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Each morning

by Juliemara



20120131-220902.jpgI love singing to my babies, I’m not good at it and I don’t know too many songs but some of our favorites are heads, shoulders, knees and toes-thanks Saren! (yes two heads, there are two babies and everyone sings together), twinkle twinkle little star, the itsy bitsy spider, the song about Noah ark (because they came on by twosies), and nothing-from a Chorus Line.
And every morning, I sing just the first line of here comes the sun, by the Beatles, because thats all I know, as we watch the sun come up as a family from the window in the girls room or the living room while they drink their breakfast.



20120131-220022.jpgI think I’m pretty lucky that I get that time in the morning with my whole family together, not sure it would be that way if there were just one baby.

20120131-220105.jpg I thought to tell you about this special time in our home thanks to fellow blogger after she posted this great print on her blog Monday. <a href="http://

20120131-220325.jpg“>It’s a pretty popular quote for wall art, I found this image a while back and hope I can find the actual art for the girls room one day.

20120131-220450.jpg Our little house out in the suburbs is really becoming a happy home. Be sure to check back next week when smiling watermelon will have house week, you’ll get to see all the rooms that have been updated since the last house post back in October. One of my favorite parts of our house are all the tall trees that surround us and provide such great contrast to the rising and setting sun every day, much like the print from above. I hope our girls will appreciate the beauty of nature as much as we do. When the weather warms up and the girls have better control of their cute little noggins we plan to spend a lot of time outdoors hiking all the fabulous trails the Georiga parks system maintains. Until then we will just keep playing at home and taking fun pictures, Every Morning and Every Evening.





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