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Guess What We Are!

by Juliemara

Dressing up a baby in any cute outfit is really fun, but when you get to put them in a ridiculous themed outfit and they are a pair, it just makes it all the better. And how appropriate that I would find (for under $20 each, including shipping) these adorable watermelon costumes for the girls from The Children’s Place.

See the flower on Talia’s head, Jordan has one too, but she pulled it out the second I put it in. It’s by her left leg. Is it ok to glue bows to your kids hair?

Just kidding.


And there goes Talia’s flower


The tights were part of the package and we plan to be wearing those all winter long. The long sleeve onsie underneath was a bought separately.  Scroll down some to see the hat.


The hat is cute, but it’s really hard to get on, maybe the girls have, um watermelons? for heads. haha, sorry, I had to.


I think they make pretty cute little watermelons. We won’t be going door to door this year. While I would love a giant bag of assorted candy to eat over the course of the next month until people start baking for the holidays, I really don’t need the calories and the girls are only one, So they don’t eat candy. It would just be really awkward having to do the trick or treating holding our babies in one hand and candy bag in the other. Picturing that in my head. Yeah, no.


Instead we will be going to a friends house where there will be about a half a dozen cute one year olds dressed up for their second Halloween and their parents oggoling over them. Don’t worry I’ll take a picture of the cuteness and share it with you.

By the way, the girls would rather eat bows than candy anyway. That pink bag with the dots, it’s our bow bag. It came with this cute baby toiletry set. And the girls just love putting those tiny little bows in their mouths until they are sopping wet. Yum. Not to worry though, they have yet to swallow one.


Happy Halloween Everyone! Please link your favorite costumes below so I can see what everyone was!

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Halloween Prep

by Juliemara

I stumbles across this adorable photo and just couldn’t help but think “how perfect for twins!” Although it could be just as perfect for siblings of any ages as well. I’m not going to use this idea this year so if you like it too feel free to send your R2D2 and Princess Leia out candy hunting this year!


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Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

by Juliemara

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and your families. I love thanksgiving, it’s probably my favorite holiday. It’s about being an American, being thankful for all that you have, enjoying your family and friends company and eating yummy food. What’s not to like?!

This years thanksgiving celebration is a little bittersweet for me, you see I’m not with my mom, dad, sisters, nieces, nephew, aunts, uncles and cousins like I have been on this holiday for the past 32 years, no this years what I do have is my husband and our two children celebrating at our new home. That is a whole heart full to be thankful for! We decided not to go with the family to the lake for the long weekend because exposing the girls so young to so many people and children in close quarters just isn’t a risk we are willing to take right now. So while we miss our family, we are doing what we know is best for our new little family.

I have been trying to find the words to say why I am thankful for the the things and people in my life but it’s not easy. I can say thank you all day long to the family who has come to help and support us over the last six crazy weeks, but it doesn’t even begin to show our gratitude. And then there are the girls, I mean really, we would have been as grateful as humanly possible to have a new baby and here we are with two. Every day, a hundred times a day, when I am holding a baby I think to myself or sometimes say out loud how amazing it is that I have such a beautiful, perfect, amazing little baby-then I remember I have a whole other one, who is just as beautiful, perfect and amazing. And again, I ask myself the same question I have asked for the past 9 months, “how did we get two babies?” its an answer I’ll never get, but a question I will always be thankful to ask.

So, what does one do to occupy time (Ha, as if I need to find a way to fill time), a CRAFT PROJECT! I turned my little baby girls into little Indians. Just like the native American Indians welcome the new settlers to their land our little girls will soon welcome friends and family to their world.





Trying to take decent photos of babies is no easy task, each time I try to create a cute baby scene I am once again impressed by professional baby photographers and how they manage to get such sweet pictures of infants. My girls were not exactly thrilled with this set up, hence the face plugs. But we will keep trying : )

Happy Thanksgiving

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