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What to wear

by Juliemara

I love getting my babies dressed. They have so much clothing, especially right now because thy are in 6 month size and somehow I ended up with a mountain of 6 month clothing. There is a lot to do in the mornings it’s not eat to get two babies in clean diapers, breast fed and then bottle fed, changed again, and now that they are almost 6 months old we have started solids! Pictures to come soon. So getting a few spoons of mashed avocado has also been added to our routine. All this in an hour and half, then we lay in bed together and read a story before they drift off to sleep for their morning nap and I head off to work. Yesterday I didn’t have time to actually dress them before I left but I did pick out their outfits and our nanny sent me pictures of how cute they looked while I was at work.






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What’s under your Calvins’ ?

by Juliemara

I know I promised house updates this week, sorry I just didn’t get around to taking all the pictures and finding the before pictures to post along with the new ones, but here’s a little peak…

The art is by a friend of a friend, you can see more of his work here on flicker,

Until I can get the photos I want to share with you together you’ll just have to be happy with more pictures of babies!

This past weekend we took our first family trip to Costco. We went right after we fed the girls at 11am so they were full and happy and awake. Walking through costco with our double wide stroller on a saturday was interesting. Firts it wasn’t all terrible, people are really funny when they see infant twins comming their way. They stop and just stare and smile, until we pass, then they continue on thier way. Of course there are those that say something nice and encouraging or those that ask all the usuall questions. And recenty I’ve begun to wonder why so many people see the babies and look at me and sat “Twins?” really, am I suppose to actually answer that question? Please remember , I always dress them the same. Unfortaunatly I don’t have any pictures fro our Costco trip, but here’s what we wore.

Calvin Klien onesies that abba picked out for them and Children’s place “jeggings” that fit more like levies boyfriend fit…

And of course, what do you were under your Calvins’.. PAMPERS!

Yes, we are a devoted Pampers family, we have tried Publix brand and Huggies, but we prefer the mesh lining that keep poop and pee off cute little baby booties the best.

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