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by Juliemara


In the morning when she wakes up before her sister Talia calls out for Jordan , “Bebe! Bebe!”. I tell her “shhhhh, Bebe is sleeping”. She listens. When she’s wondering from room to room looking for her sister, Jordan call out “Tataaaa, Tataaaa”. They laugh together, when one has something special in her hands she runs in the opposite direction of her sister. They Always do exactly as the other is doing. If there are two chairs they both want to sit on the same one, what ever the other has is better, they wake each other up in the middle of the night, still.

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It’s official

by Juliemara

They’re married! The vows are said and the glass was crushed. It was a beautiful ceremony. My sister and her new husband are all set to live happily ever after! Now it’s time to party! Check back next week for more wedding pictures.








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Jordan really loves her sister…

by Juliemara

Jordan really loves her sister and has begun showing it in the cutest way. Whenever I lay them next to each other on their play gym mat or on a blanket or the couch she always has her hand on Talia, usually on her face aiming for the eye, but sometimes she pets the top of her head or wedges her fist into Talia’s neck. Sometimes she’ll hold lovingly with a tight grip onto her shirt. Talia does the same to Jordan on occasion, but Jordan does it ALL the time. And just like everything else they do, it’s really cute.

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There are so many reasons to celebrate

by Juliemara

There are so many reasons to celebrate life, some are big things like getting engaged, getting married, or having a baby (or two). And some are not so big like learning to write your name all by yourself, making cookies with someone you love or seeing a new ocean for the first time. But it is all the experinces that we each have that make us who we are, so no one experince is any more important than another. It’s my hope for this blog that I will share all kinds of experinecs big and small.

A few weekend ago I made the trip to  my home town for one last visit by my self. My husband wasn’t able to come because he was hard at work on our new home (which you will see new pictures of one day very soon), And once our babies get here I will no longer be allowed to fly without another adult, airline policy 1 adult per baby.

The main purpose of the trip when I schedualed it was to celebrate my totally amazing cousin Robert and his new wife Elif at a reception given by his parents at thier home.  They were married in earlier in the summer in California, which from the pictures looked like something that would make Martha Stewart very proud.

It was also a chance to see many of my aunts, uncles and cousins. And to top it off just a few days before the trip my sister got asked a very special question by her boyfriend, and now they are engaged!

It was a quick trip but filled with so much that it felt huge! Like I looked!

The Cookout!

Hey Sylvia, where are the rest of the guns?

Elif making her mint chocholate chip ice cream cone, they were so yum!

The host, Meryl Streep. Ok not really but she even sounded like her.

The next morning was the main event held at the grooms parents house, it was a wonderful time for everyone. The whole family was there and got to wish the newlyweds well, catch up with each other and eat some really delicious food. Ok so shoot me I had some lox, I just couldn’t resist it was screaming EAT ME! twice : )

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