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Pretty things

by Juliemara

I have a new obsession, crochet. Mostly blankets and throws 20120308-114450.jpg
They make such nice props for naked baby photos. This photo is from the blog of letter B photography, where I got the idea for my monthly photo of the girls. 20120308-214938.jpg
but crochet dresses, big and little, are pretty fabulous too. 20120308-215046.jpg20120308-215051.jpgMaybe it’s because they always have a vintage feel to them or because they were probably made with a particular person in mind and with a lot of love. I would love to learn how to crochet. My friend tried to teach me a few months ago but I just don’t have that kind time in my life right now. I guess that’s why people are always saying my grandma made this blanket for me. They are the only ones with enough free time to do it. My friend made the girls these adorable little booties

20120312-091607.jpgand she sells her crochet crafts in her esty shop. I had a crochet blanket when I was a little girl, i haven’t seen it in years, I’m sure it’s around somewhere. I remember hearing that my grandmothers friend made it for me, that was nice of her friend. I wonder if she worked on it while my grandmother was watching wrestling, her favorite thing to do. Nana, here’s where you come in. We are going to start a family tradition, one where the grandma or Nana in this case crochets a blanket and anything else she wants to for her grand daughters that they can pass to their grand children, sounds fun right?! As an early grandparents day gift to you I got you crochet lessons! I knew you’d love it! Your welcome. Start small, something like this
And you’ll be making these in no time
And by the time the girls are two I know they will ha e a whole wardrobe of cute dresses like these to choose from.
So sign up for pinterest with that invite I sent you and start pinning to you “new hobby” board! I can’t wait to see what you come up with.





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Mom and baby craft project

by Juliemara

It’s cold outside, no surprise there, here in the northern hemisphere it’s winter. And as much as I love naked babies and hugging and kissing their super baby soft skin, I have to keep them pretty well covered so they stay warm, their hands and feet stay cold no mater what I do, but that’s actually ok, as long as a baby’s head and core are warm then they are ok. One pieces are great, especially the ones with the feet, but they are not the most stylish of ensembles. And pants over a long sleeve onesie is a nice look but kind of a pain when it comes to 10 (or 20) diaper changes in a day. Enter a great idea- BABY LEG-WARMERS! Not my idea but a great one! There is a company out there called Babylegs that sells over embellished baby leg warmer styles for $14 a pair (please remember I need two of everything), and there are quite a few crafters out there who made their own and are selling them in various Etsy shops for $7-$14. Better, but wait, I know how to sew! So I found this blog, with step by step instructions on how to create homemade baby leg-warmers. And after a quick trip to target a clearance priced purchase and 15 minutes later (not including the hour and half of coaxing baby Jordan back to sleep. She went to sleep at 7:30 then woke up at 8 cried, pooped, ate, slept in my arms, then cried some more, ate more, and pooped more and finally fell back asleep.) I have two pairs of infant sized leg-warmers!
These are going to be great for babies learning to crawl.



















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Mom and baby craft project

by Juliemara

I saw this amazing DIY baby entertainment center on one of my favorite blogs to read. Made by Joel, and decided I too will make these for my babies!

So I printed the free download, found some cardboard for the top, painted it red, found a piece if wood to use for the base and some wire to hold the mobile. And after three months of planning and finding just the right materials for this project here is what I made.
No good. Its not tall enough. The wire is not stiff enough to hold the weight of the paper mobile and being a new mom of twins I no longer have the time to go searching home depot for just the right metal wire.

So I improvised….

And they love it! They just stare and stare. One of these days I’ll color some red on the little squares. But it does the job for now. So even though the project didn’t turn out as planned, we got something that works for us. Seams to be an ongoing theme this year in our house.









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Do this, for me, I just don’t have the time this year

by Juliemara

Last year my sister participated in a cookie swap, I never knew what this was until she told me about it. What a great idea! Everyone comes with a few dozen of one kind of cookie an everyone leaves with about six different kids of cookies, or more if there are more people. I told her to make sure I am invited next year, and she remembered! Today she invited me, for five weeks from now, I told her I couldn’t commit, but I’d let her know ; ) Ha! Maybe next year!
She did share her cookie plan with me and it is so cute that I have to share it with you.

Bacon and eggs!

Instructions are available at the creators blog
Have fun! Let me know how they turn out!


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