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Our family room

by Juliemara

Here is the house decorating update I’ve been promising you. Just to catch everyone up to speed we moved into this new to us house in July when I was five months pregnant. By that time it was already impossible for me to pack a box, unpack a box or put anything away, it all got put somewhere and left. Now that I am no longer pregnant and have two babies to take care of I have to find bits of spare time to organize and decorate our house. Slowly, slowly, little by little, we are getting things done and making our house a home.

Here’s what the living room was,



And here’s what it looks like now,





20120213-161840.jpgThe large picture in this image is a canvas painted with chalkboard paint. The art can be changed. It’s the same canvas I use when taking the girls monthly pictures. The small picture I bought at an art auction. I have no idea what it is but I love the texture and the frame!



I made the curtains myself.


Six panels plus hardware cost me a grand total of $250, and 30 minutes of my time (and 1/2 a day of my dad and husbands- to install the hardware. Thanks Dad and Husband). The panels took no time because they are not sewn. I was in a hurry to get them up so I cut the length long enough to one day hem them but folded that extra at the top for now. The sides are just twisted back.


20120216-200558.jpgthe fabric is from fabric.com. It’s Waverly indoor outdoor fabric so it’s coated which makes it stiff, it gives it a nice drape without being backed at all. 18 yards cost $168 after a coupon which I found by googling fabric.com coupons and free shipping. The rod supports and rings are from bed bath and beyond.


The rod supports were $6 each, and the packs of rings were $8 each. Each ring comes with a clip, so I clipped them over the folded fabric.

It looks fine and no one ever looks at the rings. Once I get around to hemming them I can use drapery hooks if I want a more polished look.

The rod is 1/2 inch copper pipe from home depot. It’s $12 for a 10ft length and it’s easy to cut to length with a saw. The separate pieces can be connected with $.50 connectors.

We still have a long way to go filling white wall space.

Here are few pieces I’ve added so far. These two pictures we purchased this summer at the neighborhood art festival, frames were $14 for both from Khols.




And to make sure that conversation by the water cooler never gets dull, I added a few photos I took while living in Brooklyn of our little coffee shop on our block.




We hope you have a great weekend.
Happy Friday!

Do you have any DIY decorating or home improvement plans for the weekend? Leave me a comment and tell me all about it!


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