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How nice is that

by Juliemara

I had my first day back at work, I was ok, really! I really like my job, the people I work with and the environment, it’s not a bad place to spend the day. But come on, it’s still work and I still have two cute as a button babies at home. Here’s a video of Jordan on her tummy and Talia exploring what her legs can do.

But back to the whole leave the babies at home and go to work thing, I mean who wouldn’t rather play with babies than work, not me, but that’s not life, at least not mine or the other 15 women I work with who have infants at home or the hundreds of millions of women around the world who are moms and have careers, so I just keep reminding my self that by leaving them in someone else’s care I am not harming them, or scaring them, or being a bad mother, I’m just doing, to be honest,what most mothers do. It’s still not easy.
I am still breastfeeding the girls so while I am at work I pump to keep up my supply and have milk for them for the following day. My office has a “pumping room” which they call “mothers rest stop” (all our extra rooms have cute names like the playground or home room, lunch box) I’d never seen he room until today, because they keep it locked, I am pleasantly surprised, it’s a really nice little room.




The room has everything you need for a comfy spot to pump, a glider and ottoman, soft lighting, magazines about parenting, a mini fridge, a little table, photos of cute babies, which I am thinking I may switch out for photos of my cute babies ; ), and a mirror to make sure you are put back together properly after pretending to be a cow for 20 minutes! And this cute little sign to let people know the room is being used.


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