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Bits and tips – clearing up diaper rash

by Juliemara

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20121004-221800.jpgA friend recently asked my advice on how to handle a bad case of diaper rash. And since i know there are at least a few new moms who read this blog, hopefully this will help prevent your baby from getting diaper rash, but if she does then hopefully these tips will help get it gone fast.

About a month ago our girls both got really bad diaper rash. We think it was caused by a combination of it being summer and hot, teething/ diarrhea and traveling abroad. When it started we tried to treat it by just using Triple paste, but it was only worsening. It turns out that using triple paste on a damp tushi SEALS in the moisture, making diaper rash worse!

After a phone call to the doctors office this is the diaper regimen we followed until it was all better, about 10 days,

no wipes for just peepee
bath or wet wash cloth for poops, still no wipes
as much air time as possible, blow dry by mouth or hair dryer every diaper change or as much as possible
triple paste every diaper change
if it has gotten to be open sores then get lotramin ad, use a small amount three times a day and continue for seven days AFTER the rash is gone.<

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