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Having a sick baby

by Juliemara

It started with Jordan, a low grade fever that quickly tuned into a nose that acts like a faucet of snot. Luckily it’s clear, unfortunately my poor baby can’t breath through her nose. So she spends her days with her mouth hanging open to breath and the drool pouring out.

All the while the snot continues to run down her face. Every once in a while she’ll sneeze and more snot than you can imagine flies from her nose and lands everywhere. Then she cries, we wipe her face, she cries, then she continues doing what ever she was doing, eating or playing. Despite being a sick baby she is still a happy baby.




The first few nights of the cold we’re a bit of a challenge. It’s hard to sleep when you can’t breath, same goes for babies. She was up for several hours each night all this week, needless to say we are tired. We are doing all the little things that are recommended to help – a cold mist humidifier running while they sleep, saline nose drops to loosen the snot, a bulb syringe to suction it out, lots of fluids, lots of rest, some apple juice (they don’t like it), camomile tea and chicken soup. I even got all natural warming chest rub, which I think is the most helpful thing we’ve tried. Last night she did way better, I think she is learning how to sleep with a cold. Now if she could just learn how to blow her nose.

Today Talia was not herself. She had a low grade fever all day. I really hope it doesn’t turn into the super annoying cold Jordan is dealing with.

Happy Friday! Enjoy your weekend.

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two babies

by Juliemara

Today I had two babies, OK, I have two babies everyday. But today I had a happy baby and a fussy baby. I wonder if one day I’ll be able to say to one baby, “please explain to your sister why everything is ok and there is no need to cry” and have it work. I think this is more my issue than theirs. Babies cry, I just feel bad when they cry because they are waiting for me.



Sorry for the R rated post, not much I can so to get around the cleavage these days, I’m not a fan of turtlenecks.

TGIF (almost)!

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