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Family Trip to Destin, FL

by Juliemara



Christmas is a favorite time of ours to take a trip. We don’t actually celebrate the holiday but we still get the day off. My husbands business is very busy up until the Christmas holiday so as soon as Christmas eve arrives things slow down and we can take off as a family to anything we like for as long as my job will let me be away. This year we decided to go back to Destin, Florida, we went last year as well. And while last year wasn’t exactly our ideal vacation we did things a little differently this time. Last year we stayed in a hotel at a resort for two nights then drove to visit with friends in Alabama. This year we stayed for over a week in a rented house.

Destin Vacation Rental Ocean Views

The house was a perfect rental for the four families with seven kids between them that shared it. Six bedrooms, five and a half baths, golf cart, heated pool, great neighborhood, walking distance to the beach and close to great shopping. I loved this house so much I felt like I needed to send the owners a gift for letting us stay there!




It wasn’t warm on the gulfs edge but it was warmer than in Atlanta. We were able to spend some time on the beach playing in the sand. The girls were so cute digging and jumping and running through the beautiful white sands of the beach. It was so fine and white it looks a little like snow, but I’ll take sand over snow any day. One of the spots we visited was the Crab Trap restaurant which had a great playground structure right on the sand.



The girls had a great time playing with the other kids we vacationed with. They got to stay up late, sleep in and sit at the eat at bar for most of their meals. There was plenty of down time indoors so I brought an arsenal of indoor activities to keep kids entertained. And the pool heated to bath tub temps was a great way to spend chilly mornings. Look out for more photos to come.




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Rain Rain, Enough Already

by Juliemara









It has been raining all summer. We have had maybe two days with no rain. We have been pushing our luck and heading to the splash park and playground under cloudy skies just hoping that the rain will hold out until we have played and had our fun. We’ve been mostly lucky since these outings usually only last an hour or so. Only once have we had to run to the car and drive away slightly soaked. The rain is great for our grass and our neighbors first time garden is out of control, hopefully we will have such luck with rain when I get around to building that garden I keep dreaming about.

The pictures above were taken a few weeks back while we were at the lake with my family. The girls rain coats and matching boots were a gift from their great aunt Joan, my dads sister in law, you can find them here.

Last summer we would spend entire days by the lake north of Atlanta, the only umbrella we needed was for shade. We are hoping to get in at least one of these outings before the summers end.

Until them we will keep checking the weather, an most likely be home in time for naps and keep up with our visit to pet co and target to pass rainy mornings.




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DIY Kids Body Paint

by Juliemara

















It’s known that toddlers love making a mess. It’s how they learn. I love watching my girls making a mess, I can see their little brain wheels spinning with delight as toys, food, water, pretty much anything goes flying in every direction. These two are all about a new adventure and experience and get into anything they can with a fierce passion. So when I saw this post on Modern Parent, Messy Kids blog, I knew this would be a perfect activity for my girls.

What you’ll need:

-a six muffin tin or something similar for the different colors.

-Corn Starch

-Food Coloring

-1 Inch Paint Brushes, I got these, they worked great and are easy to hold and clean.

-Warm Water

I recommend you have:

-An outdoor space


I loosely followed this recipe from the blog post but left out the milk. Here is how I did it, step by step.

Step 1 – add two drops of gel food coloring to each muffin tin section. Mix colors for additional variations. Here is a color mixing guide if you aren’t sure what colors make what.

Step 2 – in a separate bowl mix corn starch and water until you get desired consistency about three cups total is needed for six colors, I used approx 1 1/4 cup of corn starch to 1 3/4 cup of water.

Step 3 – Pour the corn starch mixture in to each muffin tin section , fill about half way, mix together with food coloring.

Step 4 – Have Fun.

Step 5 – Hose your children down before bringing them in the house.

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A Portrait of my Children

by Juliemara

A few of the bloggers who I enjoy following are making a point to post a portrait of their children, once a week, every week. I really like this idea. Especially since the main purpose of this blog is for me to remember these days. The ones that I will look back on and remember with so much joy. When they could walk, but not talk. When giggling was contagious. When bath time was fun. When it was ok if the food ended up on the floor. When everything was new and exciting and fun.

I’m jumping on the band wagon a little late, but I am learning that later is better than never.


portrait-week 3


portrait-week 3

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Baby Swings

by Juliemara

Do you remember swinging when you were a kid? Who pushed you? Do you remember when you learned how to pump your legs at just the right time to gain momentum so you went higher and higher. Then, getting a little scared when you went so high the swing stopped for a split second then jerked before it swung back down. And then there was the first time you decided to jump off the swing just as it was arching to its highest point, you did it, but it hurt your hands, probably didn’t do that again. And after learning all about swinging and all the different things you can do on a swing, twist it and spin, stand on it, swing on your belly or throw your head back and watch the world up side down, all there was left to do was swing, up and down, up and down, watching the world move down and up, down and up, feeling the wind in your face, hoping that no one else wants a turn on this swing. These are the moments that being a kid are made of, swings are a great place to waste away the day as a kid or when you grow up and become an adult swings make for a great place to talk about life late into the night. This past weekend we took the girls swinging, it was their third time, but the first that they showed us how much they loved this new experience. I wonder if they have any idea that they will get to swing for the rest of their lives.
Talia in yellow, Jordan in purple.




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Things I’m adding to pinterest

by Juliemara

I have all these blogs on my google reader that I try to catch up on while I am pumping or for a few minutes before I go to bed. I keep finding all these great creative ideas for fun things to remember for down the road, but how will I ever remember anything down the road? Well, with Pinterest. If you don’t know what Pinterest is you can click here to check it out. You have to be invited to join so if you want to join just comment on this post letting me know and I’ll send you an invite.

Here is my little collection of fun, cute, beautiful things to remember for one day down the road…

A possible Halloween or Purim costume, from decopeques.com


A fun way to serve a snack, from decopeques.com


A great gift for the recently pregnant or trying to conceive, from decopeques.com


A cheap way to get an expensive looking rug

<a href=”http://smilingwatermelon.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/import/20111207-062653.jpg”>20111207-062653.jpg

A fun way to wrap presents
These are from this years gap kids holiday windows, bright paper and bright contrast colored yard wrapped around several times in a few directions, easy enough and it looks so good!



And now, thank you for indulging my creative outlet, here’s the reason you came to my blog today, I assume.

We had a babysitter for the first time, while I was giving her the run down on the girls personalities she brought to my attention that she is not able to tell them apart, of douse they were dressed the same, so we labeled Jordan. The babysitter is Hebrew speaking, so she was labeled with her Hebrew name.



Here’s a cute picture of Talia chillin’, she was so happy.


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