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by Juliemara


About a month ago my husband watched a documentary about a man who lost weight and stated to get healthy by drinking only fresh juices. He decided this was something we needed to try in our lives. We bought an inexpensive juicer by Hamilton Beach and a fridge full of veggies and went to town.


It took some trial and error to find the right combinations to make the juices taste good but we are pretty good at it now. We can create a tasty salad in a cup from almost anything we have in the fridge.

Our juices are veggie based and we use fruits only to off set the bitter greens. While fresh squeezed fruit juices are healthier than the bottled kind at the store they are naturally a lot of sugar which is never good for you in abundance.


My husbands father making his favorite juice during a recent visit.



Our favorite combination of veggies and fruits is

A leafy green or two, the most nutritious. Greens are Kale, turnip greens, collard greens and spinach. In that order. We buy what ever is on sale.

Then we add some more watery veggies, celery, cucumber and romaine lettuce.

A few pieces of broccoli and some ginger if we have it around.

And last in goes an apple and an orange or some pineapple to balance the bitter veggies.


Stir it with ice and drink with a straw.


The most fun part of making juice is that the girls love to watch and help. They bring a chair from the table to stand on by the counter and drop in the fruits and veggies.

When it’s ready we can usually get them each to take a sip or two.








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