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What a difference six months makes

by Juliemara

One day we brought home two little babies. They were very little. Miss Talia weighed a mere 4 pounds 15 ounces, her little head was the size of a tennis ball. Jordan was 6 pounds 4 ounces, most of which was in her head, 3/4″ bigger than Talia’s. And now at six months old they have nearly tripled their weights and Miss Talia is now, not only the oldest, but she is also the biggest at 14 pounds and 12 ounces. She’s a great eater. Jordan was not far behind and is growing very well too, her six month weight is 14 pound 10 ounces. It’s hard to see in the picture how much they have grown, it just looks as though the pacifier was much bigger!


Both girls measured 25 1/2 inches long (I can’t wait until the first time they pull themselves up so I can measure their height!). They have grown 7 inches in six months! And both girls are in the 25% percentile on the standard growth charts for height and weight. They may be little but they are strong. The doctor said they have great upper body strength, which you can see by their cute little arm muscles,

and as soon as they get their little butts up in the air they will be taking off in every direction! Let the good times continue. My husband and I are having such a great time raising theses sweet precious beautiful little girls. Every day is fun and exciting and we don’t even mind that every few nights one or both of them want to wake up and hang out at four in the morning because that’s just more time we get to spend with them while they are still so small. We know it’s bad to give in to it but sometimes you just can’t help it. They are just too cute!

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The pacifier controversy

by Juliemara

There is some controversy out there about how and when and if a pacifier should be used for soothing an infant. Some say that if the baby is sucking then they are not talking, or that it causes orthodontic problems later on, or it’s a bandaid on a broken bone. All I know is that while I had mixed feelings about this peace making little piece of plastic, it’s working for us, day and night, even as it falls out and the whimpers start again, we persist, putting the pacifier back in place for the fifthteenth time, hoping this will be the time that is sticks until that baby is fast asleep. I even broke down and bought the wubanubs, a soothie pacifier attached to a tiny stuffed animal that is supposed to help hold the pacifier in place. We agreed to use this one only during the day for those of you who might have been concerned about us letting our babies sleep with a stuffed animal on their face.









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