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Catching up

by Juliemara

These photos were takes a few months ago, I love them so much. I shared one or two along the way but I really wanted to share all of them because they are some of my favorites I have ever taken. The dresses are hand-me-downs from my older sisters kids, hopefully there will be more little girls that get to wear them later on. Dresses like this will last forever if taken care of because little ones never get to wear them enough to wear them out. These photos make me think we have two little yentas in the making.

I love putting them in dresses now because they can wear them safety without much risk of hurting themselves because of the dress. They had a hard time wearing dresses while they were crawling because they skirt of the dress made it hard to move when it would get caught under their knees. Then when they started walking they were falling so often they would get their foot stuck in the skirt while trying to get up and end up just falling again. Now they are great walkers, and while they still fall occasionally and the skirt can sometimes make it harder to get back up, they are doing pretty good and the extra effort is worth it because they look so cute in fancy little dresses!

The black Mary Janes are now too small on them. The pearls were a baby gift from my Aunt Joan and her late husband my Uncle Harry. I miss him. Elmo goes everywhere. The purple “ball” was a new car toy for the long road trip we had just taken. Both girls were afraid of it at first. Talia got over it, Jordan is still mostly afraid of it and Talia knows it and taunts her with it. The green frog purse was a souvenir gift from the zoo their nanny got them, there is a tiger that goes with it. I’m thinking about starting to use a de-tangler in their hair after bath, any recommendations on an all natural one?

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What’s not to love about a Sandbox

by Juliemara


I’ll tell you what’s not to love about sandboxes, sand in shoes, that ends up in cribs, yuck! But a sand box is a great way to entertain a toddler, they can pour and fill and shovel and dump for probably close to an hour, then it’s usually nap time. I am a pretty forgetful person, sometime just rushing and forget to take step to make life a little easier. Like removing shoes before placing a sleeping baby in there crib for nap. Or making sure they are wearing open toe shoes when we go to a sandbox. Removing shoes before playing in the sandbox is an option, but it’s not one I’m a big fan of, because they don’t tend to stay put for long and putting shoes on and off on and off is not my idea of a good afternoon at the park. And when it’s chilly out open toes shoes are not the best option any way. Yes trying to figure out the exact right outfit for baby is a challenge, you don’t want them to be too warm or too cool, some things are ok to get dirty, some are not. It is definitely a learning process, you are going to make mistakes, but don’t worry your sweet baby will survive all the wardrobe errors you make, just try to not worry about it too much, do your best and get on with playing.

As a general rule I like knees to be covered, as much as possible, so jeans, leggings, even cropped leggings are my first choice for bottoms. And I prefer shoulders to be covered if we are going to be outside for a while. I love how little tanks look on the girls but I prefer a short sleeve or a cap sleeve in the sun. I’m big on layering pieces, not only is it an easy way to adjust to the changing temperatures throughout the day but little cardigans layered on are so cute!

The pastel cardigans the girls are wearing here are courtesy of Baby Beau & Belle. The sweaters are part of an exquisite line of special occasion wear for babies and toddlers. All of their dresses are embellished with vintage inspired lace. They have comfy but beautiful rompers for baby with bibs to match that I might shed a tear to see get dirty. But that’s what babies do, get dirty. You really should check this stuff out.20130603-103115.jpg20130603-104322.jpg20130603-104222.jpg20130603-104253.jpg

They have great baby gifts too like blankets and stuffed animals. They even have a special section for Bris wear! And their baby shoes are to die fore. Even if you don’t have a special occasion, your little one wont be for very long, if you want her to wear lace and silk , there is not a reason in the world that she shouldn’t. You can keep up to date with baby Beau & Belle by liking their facebook page and see what they think is cool on their Pinterest page. I love their B is for Birthday board, we pinned a lot of the same pins!


This is a sponsored post. All opinions and ideas are my own.

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As Cute As It Gets – Kids Fashion

by Juliemara


I’ve been a little obsessed with the color grey since before the girls were born. I had most of my house painted grey,


bought a grey couch


and painted grey stripes on the girls walls.


While I am slowly moving towards white with pops of color for the home I am still loving greys for baby clothes.

Yesterday my favorite kids blog  out of south America posted this adorable outfit for little girls.


I mean really, does it get any cuter than this. Then there was this cute little outfit that could be for a boy or a girl.


I have no idea how much this ensemble costs, probably more than I am willing to spend, so it’s for the best that it’s not available for sale in the US. So cute though right.


You can pretty much recreate this look by steering clear of color when shopping for baby and sticking to the neutrals. Most stores have a good selection of greys and whites for baby, it’s just about striking the balance and not letting those pieces get over shadowed by the sea of pink and blue in the stores and online.


1. handmade sweatshirt/2. stripe legging/3. handmade moccasins/4. striped knot hat/5. knit union suit/6. peasant top/7. jeans/8. sneaker


Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!









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