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A family photo

by Juliemara


It’s a little dark but it’s probably one of the best candid family photos I have ever been a part of. It was a great day about a month ago. My husbands family was in from overseas and his brother from the west coast. Unfortunately his sister wasn’t able to make this visit. We were spending the day at a friends home by the river, it was a sunny and beautiful spring day, not too hot, perfect really. We cooked out, fed the ducks, played in the grass and watched the water flow down the river. I’m glad the warmer weather is hear, I’m looking forward to more days spent outside watching the world go by.

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The crazy picture lady

by Juliemara

I know that one day I will hear the words, “mom, no more pictures!” but for now the twins can’t speak and my husband, one, doesn’t have a choice and two, is warming up to the whole staged picture idea because he understands how great the pictures can be if we just take a few minutes to make them happen.

I will completely admit that I am slightly obsessed with photos, and making sure that I get the pictures I want. I pretty much always have my phone on me or my Nikon, and I have been known to grab the first phone I see snap a photo with it and email myself the picture before the owner notices I’m using their phone, hehe. But I got my picture!

I spend a lot of time looking at different photographer websites for photo inspiration, Ashlee Rubach is one of my favorites, and various blogs that I find from pinterest, for tips and tricks. I still have a lot to learn when it comes to photo editing, there is an endless amount of photo manipulations that can be done to improve even the most beautiful photo, but for now I am so happy with how our first family beach pictures turned out, thanks to our friend Erez and his wonderful picture taking skills.





Erez took over a hundred pictures for this shoot. But with the tropical storm heading our way the wind on the beach was intense and the sand flying through the air was challenging to deal with. Here are some of the funny outtakes. My favorite being the bottom left picture, Jordan and Talia are looking so nicely at the camera while I am busy getting the hair out of my face and my husband is watching me ruin a great photo.


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