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What’s under your Calvins’ ?

by Juliemara

I know I promised house updates this week, sorry I just didn’t get around to taking all the pictures and finding the before pictures to post along with the new ones, but here’s a little peak…

The art is by a friend of a friend, you can see more of his work here on flicker,

Until I can get the photos I want to share with you together you’ll just have to be happy with more pictures of babies!

This past weekend we took our first family trip to Costco. We went right after we fed the girls at 11am so they were full and happy and awake. Walking through costco with our double wide stroller on a saturday was interesting. Firts it wasn’t all terrible, people are really funny when they see infant twins comming their way. They stop and just stare and smile, until we pass, then they continue on thier way. Of course there are those that say something nice and encouraging or those that ask all the usuall questions. And recenty I’ve begun to wonder why so many people see the babies and look at me and sat “Twins?” really, am I suppose to actually answer that question? Please remember , I always dress them the same. Unfortaunatly I don’t have any pictures fro our Costco trip, but here’s what we wore.

Calvin Klien onesies that abba picked out for them and Children’s place “jeggings” that fit more like levies boyfriend fit…

And of course, what do you were under your Calvins’.. PAMPERS!

Yes, we are a devoted Pampers family, we have tried Publix brand and Huggies, but we prefer the mesh lining that keep poop and pee off cute little baby booties the best.

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Each morning

by Juliemara



20120131-220902.jpgI love singing to my babies, I’m not good at it and I don’t know too many songs but some of our favorites are heads, shoulders, knees and toes-thanks Saren! (yes two heads, there are two babies and everyone sings together), twinkle twinkle little star, the itsy bitsy spider, the song about Noah ark (because they came on by twosies), and nothing-from a Chorus Line.
And every morning, I sing just the first line of here comes the sun, by the Beatles, because thats all I know, as we watch the sun come up as a family from the window in the girls room or the living room while they drink their breakfast.



20120131-220022.jpgI think I’m pretty lucky that I get that time in the morning with my whole family together, not sure it would be that way if there were just one baby.

20120131-220105.jpg I thought to tell you about this special time in our home thanks to fellow blogger after she posted this great print on her blog Monday. <a href="http://

20120131-220325.jpg“>It’s a pretty popular quote for wall art, I found this image a while back and hope I can find the actual art for the girls room one day.

20120131-220450.jpg Our little house out in the suburbs is really becoming a happy home. Be sure to check back next week when smiling watermelon will have house week, you’ll get to see all the rooms that have been updated since the last house post back in October. One of my favorite parts of our house are all the tall trees that surround us and provide such great contrast to the rising and setting sun every day, much like the print from above. I hope our girls will appreciate the beauty of nature as much as we do. When the weather warms up and the girls have better control of their cute little noggins we plan to spend a lot of time outdoors hiking all the fabulous trails the Georiga parks system maintains. Until then we will just keep playing at home and taking fun pictures, Every Morning and Every Evening.





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Reindeer Spoting

by Juliemara

When we moved to our new home this past summer we had no idea how much fun it would be, even though it’s just over the river it feels like a mountain retreat most of the time, sure getting home during rush hour can be a nightmare but once home it’s worth the wait. One of the most fun things we have discovered about our new home is that we share our land with a family of reindeer!




Haha, just kidding, that’s Talia and Jordan dressed up like reindeer and wishing all of you a Happy Christmas Day, celebrating the holiday or just enjoying a nice winter Sunday.

Here are the actual reindeer, ok, they’re not really reindeer, they are just regular deer, but it was still cool to see them in our yard.




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Going places

by Juliemara

It’s really fun going places with the babies, out to lunch, on a walk, even just to the store. Sure it’s a bit of a logistical challenge jut getting out the door and the outing may consist of more time spent on feeding and diaper or wardrobe changes than time spent on whatever the purpose of the outing was, but we will get better at it and the girls will benefit from seeing new places. We are still cautious of crowed places or people who might be sick, after all it is flu season. So if you see a baby out and about this winter plead take me advice as a loving parent, look but don’t touch, not even a little. And if you do get to hold a baby, wash your hands even if you just did, it can’t hurt.




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We went to the dr today

by Juliemara

We went to the dr today for the girls two month appt. the dr was really happy with their growth. Talia weighed 9lbs 4oz and Jordan weighed 9lbs 14oz. The dr called Jordan fatty when he saw that she is in the 25% for weight, although it seems low it’s amazing thy they are even on the growth chart having been preemies. The dr also did a hip joint test which made Talia cry, so the dr gave her the pacifier and then called her Maggie Simpson because she sucks so hard, that was funny.

The girls also got their first round of vaccinations. We decided to follow the AAP recommend vaccination schedule, we trust that our dr knows what is best for our girls where medical issues are concerned. Watching them get the shots wasn’t so bad, of course I felt bad that they got hurt and their eyes popping open at the pain was scary, but I was ok. What was hard was the rest of the day, the girls did not feel good and would wake from their nap just screaming. It’s hard to hear your baby cry when you know it’s because they don’t feel good. A little baby Tylenol helped. It was a hard day. But it’s done.



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Creating makes me happy…

by Juliemara

Creating makes me happy, I created these pretty little things, with some help of course. Jordan on top, Talia on bottom.

For yesterdays two month post I created the “2 Month” sign using a canvas and chalkboard spray paint. And today I erased the 2 month and turned it into wall art.

I have a whole list of creative projects that I hope to complete sooner rather than later and I’ll be sure to share them all with you. I hope these cute little people have the creativity bug like their momma.



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two babies

by Juliemara

Today I had two babies, OK, I have two babies everyday. But today I had a happy baby and a fussy baby. I wonder if one day I’ll be able to say to one baby, “please explain to your sister why everything is ok and there is no need to cry” and have it work. I think this is more my issue than theirs. Babies cry, I just feel bad when they cry because they are waiting for me.



Sorry for the R rated post, not much I can so to get around the cleavage these days, I’m not a fan of turtlenecks.

TGIF (almost)!

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Learn something new everyday

by Juliemara

This whole breastfeeding thing is kind is mind boggling. I mean, I thought I had a good guess of how much our babies were eating from me based on how much they would eat from a bottle, but what about those who dont use bottles, the only way to know if your baby is getting enough to eat is if they are gaining enough weight, but dr visits only happen once a month, it’s all a bit stressful if you ask me. So to ease my stress I went to visit the lactation consultant at the hospital. Each baby was weighed, then fed, then weighed again, and low and behold the babies are eating approximately 3 ounces from me. Of course it will vary feeding to feeding, but we did this twice and 3 seems to be an accurate average, so I’m happy.

I did get some helpful tips from her as well, tips I wish I had gotten five weeks ago! Did you know that there is an actual amount that babies should be eating each day which divided by the number of feedings gives you the amount that they should eat per feeding. For example, a 9 lb baby should be eating 24ozs a day, divide by 7 feeding = 3.4ozs per feeding! Well that was easy. And another great tip I got was to feed a baby with a bottle while they are lying on their side. This way the baby doesn’t gag when it needs to take a breath because milk is getting poured down their throught. Makes sense, and our girls seam to like eating like that.

Old way

The new way


20111205-214155.jpgJordan is with Abba, Talia us with me.

20111205-214204.jpgCan’t tell


In case you are curious about the red tint to some of he photos, yes we have a red light bulb in the lamp over the couch in the nursery. My husband says it’s easier on the eyes than a standard bulb, I’m not sure I’m sold on it since the girls just stare at it anyway but they do go to sleep so the red bulb stays, for now.

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The pacifier controversy

by Juliemara

There is some controversy out there about how and when and if a pacifier should be used for soothing an infant. Some say that if the baby is sucking then they are not talking, or that it causes orthodontic problems later on, or it’s a bandaid on a broken bone. All I know is that while I had mixed feelings about this peace making little piece of plastic, it’s working for us, day and night, even as it falls out and the whimpers start again, we persist, putting the pacifier back in place for the fifthteenth time, hoping this will be the time that is sticks until that baby is fast asleep. I even broke down and bought the wubanubs, a soothie pacifier attached to a tiny stuffed animal that is supposed to help hold the pacifier in place. We agreed to use this one only during the day for those of you who might have been concerned about us letting our babies sleep with a stuffed animal on their face.









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They’re so cute when they’re sleeping.

by Juliemara

I hate that old joke when someone says their kids are cute when they are sleeping, it’s mean. But is it? my kids are really cute when they are sleeping. Their little faces are relaxed, their little lips fall apart jut a bit and their arms flop behind their head or their hands fold in some very proper pose that you know they didn’t do on purpose. It’s true what they say, you can stare at your kids endlessly and never get bored, sleeping or not.







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