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Almost 8 Months

by Juliemara

As the girls approach their 8th month birthday (tomorrow) I look at my to do list in amazement, so little has gotten done! HA. But seriously. These little babies amaze us more and more every day. I don’t know if I am “teaching” them the right things or in the right way. I don’t have a degree in early childhood development but I read my what to expect and Babycenter emails everyday that give me tips on how to help my child thorough her developmental process. I feel that I am doing the best I can and they seem to be happy babies. I don’t want to be a tiger mom, it’s just not my goal. I don’t think my children will cry themselves to sleep or want to play games in the middle of the night when they are 15, even if I do go to them six times after putting them to bed or play with them for a few minutes at three am because they feel like being up, after all they will only be these little babies, without any reason to consider, only joy in the smallest things, for a few more months.

Thinking back over the past year, my husband and I were remembering that there was something our little miss Talia did, on a regular basis that made us laugh, but we couldn’t remember what t was, which is crazy because we would act it out to each other and laugh about it for a while. As I write this I am remembering what it was, it was simple and looking back not nearly as amusing as the little things she does these days, she use to stretch her fists over her head and point her chin way up, while Jordan would stretch with her hands under her chin and elbows pointed way out. I don’t venue know if I have a picture to commemorate these moments past and I will try to make sure that I capture all the future little things they do that make us laugh. But such is life that once you realize how special something is, it’s already gone, never to return. As with these little idiosyncrasies of our babies first few months and beyond.

Remember this post, Tre Magnifique and the girls cute pink outfits their Safta gave them from Petit Bateau

Here are the ladies pretty in pink again in their new Zara dresses from Safta, who comes to visit today!

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3 weeks old!

by Juliemara

Yesterday was the girls 3 week birthday! 3 weeks already, I can’t believe how fast the weeks go. So when do they start sleeping through the night? Just kidding. I actually really enjoy my time with them in the middle of the night. I may take two hours but it’s only for a short time in our lives so I am just savoring every moment.

To celebrate three weeks and the beauty of fall the girls got dressed up in really beautiful baby Zara dresses that Safta brought from home. We took pics in the crib, in the nursery and outside with Safta.











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2 Weeks Old

by Juliemara

Yesterday Talia and Jordan had their Two Week Birthday! To celebrate we got all dressed up and had a party on the floor. Both babies are getting bigger already, their wrinkly knees are filling out. Their kicks and squirms are propelling them all over the place during diaper changes. And they are spending about 10-11hours a day Eating! They spend 2-3hours a day “playing” which includes tummy time, listening to books or sitting in their swings and bouncy seats while grownups talk around them. The rest if the hours are spent fast asleep in their cribs.










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How Cute is this!

by Juliemara

How Cute is this! Kenzipoo is a favorite blog I visit for work and personal inspiration.

She kinda looks like my niece with darker hair

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