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by Juliemara


I’m now 22 weeks with this little baby. Which we found out some time ago is a little lady. Lucky girl she is being born into a wardrobe that most adults would covet. Speaking from experience, being the youngest of three girls has it’s perks.

Since I have everything I could possibly need for a little girl, most of which is pink, new things for this baby are going to be things that I like right now. I need to find time to clear out our tiny guestroom to turn it into a tiny nursery. I’m going neutral, sweet and simple with this one. A natural wood IKEA crib, super soft over sized lambskin rug from Costco, an indulgent glider for me, the most adorable animal photography I’ve ever seen and a few fun and functional trinkets.


I could decorate and redecorate kids rooms over and over if I had the time.




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The 9th month

by Juliemara

remember that bumpdate I use to do what back when before I had babies outside of me? This was the last post I did on that.

I was determined to finish it and finally I did.

The final picture of me with the girls is actually when they are about six weeks old because as you can see, I’m smiling, with both sides of my mouth.

I pretty much hate all the pictures I took of me during the first five weeks because my face looked funny because of the bells palsy. It was one of the worst things I have ever experienced and I and so thankful that it went away.

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Ultrasound Update

by Juliemara

The babies are getting so big that the ultra sound techs don’t even bother giving me pictures anymore, so I don’t have any from my last appointment which I was 31 weeks and 4 days on Sept 7th. But I can tell you that the babies are growing strong. Baby a in the right corner (my right) is weighing in at 4lbs 3oz and baby b in the left corner (my left) is weighing in a 4lbs 8oz. These little ladies are about the size of a Cantaloup! Yum. Of course the weights are estimations that could be off by about 10%, but considering I still have 4-5 more weeks of growing babies to do, I think they will be big twins. My husband and I were each 9lbs or more! Thanks Moms for growing us big and strong!

Hopefully I will get a picture of a foot or an ear at out next scan to share.

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I know the day will come…

by Juliemara

I know the day will come when my hands no longer hurt, I hope that day comes soon after our babies are born. I know the day will come when I can once again breath through my nose. I know the day will come when I will be able to sleep on my stomach or my back, even if it is for only a few hours at a time. I haven’t felt much like me lately, I miss me, I am generally a happy person, up for anything, energetic and enthusiastic. But now I’m just so tired and heavy and to top it all off my hand just hurt all the time, day and night. I use to get some relief during the day for a few hours here or there, but they seem to be getting worse.

To pass the time I think about all the other really amazing things to come. I know the day will come when someone will look at me and say “mama”, I wonder who will say it first. I know the day will come when i will be able to walk normally again and our little family of four will go on a hike in the woods together and we will share our love of nature with our little girls. I get to think about a million things like this as these days pass and they are the thoughts that make me happy they the girls stay inside me one more day. I just hope they are not beating each other up in there, because sometimes it feels like it. I couldn’t upload the video here, but go to my Facebook page to see my belly bump dancing.

Have a happy Monday.

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My hands

by Juliemara

I really hate my hands, I can’t figure out if moving them or keeping them resting feels better, because they just hurt so much. There’s not much I can do these days, even typing this is painful, but at the same time it takes my mind off the pain for a bit.

My friend at work and I took another instagram break on Friday, it was 1000 degrees out but I liked the outfit I had on for instagram.

In other news the house us still a work in progress but I love it already. And we went to our labor and delivery class for multiples today, 6 hours of how, what and why of childbirth of twins, at first it seems like there are so many choices to be made but at the same time the dr is going to do what is best for mom and babies and it my job as the mom to be ok with it and go with the flow.

Enjoy the pics!





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The fun part is officially over

by Juliemara

The first month I didn’t know I was pregnant, I knew it was a possibility but can’t know until four weeks in. Technically Your not even pregnant for the first two weeks that they count as part of the forty weeks. The second and third month I had the morning sickness that lasted all day, feeling that bad was exhausting, my life was centered around eating tolerable foods at the right time. At month four that went away and I felt really good, my feet would hurt by the end of each day. But aside from that I didn’t feel too big and was enjoying the summer and getting started on our home renovation. Well i’m now half way through the sixth month and I no longer feel good. In fact at this very moment I feel sad, scared, sick and in pain. I’m sitting in the ob’s office because I failed the 1 hour glucose tolerance test so now I have to take the three hour test. Which means I have to drink a nasty 100gram sugar drink, which has made me feel like i want to throw up, and get my blood taken four times before noon. I HATE NEEDLES! I know getting your blood taken doesn’t hurt that much but I get anxiety over it, I can’t help it, it’s just nit something I deal well with. And the possibility of having to prick my finger several times a day to check my sugar is just scary and sad to me. I really think that I wouldn’t be crying my eyes out in the dr office this morning if I didn’t also have to deal with the fact that MY HANDS HURT! I have pregnancy induced carpal tunnel syndrome, so I hold an ice pack, wear wrist splints, they help a little, but the only way to get rid if the pain is to get a cortisone shot IN MY HAND, another needle. And last unfun thing for now, because I could go on and on, but I didn’t want to be a whiner complainer pregnant person, but it’s my blog and it makes me feel better, is that I have baby b’s little feetsies digging under my ribs, which is a sharp pain that doesn’t subside unless I do a back bend, which is so easy to do these days.




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Ultrasound Update

by Juliemara

June 27th 21 Weeks

It was back to the Perinatal again this week for a checkup and I’m happy to report everyone is doing great. The babies are each weighing 15ozs

that’s about this size, that’s a spaghetti squash.












They were moving around so much during the scan the tech had a hard time getting good pictures of them.

Here is b’s profile













and a’s head and body, mosltly spine.













and b’s big foot












and a’s little hand, awww












Have a Happy Fourth of July Weekend!

June 13th 19 weeks

I have finally started to feel them moving around, not much, just a tiny little bit here and there. It’s so subtle that if I’m not being super still when they move enough for me to feel them then I miss it. Sometimes I think I feel a little muscle twitch, but the more I talk to the other 15 women in my office who are pregnant I realize it’s them! My husband can’t wait to start feeling them move and kick and punch and whatever else they will do in there for the next four months (hopefully). And he’s really good about saying hi to them everyday, in Hebrew .

It was back to the Perinatal doctor this week and again, everything looks good, no ttts, good! They are very quick and thorough with their check, they just don’t take the time to get the good images like they use to, tisk, tisk. Hehe. That was a joke, they are doing their job making sure that our babies are growing well, which they are. They both measure 19wks and three days gestational age and each weigh the same at 11oz. Their heads are now above my belly button and they are both feet down, but they spin around like tiny dancers the whole time. Which is probably why it is difficult to get good pics. The tech did manage to snap these…

baby girl b’s head









baby girl a’s footsie








but the rest just look like blobs, like this one




or scary skeletor people, like this one…





She actually has her hands up by her head, which is a good thing for babies, it means they are relaxed (my sister told me that).













I feel really lucky that I get to check in with the babies every one to two weeks, I just don’t know how people can stand not knowing what is going on for months at a time.  12 days until next scan!

June 6, 2011 18 weeks

May 25, 2011 16weeks

just baby girl b

just baby girl a

May 9, 2011 14weeks

just baby girl a

just baby girl b

April 25, 2011 12 weeks

just b

just a

close up profile

April 5, 2011 9 weeks

March 22, 2011 8 weeks

March 16, 2011 7weeks

March 9,2011

See original Ultrasound Post here)

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