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A Birthday Party Favor

by Juliemara

1st_birthday_party1st_birthday_partyThinking of a birthday party favor for one year olds is not an easy task. It’s not like you can give them a bag of candy and send them on their way. I wanted to give the kids who came to Talia and Jordan’s first birthday something they could and would use, in some form now and to play with for years to come. My goal was to give the birthday party a vintage shabby chic theme I thought chalk boards, like the ones kids use to use in schools way back when would be a cute, fun, useful and theme appropriate gift. I found these really nice wood framed 5×7 chalk boards on Walmarts website,

but they were unavailable for order and I couldn’t find a Walmart in town that carried them. I’m sure if I had actually gone to Walmart to find them I could have eventually, but with early fall being my busy time at work I had no time to be diving around running errands of any kind. I made it an absolute goal in planing this party to order as much as possible online and have it delivered to my door.

Eventually I found these, faux (plastic)wood framed chalkboard sets complete with two piece of non-toxic chalk and an eraser from Oriental Trading, a dozen for under $10, perfect.


When they arrived, I understood why they were so, um, inexpensive. The faux wood was orange, very orange, it looked nothing like wood. But the party was in two days so I made due. I unpackaged the little chalkboards.

Used some twine and a handy glue gun to give them a rustic feel. I cut a piece of string about 10 inches long and glued each end to “back” of the top edge of the chalk board frame. These chalkboards are double sided so either side can be the back.


Then a friend helped me write all the kids names on the chalkboard signs. Thanks Teresa!


I created some cute little tags and tied them on with the chalk and the little sponge eraser.


I love how they came out. For an inexpensive but fun party favor I think they were perfect.

chalkboard_sign_favorchalkboard_sign_favorchalkboard_sign_favor If I had had more time I would have like to have painted the wood frames with the same heirloom white paint I did the dresser in. Next time.


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Creating makes me happy…

by Juliemara

Creating makes me happy, I created these pretty little things, with some help of course. Jordan on top, Talia on bottom.

For yesterdays two month post I created the “2 Month” sign using a canvas and chalkboard spray paint. And today I erased the 2 month and turned it into wall art.

I have a whole list of creative projects that I hope to complete sooner rather than later and I’ll be sure to share them all with you. I hope these cute little people have the creativity bug like their momma.



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Talia and Jordan Turn 2 Months

by Juliemara

Another month has gone by. I told my little babies that they are not allowed to get any bigger! Obviously they don’t listen and of course I don’t really want them to stop growing, I just want to keep them this small forever. Right now I can still hold a baby in one hand as she curls up on my chest. This is one of my favorite things to do. While they may have only gained a pound or so in the last month it’s other stuff that makes them seem so much more grown up. They look at me when I talk to them, smile when they think something is funny. I know it’s not just a gas smile because our babies pass gas like grown men, loud and smelly. They listen to books and react to changes in their surroundings. Jordan, who jumps at every noise, was startled by the picture changing on the TV and Talia, who doesn’t like to sleep loves to listen to me read a book. Our favorite book of the moment is if I were a giraffe. Each page has a texture to touch.

And so another month has passed, we think we have this mommy/abba thing down pretty good for now. We are really excited about our little family and all the things that we will do together. We love watching our girls grow and change and I’m glad I’ll have this blog to look back on and remember how small they were.
Jordan on the left, Talia on the right













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