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Come join the fun

by Juliemara

We are lucky to live in a city where people get together. People find any and every excuse to get out and enjoy the day, the weather and each others company. This past weekend we had the pleasure of being invited to join a group of about fifteen young families at a park. We all have babies about the same age so we all have lots in common and we are all in that same place so it’s a good group to talk about frustrations or relish in the joys of being moms and dads for the first time. Many months ago the organizer of this outing hosted a brunch at her house for 12 pregnant women, here is the result no of the brunch, but of an eight month wait.
Talia and Jordan Love being outside, they gor all dresses up in Carters fancy clothes for the occasion. It’s impossible for me to get a picture of both of them smiling at the same time, here’s Jordan sort of smiling. Here is Talia smiling. Here is Jordan doing something, Here you go, those are pretty good smiles. That’s Livia, Talia and Jordans friend in the photo with them. And here are all four of the girls together! It’s really convenient that all these girls moms are friends since they are so close!

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6 months old, that’s half a year

by Juliemara

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a new project and a cute video

by Juliemara

My husband is helping me transfer my blog to a self hosted server and make it have a new fun look. So over the next few months there may be some technical difficulties and days without updates. But I will do my best. One thing that I would like to do is support my readers! If you or someone you know has a blog or a website that you think people should check out send me a link by commenting and I will look into linking up to them. Thanks and wish me luck!

Here’s the cute video

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I love them

by Juliemara

They are just getting cuter by the day



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Sunday Funday

by Juliemara

We had such a fun weekend and did so much it’s hard for me to find time to blog about it all. Sunday was especially fun. We invited two couples over with their babes to have brunch and play!
There were plenty of toys.

The dads had fun!



The moms had fun.

At Bumbo time Talia and Jordan weren’t quite sure what to make of all of it.


But their friend Ella who is three months older promised to make sure they were OK.

Then we moved to the floor so the girls could stretch out.

Ella being older and wiser was demonstrating her fantastic yoga ability.



Right into Jordan’s face.


Miss Livia, who is totally obsessed with her mom stared at her the whole time, didn’t take her eyes off her once!

As a mom I never feel like I have enough pictures of myself with the girls or with the family as a whole, because I’m almost always the one taking the pictures, so I made sure that each family got a family picture. I love how they tuned out.
Ella’s Family

Livia’s Family

Talia and Jordan’s Family

Tell me about your weekend!
Happy Monday.

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Babies and Bumbos

by Juliemara

I’ve been getting these daily emails from various parenting websites about my babies at whatever week they are that week and what they will do and what I can do to help them reach these developmental milestones. As the girls approach four months old they are suppose to be grasping things, enjoying various textures and rolling over?! Ummm, yeah, not so much of this going on in our house. You saw how they were “holding” their toys in this post, well that’s an every now and then occurrence, definitely not an all the time thing. And sure they like textures when they accidentally notice one, like this shirt I wear and love and probably won’t see their first birthday since they love to stick their little fingers in the holes of the lace and pull.

But when we read the fuzzy yellow ducklings with all it’s different textures it’s not like they are reaching out to feel the scratchy blue crescent or the wooly grey rectangle, they barely react when we put their hand on a page.

And rolling over, sure they have done that since the week we brought them home, but it’s only because they hate tummy time.

I get that they were a month early so they have this adjusted age thing and I’m sure I’m just being paranoid but I am looking forward to discussing their progress with the pediatrician at their four month appointment next week. But in the mean time we keep giving them toys to hold, textures to touch, building back and neck strength with tummy time and practicing head control in the bumbos.












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What’s under your Calvins’ ?

by Juliemara

I know I promised house updates this week, sorry I just didn’t get around to taking all the pictures and finding the before pictures to post along with the new ones, but here’s a little peak…

The art is by a friend of a friend, you can see more of his work here on flicker,

Until I can get the photos I want to share with you together you’ll just have to be happy with more pictures of babies!

This past weekend we took our first family trip to Costco. We went right after we fed the girls at 11am so they were full and happy and awake. Walking through costco with our double wide stroller on a saturday was interesting. Firts it wasn’t all terrible, people are really funny when they see infant twins comming their way. They stop and just stare and smile, until we pass, then they continue on thier way. Of course there are those that say something nice and encouraging or those that ask all the usuall questions. And recenty I’ve begun to wonder why so many people see the babies and look at me and sat “Twins?” really, am I suppose to actually answer that question? Please remember , I always dress them the same. Unfortaunatly I don’t have any pictures fro our Costco trip, but here’s what we wore.

Calvin Klien onesies that abba picked out for them and Children’s place “jeggings” that fit more like levies boyfriend fit…

And of course, what do you were under your Calvins’.. PAMPERS!

Yes, we are a devoted Pampers family, we have tried Publix brand and Huggies, but we prefer the mesh lining that keep poop and pee off cute little baby booties the best.

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