bits and pieces from the weekend,

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