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a new project and a cute video

by Juliemara

My husband is helping me transfer my blog to a self hosted server and make it have a new fun look. So over the next few months there may be some technical difficulties and days without updates. But I will do my best. One thing that I would like to do is support my readers! If you or someone you know has a blog or a website that you think people should check out send me a link by commenting and I will look into linking up to them. Thanks and wish me luck!

Here’s the cute video

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Babies learn hand eye coordination

by Juliemara

Jordan and Talia are starting to find their hands and all the things they can do with them.

Happy Weekend!

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Home videos

by Juliemara

First things first-
I would like to wish my sister in law Doda Cilla a very happy birhday! Mazal Tov! We hope you have a great day.

I love taking little videos of the girls just doing what we do. I’m going to give you fair warning, if you are not amused or entertained by my children in the first 15 seconds of each video then you won’t be amused at all, there is no amazing ending or funny blooper, they are just short excerpts of our days and of babies being babies, which I personally find super cute an very amusing. Enjoy!

The girls are getting better at holding their heads up. The teddy bear helps them stay elevated which makes it less frustrating as well as keeps them from rolling on to their backs and trying to get out of tummy time.

After each day time feeding the girls lay on their baby Einstein play gym and, well, play. They are fascinated by the star at the top of the arch that lights up while playing music for them.

More play gym time, Talia (on the right) was making funny faces and sticking her tongue out, she spit up a bunch a few minutes later.

And look what we did for the first time today!



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Good Morning

by Juliemara

I love mornings with the girls at home. We ha e setteld into a great little routine that includes playtime on the play gym mat since the girls nearing three months are becoming more aware of the interesting things around them and are amused by the lights and sounds that some of the toys make. After an hour or so of play time and some tummy time they poop out for thier nap until its time to eat again.













Check out the video of their swings on YouTube.

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