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Opposite nap schedules are never a good thing

by Juliemara

This past weekend was a bit exhausting in our house. After several nights of babies waking up multiple times at night and not going back to sleep for hours and a super fun day Saturday with friends at their river side home the girls were over tired and way off their nap schedual which led to cranky babies and on top of that, we discovered that Miss Jordan has begun to sprout some bottom teeth which we think may have been causing her 11pm waking and two hours of crying, poor baby. Wetting a baby wash cloth and leaving it in the freezer for a few minutes or a long time then giving it to the baby to chew on helps some. As does frozen fruit in the mesh bag.20120605-231700.jpg So on Sunday we went for a long walk first thing in the morning then tried to go to a local festival but both babies were so cranky they needed to go in their cribs for a nap right away, there was no time to pack up the car and get organized for a car ride nap. Talia when right to sleep, but Jordan wasn’t interested in a nap, until an hour or so later when Talia woke up. So we decided to spend the rest of the day around the house. My husband was a champion basement organizer, he arranged things and cleaned things and it’s becoming more and more a pleasure to visit our storage basement. We hope to have this space function as a storage/mudroom/craft space one day. And I got to do something really fun and exciting, I took one baby to Costco! That baby was Talia. Wow, I never imagined how easy it could be to run an errand with one baby. I put her in the car and when we got to Costco she went in the baby Bijorn and shopping we went. It was so EASY and she had so much fun. 20120605-231655.jpgShe helped push the cart. People looked at her and smiled, probably because she was having the time of her life and smiling her super fancy grin to everyone she saw. But no one spoke to me, no one asked how old she was or what her name was, we were in and out of Costco in under and hour. When I got home my husband was playing with Jordan who had woken from her nap while we were gone. She was in a much better mood and they two of them were having a great time too, just the two of them. 20120605-231704.jpg
Later that day we decided we needed baby Oragel to help with Jordan with her teething pain.

So She and I went to Target together! Another fun, super easy, outing. My husband and I both agree that hanging out with one baby weather it’s playing at home or out and about is as easy as pie and maybe we should each take one every now and again. But for the most part, the weekends are our time to be together as a family and whatever struggles and sacrifices come with having two babies at the same time, we’d rather deal with them than be apart. But it’s good to know we have the option.

UPDATE:The back of the Oragel box says to consut your Dr for children under two. Turns out mu pediatrician does not like for parents to use the Oragel because it keeps the necessary oxygen the gums need from getting to them. So back to Target it goes. That’s ok,. I love an excuse to go to Target I can always find something I need there.
BTW. I failed to mention yesterday that it was my wonderful parents 40th wedding anniversary. I love you guys, thanks for being the best example of how to love forever!


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What’s under your Calvins’ ?

by Juliemara

I know I promised house updates this week, sorry I just didn’t get around to taking all the pictures and finding the before pictures to post along with the new ones, but here’s a little peak…

The art is by a friend of a friend, you can see more of his work here on flicker,

Until I can get the photos I want to share with you together you’ll just have to be happy with more pictures of babies!

This past weekend we took our first family trip to Costco. We went right after we fed the girls at 11am so they were full and happy and awake. Walking through costco with our double wide stroller on a saturday was interesting. Firts it wasn’t all terrible, people are really funny when they see infant twins comming their way. They stop and just stare and smile, until we pass, then they continue on thier way. Of course there are those that say something nice and encouraging or those that ask all the usuall questions. And recenty I’ve begun to wonder why so many people see the babies and look at me and sat “Twins?” really, am I suppose to actually answer that question? Please remember , I always dress them the same. Unfortaunatly I don’t have any pictures fro our Costco trip, but here’s what we wore.

Calvin Klien onesies that abba picked out for them and Children’s place “jeggings” that fit more like levies boyfriend fit…

And of course, what do you were under your Calvins’.. PAMPERS!

Yes, we are a devoted Pampers family, we have tried Publix brand and Huggies, but we prefer the mesh lining that keep poop and pee off cute little baby booties the best.

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