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Another year

by Juliemara

20121128-101215.jpgI’m not a big birthday person, I really never have been. I just don’t like that on your birthday everyone asks “how’s your birthday?” “Are you having a good birthday?” And you are expected to say yes. Well what if you are having a bad day?! Maybe you woke up with a headache, or the outfit you wanted to wear just didn’t fit right, or anything? What if it’s not a good day, then you have to tell everyone “no, I’m not having a good birthday” and they think you are just a grump.
None of those things happen to me. My birthday was yesterday and I am happy to report it was a pretty good day.
I wore my new shoes from Sole Society and I love them!

20121128-102419.jpgAnd I got some pretty nice gifts.
Like this little piggy from fruitflypie, from my sisters.

The beautiful flowers above from my in-laws. And some yummy perfume and a chocolate cake from my husband.

20121128-102313.jpgWe also asked our nanny to stay extra late so we could enjoy dinner out with friends.

We went to VG Bistro in Roswell. The food was excellent, but I would suggest passing on the desserts. .

20121128-102332.jpgInstead stop by the Krispy Kreme down the road. All in all it was a good birthday. There was no embarrassing awkward surprise party at work (I’ve been at my same company for five years) So I was quite relived by that. I got a grand total of 118 happy birthday posts on my Facebook time line, 1 Facebook message, 7 emails, 14 text messages, 2 ecards and 2 paper cards. I feel very loved. And my girls danced for me while Yael sang happy birthday in Hebrew. I think they we’re confused as to why there were no toys.

I never thought I’d be one of those women who lied about their age, but it turns out I am. From here on out I am 32. Until I’m 60, then I’ll turn 50.

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New Obsession!

by Juliemara

I’ve always been a little obsessed with the color orange, well at least since I started planning our wedding a few years ago, I wanted everyone in orange (except me, of course. But my toes were orange!)



Then when I started planning the girls nursery I knew I wanted orange, it ended up more pink, but I do love the orange touches.
Now that we are finally getting around to actually decorating our home I want orange! I have thought about orange pillows for the couch, orange chairs for the girl play table,
maybe orange paint on the back of the book cases, umm, probably not. Might be too much, but Yellow could work!
(my orange obsession is turning into a yellow one). Plus the yellow fixes a little color issue we have. Remember Kate from Censational Girl and her fab fuax built-ins from ikea. She installed them next to grey walls so the fact that ikea white is actually cream didn’t matter, especially since she added true white trim and a deep turq background. In our living room we have white white walls, so next to them ikea white looks beige and I don’t like beige, its a non color in my world.

I am hoping that by painting the backs of the book shelves bright yellow it will trick the eye and give the illusion that the ikea white (cream) bookshelves are much whiter than they really are and we will add moldings in white white to help the trick along. Stay tuned!
Wait, there more to this story, I have in no way abandoned my love of orange, the other day I stumbled across this cute little ceramic pig available on Etsy by way of a beautiful mess blog
Cute, is’t he.
I think he will look nice on the new shelves with a yellow background.

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Something I do

by Juliemara

I went to fashion design school, technically it was textile design school and merchandising school,  I learned to sew there. I knew how to use a sewing machine before that because when I was a little girl my mom taught me how to use her 1978 Singer with which I would make scrunchies and sell them at school. And I admit, I also wore scrunchies, but hey it was the 80’s! OK, maybe the early 90’s but I was only a pre teen and Carrie Bradshaw wasn’t around to tell me how wrong it truly was. Fast forward 20 something years. I still love to sew, in college I made lots of going out tops and a few dresses and even a coat. And now thanks to the amazing Etsy I can sell my wares all over the world! This is much easier than walking around asking random people if they would like to buy your creation.  It started a couple of years ago with number tees that label kids with their age. I haven’t sold a ton, but a few hear and there, enough to keep my sewing skills in check and satisfy my sewing bug.  In the next few years I plan to make many many dresses and tops and shorts and anything else I can for my girls, check out my pinterest board I have plenty of projects to start on my things to make for my girls board. But f or now, time is limited so I fill the random Etsy order when I get one and keep my girls outfitted in their own personalized initial oneseis. If you havn’t heard of Etsy Please check it out, it is the most amazing online market place of crafters and artisit selling thier own handmade creations. All the sellers are supper friendly and will create custom items almost always. Its the best place to buy gifts for friends!

Here are their newborn ones

and here are their infant ones


up next #1’s! Say it ain’t so : (

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tiny dresses

by Juliemara

The other tiny dress finally came!


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