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9 month Pediatrician visit

by Juliemara

Yesterday was the girls 9 month pediatrician visit.

The girls were in a great mood at the doctors office. Playing and laughing with each other while we waited for the doctor.

The doctor was happy with their growth since their last check up. He said the were on the skinny side but it’s ok. They are definitely skinnier than most of he other babies I see their age, but the are so muscular I wouldn’t call them skinny.

Here’s how they measured up:

Baby A – Talia
Weight 16lbs 15 ozs, 25th percentile
Height 27 1/2″, 50th percentile
Head circumference 44.3cm, 50th percentile


Baby b – Jordan
Weight 16lbs 12 ozs, 25th percentile
Height 27 1/2″, 50th percentile
Head circumference 43.2cm, 50th percentile


The nurses asked questions like are they crawling-yes, are they pulling up-yes, do they understand “no” and “good bye”-well, if a big smile means they understand, sure, they completely understand.


Then the doctor told me that waking up in the middle of the night is common at this age, it won’t last forever. Great, do only three more months of 4am play sessions, and they can eat almost everything, which they mostly do, and the next milestone is that they should start talking. We can’t wait to see if their first word is in Hebrew or English!

Over all the doctor said they are doing great, they are perfect! He kept telling them that they are so cute. He even tried to eat Jordan, I don’t blame him, I suggested he start with he inside of the elbow, it’s my favorite baby part! He also noticed the girls personality differences, Jordan is our very serious girl and Talia has a funny little sense of humor.

Thankfully there were no shots at this visit, but the girls did have to get a toe prick to get blood to test their iron levels (which are fine), the girls did great, Talia cried a bit but Jordan just looked at the nurse with her “what in the world are you doing” look.

Next check up, 12 months! Crazy how time has flown by. The doctor assured me there is no cure for babies growing up. Oh well, I’m sure toddlers will be fun too.


Going to the Dr is hard work, the girls went straight to sleep at bedtime, no crying! Jordan woke up at 2:30, but all she needed was her pacifier and she went back to sleep. They both slept until 5:30. Next goal, teaching them to sleep in, at least until 6:30!


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4 month pediatrician visit

by Juliemara

The girls have reached four months old. They are no longer newborns. Of course they are still considered infants but they are so alert and curious and responsive infant just doesn’t seem like the right description for them. Really good babies sounds much better. They didn’t remember what happened the last time they went to the dr. so they were all smiles until the shots time came, I was a bit nervous for them, the needles were bigger this time, They screamed bloody murder for a few minutes but calmed quickly once we held and fed them. I stayed home from work to be with them and make sure they didn’t have any bad reactions. The were a little grumpy throughout the day but mostly they were just sleepy. We even got a few smiles out of them here and there. After their two month visit they were so upset that I called to ask if I could give them baby Tylenol and the nurse advised the dosage, this time I asked the dr about giving them the Tylenol and he said I should not. They think that the vaccinations do not work as well if combined with the Tylenol. He said that I did it once was no big deal but that I shouldn’t this time and he wasn’t thrilled that his nurse gave me the wrong information.

I’m sure you are wondering… What are the stats?!

Talia Rose Sack

weighed in at 12lbs4oz

measured 24 inches long

She is in the 10%-25% percentile for weight and 25%-50% for height. These numbers are for full term babies, so the doc was pleased that they were even on the chart.

Jordan Mia Sack

weighed in a 12lbs7oz

measured 23″ long

She is in the 10%-25% percentile for weight and the 5%-10% for height.

He also told us about SOLIDS! that we should start with rice cereal once a day for a week before they turn six months, then move to oatmeal once a day for a week and after that veggies, one new one every few days until their six month appointment. My husband is very excited about cooking for the girls, he has been talking about taking them to food markets around the world since the day we found out I was pregnant!

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We went to the dr today

by Juliemara

We went to the dr today for the girls two month appt. the dr was really happy with their growth. Talia weighed 9lbs 4oz and Jordan weighed 9lbs 14oz. The dr called Jordan fatty when he saw that she is in the 25% for weight, although it seems low it’s amazing thy they are even on the growth chart having been preemies. The dr also did a hip joint test which made Talia cry, so the dr gave her the pacifier and then called her Maggie Simpson because she sucks so hard, that was funny.

The girls also got their first round of vaccinations. We decided to follow the AAP recommend vaccination schedule, we trust that our dr knows what is best for our girls where medical issues are concerned. Watching them get the shots wasn’t so bad, of course I felt bad that they got hurt and their eyes popping open at the pain was scary, but I was ok. What was hard was the rest of the day, the girls did not feel good and would wake from their nap just screaming. It’s hard to hear your baby cry when you know it’s because they don’t feel good. A little baby Tylenol helped. It was a hard day. But it’s done.



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