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11 Months

by Juliemara


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Little Noa, you’re still my baby. You always will be. But you are proving to everyone that you can hold your own these days. You made it up the steps to the playroom all by yourself, it’s only two steps, but you did it. And although, not quite as graceful, you can make your way back down as well. Don’t worry sweet girl we will leave the pillows at the bottom until you are completely comfortable, maybe until you manage them on your feet! I feel guilty nearly everyday that you don’t get to nap when an 11 moth old baby should, instead you just have to nap when we are in the car taking your sisters to and from school. I know you can’t wait for your turn to go to school, because you cry when we walk your sisters in, then turn around and leave. In the past week you have been pulling yourself up on everything and anything, and you are starting to get good at it. You wave hi and bye and even say “Hi” and “Bye bye” and “up” and “Manama”, when you are hungry. I’m sorry I don’t blog about your every move, but during those hours in the evening that I would be writing and photo editing, you are still calling out for me at the top of your lungs. It’s ok baby, I don’t mind spending a little more one on one time with you, even if it is at the expense of my down time. You love playing with your sisters, anything and everything they do is entertaining, you three play so nicely in your crib or in the playroom. But what surprises me so much is how nicely you play on your own. You love your toys and you love exploring the corners of our deck all by yourself on a nice afternoon. I can’t believe that in one month you will celebrate a birthday, your first. We are all excited, especially your sisters, they have been celebrating for some time. You are such a sweet baby with the┬ásnuggles you give me or anything soft you can smoosh your face on, I feel so lucky that you are my baby. I love you baby girl, happy 11 months old.

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What’s under your Calvins’ ?

by Juliemara

I know I promised house updates this week, sorry I just didn’t get around to taking all the pictures and finding the before pictures to post along with the new ones, but here’s a little peak…

The art is by a friend of a friend, you can see more of his work here on flicker,

Until I can get the photos I want to share with you together you’ll just have to be happy with more pictures of babies!

This past weekend we took our first family trip to Costco. We went right after we fed the girls at 11am so they were full and happy and awake. Walking through costco with our double wide stroller on a saturday was interesting. Firts it wasn’t all terrible, people are really funny when they see infant twins comming their way. They stop and just stare and smile, until we pass, then they continue on thier way. Of course there are those that say something nice and encouraging or those that ask all the usuall questions. And recenty I’ve begun to wonder why so many people see the babies and look at me and sat “Twins?” really, am I suppose to actually answer that question? Please remember , I always dress them the same. Unfortaunatly I don’t have any pictures fro our Costco trip, but here’s what we wore.

Calvin Klien onesies that abba picked out for them and Children’s place “jeggings” that fit more like levies boyfriend fit…

And of course, what do you were under your Calvins’.. PAMPERS!

Yes, we are a devoted Pampers family, we have tried Publix brand and Huggies, but we prefer the mesh lining that keep poop and pee off cute little baby booties the best.

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