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by Juliemara

I try to take a lot of videos of the girls, with the iPhone it’s so easy to get the camera rolling its a shame not to. I defiantly did not take enough videos the first few months. Between the diaper changes, hour long feedings every three hours and trying to take care of my self there wasn’t much time or energy left for sitting down and filming, sleeping, crying or staring into nothing babies. If you are a new mom or expecting to be in the future make sure you enlist someone to film you doing the things you do a million times with your baby, playing on the floor, snuggling on the couch, changing a diaper, even breastfeeding. There is a way to film this while keeping the film G rated, for example from across the room or from behind you so you can only see you kissing babies head. I wish I had more video of me taking care of the girls in those first few weeks but there are years of movies to be made. I don’t always post the videos on the blog but lately I have been adding them to you tube. Here are some of my favorites from my youtube selection, but if you click on my YouTube user name you can see all my videos of the girls.

This is Talia practicing running, laying down.

Talia and Jordan play together

When the girls bump or scratch each other I don’t get too crazy about it, but when it come to eyes, there is no messing around.

There are a few more over on you tube, which one is your favorite?

I read somewhere that it’s good to say the date while filming a home movie because years from now those watching may not know where and when the Video was shot. I try to do this, but I hate the way I sound on camera, any one have any tips on how to like my recorded voice better?

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Home videos

by Juliemara

First things first-
I would like to wish my sister in law Doda Cilla a very happy birhday! Mazal Tov! We hope you have a great day.

I love taking little videos of the girls just doing what we do. I’m going to give you fair warning, if you are not amused or entertained by my children in the first 15 seconds of each video then you won’t be amused at all, there is no amazing ending or funny blooper, they are just short excerpts of our days and of babies being babies, which I personally find super cute an very amusing. Enjoy!

The girls are getting better at holding their heads up. The teddy bear helps them stay elevated which makes it less frustrating as well as keeps them from rolling on to their backs and trying to get out of tummy time.

After each day time feeding the girls lay on their baby Einstein play gym and, well, play. They are fascinated by the star at the top of the arch that lights up while playing music for them.

More play gym time, Talia (on the right) was making funny faces and sticking her tongue out, she spit up a bunch a few minutes later.

And look what we did for the first time today!



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