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They came out with a light dusting of the softest hair you ever kissed…

by Juliemara

They came out with a light dusting of the softest hair you ever kissed.



20111229-115403.jpgThey loved getting their hair washed from the beginning.


20111229-115549.jpgI used to just kiss the tops of their little heads constantly because it was like kissing the softest cashmere mixed with the finest mouse. I night I even dreamt about kissing their heads and feeling their hair on my lips.

20111229-115236.jpgWithin three weeks this super soft mostly straight hair began to fall out,




20111229-115914.jpgand soon they looked a bit like granddaddy with hair only on the back of their head.


20111229-120331.jpgBut to our amazement and delight, soon enough, new hair started to grow, this time straight up. And now they each have a half inch long buzz cut!



20111229-120818.jpgI still kiss their little heads as often as I can, but this new hair tickles my lips and always makes me smile. Because it is growing up it makes me think it’s curly hair, which makes sense since both my husband and I have dark curly hair. I had no hair until I was three years old my husband was born with perfectly styled tresses. I guess our girls got a happy medium.

Oh, and look what else we can do!


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