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A sad thing, a happy thing

by Juliemara

We have a pretty well oiled bed time routine in our house. We normally get home sometime between 5:30-6:30, play with the babies until about 6:30, then one of us gets the bath, bottles and bedroom ready. Bath- run the hot shower to steam up the bathroom then fix the water temp and level, put out the big sponge on the counter that we get them ready on, a towel over it, nose saline drops and nose sucker, diapers, wipes, lotion, aquaphor, and pjs all close by, bottles-two 4 ounce bottles in warm water in the nursery, nursery- sound machine on, window closed, curtains and shades drawn, humidifier full and on, lights dimmed. Which ever baby is the fussiest goes first, My husband does the bathing I do the drying of the first baby then take her to breastfeed, when he brings he second we switch, he gives that baby a bottle and I breastfeed the second then give her the bottle. And sometime before 7:30 they are both in their cribs.
Tonight that did not happen, I had a meeting at work that ran late and for the first time in the girls lives I did not put them to bed, I did not get to see them smile when I came home from work, I did not get to kiss them and tell them how much I love them and miss them. My husband and his father did a great job putting them to bed. It broke my heart a little that I missed that today, I wasn’t ready for that. I wanted to decide when I missed bedtime, I am sad. It’s only a day, but it is a day that will never happen again and I missed it. It makes me sad. They’ll wake up in the night and I’ll be there and they will never remember that I missed today, I’ll never forget it. Good night babies, mommy loves you.





Then at 8:10 Talia woke up and screamed her head off waking up Jordan, so I spent the next 30 minutes feeding them more and soothing hem back to sleep. I felt much better.

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Daddy’s girl

by Juliemara

We have two. Here’s abba giving good night kisses to Talia.



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