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Maj Jong Chicks

by Juliemara

At the beginning of last year I started back up playing Maj Jong with a group of girls. I played regularly a few years earlier but quit when I wanted to have more time to spend with my new boyfriend at the time (he’s now my husband). One of the girls was in my previous group, Jamie, another was a friend I’d known for some time, Alyssa, and two other girls were new to me, Saren and Alex. Alyssa announced that she was expecting right around when we all started playing together and a few short months later Saren then I announced the same. So between the three of us we would have enough baby girls to have a mini Maj Jong game! What you are about to see was planned in our hearts from the moment we all found out we were having girls. Alyssa nicknamed her unborn baby BGS-Baby Girl S is her last initial. Then Saren and I realized we all had BGS, yeah! Alyssa also bought these really cute Maj Jong inspired onesies for all the girls so one Saturday we all got together and taught the girls how to play. 20120424-231508.jpg20120424-231514.jpg
Everyone got set up and dealt. We dealt for them since their fine motor skills aren’t so fine yet.20120424-231658.jpg the girls got off to a good start.
20120424-231739.jpg some times they would check with us on a call.20120424-232023.jpg Talia was very attentive and tried really hard to get maj jong.20120424-232256.jpg and when she wasn’t the winner it was very disappointing.20120424-232329.jpg Jordan also paid close attention to her hand and what was being thrown, sometimes it got very tense.20120424-232426.jpg Livia was trying to give secret signals, even tough we tried to explain to her that she’s on her own, she has no team in Maj Jong.20120424-232533.jpg Ella was very careful not to share her hand.20120424-232634.jpg in the end all the girls were winners, how could they not be, they are so cute.
20120424-232822.jpg20120424-232831.jpg And we found the missing tile, Talia was sitting on it.20120424-232926.jpg
After the game the girls took some time out for the paparazzi (aka Crazy Proud Mamas). Ella and Livia are sitting up so nicely. Jordan and Talia aren’t quite there yet.

Why do my babies always look like they are fighting?









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