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by Juliemara

Jordan, new words: yeah woah (yellow), maykie (make up), favorite word: Wash (otherwise known as playing in the water)

*learning to ride a bike with my dad in a fancy dress after synagogue.

Talia, new words: ah ghe (again), up (used for up and down), favorite word: No (used for yes and no). Make things a bit confusing for us.


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by Juliemara

Jordan on the left, Talia on the right


Talia on the left, Jordan on the right

18_month_twins18_month_twins18_month_twins18_month_twins18_month_twinsOne and a half years old.

To Talia and Jordan,

You went from being babies to kids in light years. I’m loving you as toddlers. Your Abba and I keep seeing bits of who you may grow up to be, of course it’s all speculation but it’s fun to think about how your little quirks will become part of your personalities. The most amazing thing about this age, is your new found flexibility. Being a new parent is about following a strict schedule, of meals and naps, now a days we can keep you up late and you’ll just keep going and missing a nap is no longer reason for a major meltdown. It’s making life with you guys not only exciting and fun and, dare I say,  a little more relaxed, eek. I know that one is going to come back to bite me, or so I hear about two year olds.  The scary part of this age, you can get to anything. Baby proofing is about keeping fragile and dangerous objects away from baby, all lower than two feet to the ground. Kid proofing is a whole other story. It means keeping EVERYTHING in a locked drawer or cabinet, even the upper cabinets! I don’t even leave plastic knives in the sink any more because you are every bit capable of taking your little chair or a bar stool, pushing it to where you want it and climbing right on up to get to anything your little hear desires. Scary! Speaking of climbing, you are great little climbers, up ladders like it’s nothing, stairs standing straight up, dinning room chairs. I know we are only days away from you climbing out of your bed and into ours. Which part of me is ok with because it means I get to move you into your awesome toddler beds I’ve had since before you were born. Even though your doctor says keep you in the crib, I’m not sure I can wait, I’m too excited about these beds.

Girls, I love watching you think for yourselves, good or bad, it’s fun to see your forming your own thoughts, ideas and opinions. I could watch you all day long and never get bored. Jordan,  just yesterday I watched you hide your hand behind your back when I came to see what you were up too. While I wasn’t happy that you took something that you knew you weren’t suppose to I was pretty amused that you knew well enough that you weren’t suppose to and tried to hide it from me, you didn’t see it, but I defanatley laughed.  Talia, you continue to lead the way when it comes to development milestones. You have so many words and will attempt to repeat almost everything we say. Your animal sounds are top notch! You both continue to amaze us everyday with everything you are learning each day. You follow directions in Hebrew and English,(better in Hebrew) and you two play together for longer stretches of time without a care in the world. The other day I was making dinner and you were doing play dough, next thing I knew you were under your little table together doing a puppet show for each other and giggling like crazy. These are my new favorite moments. I can’t wait to see what comes next. We love you Talia and Jordan.

Tips: I recently learned (after a year and a half of doing this) that if you wet the chalk before drawing with it, it goes on easier smoother and thicker. But it is much much harder to erase. Also, if you want 18 month olds to sit and look at you, give them a snack.

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Funny babies

by Juliemara

This really is a great age, the wobbly walk, the adorable babbling and mostly watching your once completely helpless infant learn to do things for them selves, make decisions, have an opinion. Talia and Jordan play so well together they are always making each other laugh and look to each other for approval in almost everything they do…

























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12 Months

by Juliemara

…and three weeks. So this post is a little late. Doesn’t matter, at least not to me. Everyday I let it go a little. Or rather when I do get something done on schedule I applaud myself and let all the rest just go. I work full time, I like to craft, I have an Etsy shop, I do the blog. And every once in a while I like to just sit on the couch and watch funny movie with my husband, like That’s My Boy, which we watched this week. It was really funny.

Talia is now totally obsessed with her loveies. She hasn’t shown a real desire for one over the other, but I’m pretty sure the ones she is holding in these pictures are her favorites. One is a cat and one is a bear, she doesn’t know the difference between them and they each usually have one.


Here are the little munchkins, not sitting nicely like they use too. I imagine the days of getting them to sit still and look at me at the same time are long gone.



I’m ok with it though. I love watching them explore and try to climb and just make each other laugh. If it means that I get more pictures of the backs of their head than their cute little smiling faces then so be it.



This is them head butting each other, their new favorite thing to do. Usually it just brings on giggles, every once in a while they hit each other just so and the crying ensues.


Happy Friday Everyone I hope you have a great weekend!

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This evening both babies…

by Juliemara

Mom! Happy birthday from all of us here at Smiling Watermelon. I hope you like your gift and have a great day. Love you!

This evening both babies hit their heads, I of course felt so bad, after all it is my fault if they hurt themselves. It happen to Jordan first, she was siting nicely and Talia spun around on her tummy so her feet were right in front of Jordan. One good kick to the gut and Jordan fell straight backward and landed right on the back of her head, thump. It sounded like it hurt and her pause before the scream was quite long. Luckily the shock wore of pretty quickly and sun e she was back to playing in about 90 seconds I came to the conclusion that a trip I the emergency room would not be necessary. Talia was next, after her bath she was super wiggly. So much so that I ha to lay her on be floor to dress her rather Han on the changing table. Before I could finish she rolled over on to the corner of the hinge of our Johnny jumper that had been left on their floor (due to an emergency I was told, the night before when I went to a fundraising event and left my husband to be super dad). She was not thrilled with a metal corner poking her in the back of her head, but she too recovered quickly from the trauma and both babies fell asleep in another 90 seconds. I still miss them when they go to sleep, I love days when they wear me out, then I feel like I didn’t miss anything, the rest of the days are still hard.











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Ball Pit!

by Juliemara

My husband is now in the business of buying every toy he sees that looks fun for the girls, I can’t blame him though,everything we get them they love. And since they are home all day the need new things to play with so they don’t get bored. He got this baby pool not for swimming, but for this exact purpose and these colorful balls and walla it’s like their own miniature Mc Donalds play place! They are loving their new ball pit, this is only a third of the balls we have so as they get bigger we will add more. 20120523-232750.jpg









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Who has wallet photos any more?

by Juliemara

Once you have a baby local portrait studios, you know the ones with the fall foliage and sponge paint blue back drops, start sending you coupons for free studio sessions and a print package for $7-$12, the catch, you get to choose one pose and you get about 50 copies of that one picture in various colors and sizes. This was my “favorite pose” that I chose from the girls first studio portraits. And after taking the 8×10 for our home, and giving the grandparents their 5×7’s I am left with these,

wallets and 4×6’s of a cute, but not amazing studio portrait of my girls before they could sit up on their own. In this amazing age of information and digital technology I don’t know anyone who carries photos in their wallet, if you do, well, that’s very retro of you. It would probably be more cost efficient for these studios to offer a single print in the size you choose and a digital copy that you can save, email, blog or print as you wish. I don’t carry wallet pictures, I prefer my 1600 pictures that I can scroll through on my phone and choose to show off based on my mood or the person or the situation.

I know a lot of you who read my blog each day know my family and the girls personally, so if you would like to have one of these hard copy photos send me an email with your address and I’ll mail one to you, or even if you don’t and you want one email me, that’s ok too! I just hate to throw them away, but I am determined not to end up on Hoarders. I’ll probably continue to use these local portrait studios because they do look professional and the lighting is always nice and the price really can’t be beat. Maybe I’ll just start taking my own back drops and props, theirs tend to be a bit cheesy.

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Guess who-Revieled

by Juliemara

Can you guess who is who?

Come back tomorrow for the answer.
#1 Talia

#2 Jordan

I promise it is two different babies.

Thanks for all your comments! And good job to those who got it right.

On another note, Miss Talia found her voice, here she is…

Have a great weekend!

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Guess who

by Juliemara

Can you guess who is who?

Come back tomorrow for the answer.


I promise it is two different babies.

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What’s the best angle?

by Juliemara

I think I may have the most distinguishable identical twins ever born. At least once a day, abba(daddy), Safta (grandma) or another family member that happens to stop by says, “today they really look alike”, but mommy (me) just doesn’t see it. What do you think?



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