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Eating is hard work

by Juliemara

Apparently eating is hard work







Like father, like daughter.

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Where does the day go?

by Juliemara

It’s amazing where the time goes. Not just the weeks, the girls are now seven weeks old, but the days alone zip by in a blink.

Long story below.

Abbreviated version here
6am feed
7am sleep
9am feed
10:30 sleep
12pm feed
1pm sleep
3pm feed
4:30 sleep
6pm feed
7pm sleep
8:30 get ready for bed/bath
9pm feed
10pm sleep
2am feed

Our day starts at 6 am, I feed the girls with the help of my husband and hopefully have them back asleep by 7. If I’m lucky I can go back to sleep too, since according to those who know everything I’m suppose to sleep when they sleep. (yeah right, I can’t eat when they eat, go to the bathroom when they do, or shower, or wash bottles, or fold laundry). When they do sleep it usually not for much more than an hour at a time, and it takes me about 30 mins to fall asleep. So if I do get to sleep then its only for a few minutes, but i guess every little bit helps. I wake up just before it’s time to feed them again 9. Afterward we wash faces and get dressed for the day, dead a book, look at our squres, 20111130-111912.jpg20111130-111933.jpg
and eventually ( again, if i’m lucky) fall back asleep about 10:30. This is when I have a chance to eat breakfast, drink either my mothers milk tea or raspberry tea which is suppose to help my tummy go down and wash the bottles, 20111130-112109.jpg20111130-112117.jpg20111130-112123.jpg
before I know it it’s almost 12 which means tummy time and off to feed babies, 20111130-112312.jpg
when thats all done around 1 the babies should sleep so I can eat again, hopefully shower, maybe write a few thank you notes, and try to remember what were the most important things that I needed to get done… make dr appts, be on hold for a health insurance customer service person, or download pics to my computer. And again it’s almost time to feed babies, right after more tummy time (each tummy time is about five minutes). Speaking of tummy time it’s amazing how quickly the girls are getting stronger, they both can hold their heads up for about a minute! In the afternoon I try to do some organizing, either of stuff that got messy during the day or that never got unpacked from our move. I also need to refill diapers and wipes at our two changing stations. Twin Tip- if your nursery is big enough have two changing stations, one mainly for diapering and one for dressing. And once again the hour and half is done and it’s time to feed babies again. For this feed babies get one ounce bottles first with vitamin d in them, then I feed them, then more bottle if they are still hungry. Burping is important at every feed and our girls do not burp easy, but with the vitamins we have to make sure they burp on a burp cloth because the vitamin burps are really gross and stain everything. At 6 I feed babies again eat dinner and feed them once more before bed at 9 and hope they sleep until at least 2, which they don’t it’s usually closer to 1, feed them and hope they sleep until 6, which they have once. It’s a pretty busy around the clock schedule that obviously calls for some serious strategic planning if we need to go anywhere in between feedings, 20111130-112517.jpg20111130-112527.jpg
but like everything in life it’s temporary and when they start sleeping through the night in a couple of months their day time schedule will change and so will our lives a bit. .20111130-112704.jpg
But for now I sleep when I can and try to make time for the things I need/want to do too. And to think the girls will never remember this time in their lives and I hope I never forget it

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