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Baby pictures

by Juliemara

Obviously I love pictures. I love pictures of my girls. I don’t think I take enough pictures, I should be taking 100 everyday.

20120723-231018.jpgI also love pictures of pretty things, which is why I follow people like Jen Gotch and Bonnie Tsang on instagram.

20120723-231027.jpgJenn Gotch

20120723-231034.jpgBonnie Tsang

I don’t think I am a very good photographer, I try to pay attention to what photographers, like Bonnie, do to make their images so appealing, and I still only love about 1 in one-hundred photos that I take, which is why I need to take one hundred pictures every day. And on top of that I feel like I have missed my chance for certain photo ops of the girls. Such as the cute baby wrapped in a towel after bath time or any photo that requires baby to stay in one place for more than half a second.
After many attempt I was able to get a few cute ones if Miss Talia, but Miss Jordan had more important places to be.




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My week in Instagram

by Juliemara

Happy Friday. I hope you have fun plans for the weekend. And happy mothers day to all the moms and grandmoms! Now that I have my own babies I understand fully how much my mom loves me. I look back on some of my years and can’t believe I was such a difficult child. Maybe that’s why god gave me two amazing babies and her two amazing grand babies, to make up for the obnoxiousness. Sorry mom, I love you a lot and truly appreciate how much you do for me and my family.

Here’s my collection of Instagram photos for this week. Enjoy!


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Some apps do make the world a better place…

by Juliemara

Some apps do make the world a better place, like instagram. If you have an iPhone and you don’t have and use instagram then you are missing out. Its a photo editing and sharing app. You take a photo through the app or upload a photo from your photo library then use the app to put different filters (or color effects) on your photos that make them look professional and vintage. Here are some of my favorite instagram creations of my little love bugs.


















Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!

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Where did it go?

by Juliemara

20120105-033227.jpg20120105-033239.jpg20120105-033245.jpgYesterday the girls turned 3 months old. How did that happen? Where did three months go? I’ll tell you where they went, Month one went to healing- my body and mind were pretty worn on after this pregnancy. I am not one of those women who “enjoy” being pregnant. In fact I said on several occasions if i had to be pregnant for every child i wanted two would be my limit! Month two went to finding my own when it comes to the girls, how to care for them, learning their cries, and finding the time to just enjoy them, month three has been a whirlwind of visiting with friends, family get togethers, holiday celebrations and even a road trip!





20120105-033513.jpgThe girls have changed so much in these three short months, they are getting really good at doing what they do. They are eating better and faster, thy don’t scream when we change their diaper, they are easier to burp, they play on their play mat, they even go to sleep better. Here’s a look back at their 6 week and 2 month pictures. W had to visit the doctor for our first sick visit yesterday as well, the girls both have a cold, which includes a snotty nose, a little hoarseness in their voices and runny poop. The dr said all this was normal and not much of an issue as long as they are eating and sleeping well, which they are. We were already doing all the things that help with a cold like this, elevate their crib mattresses to an incline (make sure the babies head is more elevated than their feet!) Run a cold mist humidifier and use saline nasal drops as often as you can stand to piss off babies and use the suction bulb no more than once a day and only if you see a booger that you can get with it. The suction bulb traumatizes the nasal passage and can make it swell making the problem worse if use too much or incorrectly. While we were at the doctors office they got weighed, since it was a sick visit their clothes were left on, Jordan checked in at 11lbs 1oz and talia at 10lbs 9oz, clothing is about three ounces. According to the doctor these are great weights, especially for babies with diarrhea.

And now that time has come, that most new mothers with a career approach with a lot of trepidation, my return to work. I can’t believe that this time is really here, I can’t believe that in one week (yup, I got an extra week! Hey, extra baby, extra week, seems fair to me.) I will be sitting at my desk again, looking out at downtown Atlanta, wishing my desk was on the north side of the building so that I could at least look in the direction of my house where my girls will be in the care of a very capable bilingual nanny who is all but a perfect stranger. I’ll be wondering if Talia is crying because she has a burp stuck that only mommy knows how to get out or if Jordan is waiting patiently for someone to tell her a story so she can practice her big smile, and all the while I’m sure I’ll be crying my eyes out hoping no one needs me to answer any questions until I can pull myself together, at least until my mind starts to wonder again to what my babies are doing while I’m not there. In the long run I know that this is the best plan for our family but it doesn’t make it any easier. And I’m lucky because there are several women I work with who have recently had babies who I will be able to talk to get some encouraging advice. So with this last week I have of spending 24 hours a day with he prettiest little creatures god put on this earth I promise to relish every second of it, read as many new books to them as I can, go on a few walks if the weather is nice, and just try not to think about next week too much, I can deal with that then.




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