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Another milestone come and gone.

by Juliemara

It’s official our family room is full. With the addition of two full size high chairs, 20120404-210642.jpg
which we chose because we love to entertain and did not want to take up two of our dining chairs with high chairs, we can not add anything else to the room unless we get rid of something.20120404-210742.jpg
We have two of everything! Two high hairs, two swings, two boppys, two bumbos, two play mats, two excersaucers and two wubanubs! We also have two bouncy seats but they are in the next room because we don’t use them any more, frown face.
But the girls love their high chairs! They are comfy and happy to eat in them. 20120404-210901.jpg20120404-210912.jpg20120404-210925.jpg20120404-210942.jpg20120404-210951.jpg
And they look nice in our house. I like to think of our design aesthetic as modern and I just couldn’t picture having high chairs with rainforest friends all over them to stare at every time we sat down to a meal for the next few years. These chairs are pale and charcoal grey.

And they have these infant inserts that fit in nicely with our curtains!

We are happy that we have healthy growing babies but can’t believe that they are almost half a year old. Guess I better start planning a birthday party. Haha, just kidding I started that months ago, check out my 1st birthday pin board on pinterest.

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