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Latley on Instagram

by Juliemara


I have a little Instagram problem, I love it. Maybe even obsessed. I love posting pictures of my days and reading the comments followers make. I love all the amazing things the people I follow post. Some of my favorite IGers are oh joy, bleubird, babiekins magazine, dwell studio, Kirsten Rickert and Anna Spiro. I usually post images on the days I spend with the family. Not as much when I’m working, the way I see it pictures in pjs jumping on the couch get old. Most of the posts above are from our recent trip to the gulf. More details on Destin and the amazing home we rented to come. The thing about this stage in the girls is that the pictures don’t do our days justice, it’s what the girls say and how they say it that makes us melt a little more each day. Check out the YouTube channel for recent videos.

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Life According to Instagram

by Juliemara

instagraminstagraminstagraminstagramMost of theĀ  pictures I take of the girls are in either pj’s or diapers because that’s what they are wearing during the hours I am home. Except on the weekends, my two favorite days of the week. If it were up to me we would go go go, do do do for a full 48 hours, to pack in a weeks worth of fun into these two precious days. But it’s not up to me, it’s up to two sweet toddlers who like their routine, naps, and couldn’t care less if we are at Disney World or in our own backyard. Since the day they were born I have felt rushed, rushed to get things ready, rushed to get things done, rushed to make memories and rushed to give them every possible experience. The problem is that rushing never works, especially with kids, especially with babies and especially with twins. I’m learning slowly that there is time, time to do all the things I want to do with my family, later, in the months and years to come. And I am learning that if we don’t get to every single thing that’s ok, because what is more important is to enjoy what you are doing now, make time to rest so you can enjoy what’s coming next and save some of the fun for a rainy day. I know I will never stop wanting to do more, make more and photograph more but I am learning to find the right balance, the mix of me time, us time and family time.

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Lately on Instagram

by Juliemara

I post random pics most days on Instagram. I love getting instant feedback and getting inspired to take different kinds of photos of my kids. Here are some of my recent posts,

Sunrise at home


Busy bees just like me


Always trying something new


I’m free!


A pretty table where I enjoyed dinner


Tutu’s and a dancing pig


Weekend shopping




Food Coma


New hooded towels


New best friend


Too many toys


Pretty in pastels


eating with a fork


Brushing Teeth


Tada, I can stand on the chair

If you want more of the girls, especially on the weekends, follow me on Instagram!

And please vote for us for Top Baby Blogs! You can vote once every day.

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Photo Dump

by Juliemara

Monday’s are my most challenging days for blogging. You’d think I could create some really great post for a Monday morning having had the whole weekend to work on it, but the truth is the weekends are my time to exhaust myself playing with and caring for my family. Every second of these two and a half days is precious time to me, and the last thing I want to do while I am sitting outside at the park or pool is be staring at my phone or iPad. I’ much rather stare at these pretty blue eyes!

The weekends are when I take most of the photos that I use in my posts and think about topics I want to write about, so I do work on them, I just prefer to save the actual writing part for the work week and then sit down and focus around 9:30 after the girls are asleep and dinner is cleaned up.

This is what’s called a photo dump, I promise it’s not as simple as it sounds, but it’s easier than writing a story filled with descriptive pictures. This is a bloggers easy way out. Its all the instagram pictures I have taken over the last month or so, and considering there are only sixteen, clearly I need to step it up on the instagram! I then take four pictures at a time and create mini collages on my phone using Diptic app. If you want to be the first to see these pictures as I post them you can follow me on instagram (iphone app) or online, username juliemara.




Happy Monday!

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My week in Instagram

by Juliemara

Happy Friday. I hope you have fun plans for the weekend. And happy mothers day to all the moms and grandmoms! Now that I have my own babies I understand fully how much my mom loves me. I look back on some of my years and can’t believe I was such a difficult child. Maybe that’s why god gave me two amazing babies and her two amazing grand babies, to make up for the obnoxiousness. Sorry mom, I love you a lot and truly appreciate how much you do for me and my family.

Here’s my collection of Instagram photos for this week. Enjoy!


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Instagram fun

by Juliemara

I Am still totally obsessed with instagram. I just love the super inspiring images I find there. For example there is this group of people who live in LA and all colaborate on various creative projects, their usernames are the littlest, designlovefest, Jenn gotch, the flash dance and bonnietsang. Yeah, I’m a total instagram stalker. All these people also have amazing blogs where they display thier work, but I prefer instagram because it’s where they record and share what inspires them. Then I have the twin moms I follow. Some have babies older than mine and some younger, it fun to see what other moms are doing with their double tots. And last I follow a few very stylish moms whom I get baby outfitting and baby photography ideas from. So, there, I let you in on a bit of my craziness. But look at the fun pictures I get from this craziness.20120426-233418.jpg20120426-233436.jpg



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A few favorites

by Juliemara









The top two were taken with instagram.
I’m happy it’s Friday! We are having dinner with friends tonight and the rest if the weekend is up in the air. Hopefully it will be as lovely as it was last weekend. What do you have planned for this weekend?

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Fun with instagram

by Juliemara

Here are some if the fun pictures I have take/edited using fun apps
Instagram filter Armo
Instagram filter, not sure which one


And my new favorite, Tegaki Cam, allows you to write on the images on your phone- AMAZING!


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Some apps do make the world a better place…

by Juliemara

Some apps do make the world a better place, like instagram. If you have an iPhone and you don’t have and use instagram then you are missing out. Its a photo editing and sharing app. You take a photo through the app or upload a photo from your photo library then use the app to put different filters (or color effects) on your photos that make them look professional and vintage. Here are some of my favorite instagram creations of my little love bugs.


















Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!

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My hands

by Juliemara

I really hate my hands, I can’t figure out if moving them or keeping them resting feels better, because they just hurt so much. There’s not much I can do these days, even typing this is painful, but at the same time it takes my mind off the pain for a bit.

My friend at work and I took another instagram break on Friday, it was 1000 degrees out but I liked the outfit I had on for instagram.

In other news the house us still a work in progress but I love it already. And we went to our labor and delivery class for multiples today, 6 hours of how, what and why of childbirth of twins, at first it seems like there are so many choices to be made but at the same time the dr is going to do what is best for mom and babies and it my job as the mom to be ok with it and go with the flow.

Enjoy the pics!





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