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Pretty things

by Juliemara

I have a new obsession, crochet. Mostly blankets and throws 20120308-114450.jpg
They make such nice props for naked baby photos. This photo is from the blog of letter B photography, where I got the idea for my monthly photo of the girls. 20120308-214938.jpg
but crochet dresses, big and little, are pretty fabulous too. 20120308-215046.jpg20120308-215051.jpgMaybe it’s because they always have a vintage feel to them or because they were probably made with a particular person in mind and with a lot of love. I would love to learn how to crochet. My friend tried to teach me a few months ago but I just don’t have that kind time in my life right now. I guess that’s why people are always saying my grandma made this blanket for me. They are the only ones with enough free time to do it. My friend made the girls these adorable little booties

20120312-091607.jpgand she sells her crochet crafts in her esty shop. I had a crochet blanket when I was a little girl, i haven’t seen it in years, I’m sure it’s around somewhere. I remember hearing that my grandmothers friend made it for me, that was nice of her friend. I wonder if she worked on it while my grandmother was watching wrestling, her favorite thing to do. Nana, here’s where you come in. We are going to start a family tradition, one where the grandma or Nana in this case crochets a blanket and anything else she wants to for her grand daughters that they can pass to their grand children, sounds fun right?! As an early grandparents day gift to you I got you crochet lessons! I knew you’d love it! Your welcome. Start small, something like this
And you’ll be making these in no time
And by the time the girls are two I know they will ha e a whole wardrobe of cute dresses like these to choose from.
So sign up for pinterest with that invite I sent you and start pinning to you “new hobby” board! I can’t wait to see what you come up with.





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The first of many

by Juliemara

Yesterday was the first day my husband and I and the girls were home all alone together. It was actually kind if nice. Hectic, yes. Nothing much got done, but it was Thanksgiving, not a day for chores, laundry and remodeling projects can wait. We did take our first holiday family photo, I look forward to many more like this for all the years to come.








And one more thing I am thankful for,

I got my face back.

The facial paralysis on the right side of my face caused by the Bells Palsy virus has improved almost 100%. The paralysis started the day after we came home from he hospital and started to improve about four weeks later. I took the prescribed prednisone pack starting day one and a recommended valtrex course starting day three. I also did face exercise and massage several times a day, but it wasn’t until I read that vitamin B-12 can help clear up the symptoms and started taking a daily supplement that I noticed any improvement. Maybe it was a coincidence, but I don’t care I’m just glad I can smile at our girls.


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