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DIY Simple Toddler Game

by Juliemara


I know I’ve mentioned before the attention span of a one year old before, it’s about two minutes. As the months have passed the girls attention span has grown slightly, to about five minutes. They will sit and color a page , a little longer if I sit and color with them. But I can’t always be sitting with them. In the mornings while getting ready for work they play in my room. The toys in our house are rotated from room to room and in and out of storage to keep things interesting and not too cluttered and I always keep a few toys in my room for this time of the day. But sometimes no existing toy is more interesting than my attention, so I have to create a new one, on the spot and fast. This one is called toothbrush tunnel. it’s simple , save the empty toilet paper rolls and hand each toddler one roll and their toothbrush,


show them how to drop the toothbrush through the middle.

Talia in Purple.


This silly little game teaches all kinds of lessons – hand eye coordination, cause and effect. If you are lucky they will play with it long enough to finish you hair or make up. Oh, if you don’t have an empty toilet paper roll, you toddler can empty a full roll in about a minute.



A portrait a week will be here on Monday. Have a great weekend

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