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Little Fashionistas

by Juliemara

I’ve been a new mom for 12 days now, four of those days were spent is hospital wear, long sleeve envelop tees that rode up, diapers and a swaddle blanket. But once home our baby nurse Pachelle has made sure that we are dressed to the nines everyday.
Here’s today and some of our favorites from the past week. And may be a little bias but it’s all Carters and it’s all super cute!










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Favorite firsts

by Juliemara

Going back in time here a bit, but i want to share sime of my favorite photos from our hospital stay. it’s been a week since we came home from the hospital. The girls are on a great schedule, eat, poop, sleep or play, in 3Hr increments.












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A very special visitor

by Juliemara

Guess who the babies met today?? Aunt Mindy! My sister drove all the way from North Carolina to see us, meet her new nieces and see her other nieces and nephew too, of course! Aunt Mindy was such a big help, she changed about 10 diapers, and feed babies several times. She ran errands for me and made sure I was drinking my water. Today my hip hurt really bad so walking around the house was slower than it has been for the past few days. I did manage to get downstairs and got to check out the basement Reno that is still in progress, more on that later. Other than that Saturday came and went without much to say, just another day at home with the cuties!20111023-081409.jpg

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Dr’s prognosis- Excellent!

by Juliemara

Our first visit to the pediatrician went great. Talia who was born weighing 4lbs,15ozs now weighs 5lbs,3ozs! And Jordan who weighed 6lbs,4oz is only down one ounce as of today. The doctor want to see them back in a week to check again, but I think he just wants a reason to see the cute babies again ; )
We also learned a lot today, like what happens if a baby who is less than 2 months old gets a fever, it called the full work up, it includes things like blood work, a urine catheter, and a spinal tap. From my recent cesarean experience I know that these procedures are not something to look forward to for an adult let alone an infant. The best way to avoid a baby fever or getting sick is to avoid germs as much as possible. So again I want to say while I would love a steady stream of visitors/helpers for the sake of our babies visits will need to wait until after the two month checkup/shots. But, I can do something, tell me what part of the girls day you want to see on the blog, morning wake up, bath time, tummy time, you name it and I’ll do a special post for any requests that are made.


Talia and Jordan say thank you to their cousin Dana for knitting these warm blankets for them.

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