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Four Months Old

by Juliemara

They are four months old. Jordan is just an ounce shy of double what she was when they were born at 12lbs 7 ounces. Talia has almost completely caught up to Jordan at 12lbs 4ounces. They are such happy babies. They smile, they make baby talk sounds, they even giggle a little bit here and there. They pick up toys, hold them, put them in their mouth. They hold hands and put them in their mouth. Their colds are finally going away (after two months). They still hate tummy time but love bath time, it’s in the real tub now. Their hair is growing, they sleep without being swaddled. They love walks and they still love their star. They are quickly growing out of their three month clothing. They eat slow. And they love stories.
Remember how small they were in their first week, six week, two month and three month pictures. Here they are now.20120221-225807.jpg20120221-225415.jpg20120221-225407.jpg20120221-225427.jpg20120221-225438.jpg20120221-225448.jpg20120221-225457.jpg20120221-225507.jpg20120221-225518.jpg20120221-225529.jpg20120221-225546.jpg20120221-225609.jpg20120221-225841.jpg20120221-225853.jpg20120221-225914.jpg20120221-225925.jpg20120221-225935.jpg20120221-225944.jpg20120221-230126.jpg20120221-230135.jpg20120221-230148.jpg20120221-230217.jpg20120221-230246.jpg20120221-230334.jpg20120221-230346.jpg20120221-230355.jpg



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4 month pediatrician visit

by Juliemara

The girls have reached four months old. They are no longer newborns. Of course they are still considered infants but they are so alert and curious and responsive infant just doesn’t seem like the right description for them. Really good babies sounds much better. They didn’t remember what happened the last time they went to the dr. so they were all smiles until the shots time came, I was a bit nervous for them, the needles were bigger this time, They screamed bloody murder for a few minutes but calmed quickly once we held and fed them. I stayed home from work to be with them and make sure they didn’t have any bad reactions. The were a little grumpy throughout the day but mostly they were just sleepy. We even got a few smiles out of them here and there. After their two month visit they were so upset that I called to ask if I could give them baby Tylenol and the nurse advised the dosage, this time I asked the dr about giving them the Tylenol and he said I should not. They think that the vaccinations do not work as well if combined with the Tylenol. He said that I did it once was no big deal but that I shouldn’t this time and he wasn’t thrilled that his nurse gave me the wrong information.

I’m sure you are wondering… What are the stats?!

Talia Rose Sack

weighed in at 12lbs4oz

measured 24 inches long

She is in the 10%-25% percentile for weight and 25%-50% for height. These numbers are for full term babies, so the doc was pleased that they were even on the chart.

Jordan Mia Sack

weighed in a 12lbs7oz

measured 23″ long

She is in the 10%-25% percentile for weight and the 5%-10% for height.

He also told us about SOLIDS! that we should start with rice cereal once a day for a week before they turn six months, then move to oatmeal once a day for a week and after that veggies, one new one every few days until their six month appointment. My husband is very excited about cooking for the girls, he has been talking about taking them to food markets around the world since the day we found out I was pregnant!

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Sleeping update

by Juliemara

Last night at 7:30 when we put the girls to bed I said to myself “lo and behold” which is the same thing the angles in the new testament said to the shepherds to announce the birth of baby Jesus, because after yesterday’s bedtime two hour crying marathon the girls fell asleep without a sound tonight! I was just that amazed! Jordan woke up about an hour later and cried for 10 minutes then when back to sleep. At around 12:30 they both woke up, I think, maybe it was just one, I was too sleepy to really remember. At this time at night we still get up to give them thier pacifiers. Well work on getting them to fall back asleep on their own next week, one thing at a time. We gave them their pacifiers 2-4 times, until 3am, when we fed them, I don’t know how many times my husband got up to give them their pacifiers, I know I got up twice, I think. Then they slept until 5:45. So while it’s not a perfect pattern yet, it’s a good start and we are confident that we will not have toddlers that bang on the door screaming while we hold it shut from the other side, like on TV.


Jordan’s diaper looks like its dirty, but I promise it’s not, it’s just a shadow.



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I do not like for babies to cry…

by Juliemara

I do not like for babies to cry


20120209-104147.jpgand that’s just what they did, for an hour each. But not the same hour. Until they finally fell asleep.


20120209-104612.jpgAnd this morning they still loved us, whew.


Apparently its common at four months for babies to want to be comforted each of the five or six times they awake during the night, not fun for mom and dad. The only way to solve this issue is to teach them how to sooth themselves back to sleep, an the only way to teach them this is to let them cry until they fall asleep and be there for them when they wake up in the morning ( or at 3:30 am to eat).

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Jordan really loves her sister…

by Juliemara

Jordan really loves her sister and has begun showing it in the cutest way. Whenever I lay them next to each other on their play gym mat or on a blanket or the couch she always has her hand on Talia, usually on her face aiming for the eye, but sometimes she pets the top of her head or wedges her fist into Talia’s neck. Sometimes she’ll hold lovingly with a tight grip onto her shirt. Talia does the same to Jordan on occasion, but Jordan does it ALL the time. And just like everything else they do, it’s really cute.

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