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by Juliemara

Jordan on the left, Talia on the right


Talia on the left, Jordan on the right

18_month_twins18_month_twins18_month_twins18_month_twins18_month_twinsOne and a half years old.

To Talia and Jordan,

You went from being babies to kids in light years. I’m loving you as toddlers. Your Abba and I keep seeing bits of who you may grow up to be, of course it’s all speculation but it’s fun to think about how your little quirks will become part of your personalities. The most amazing thing about this age, is your new found flexibility. Being a new parent is about following a strict schedule, of meals and naps, now a days we can keep you up late and you’ll just keep going and missing a nap is no longer reason for a major meltdown. It’s making life with you guys not only exciting and fun and, dare I say,  a little more relaxed, eek. I know that one is going to come back to bite me, or so I hear about two year olds.  The scary part of this age, you can get to anything. Baby proofing is about keeping fragile and dangerous objects away from baby, all lower than two feet to the ground. Kid proofing is a whole other story. It means keeping EVERYTHING in a locked drawer or cabinet, even the upper cabinets! I don’t even leave plastic knives in the sink any more because you are every bit capable of taking your little chair or a bar stool, pushing it to where you want it and climbing right on up to get to anything your little hear desires. Scary! Speaking of climbing, you are great little climbers, up ladders like it’s nothing, stairs standing straight up, dinning room chairs. I know we are only days away from you climbing out of your bed and into ours. Which part of me is ok with because it means I get to move you into your awesome toddler beds I’ve had since before you were born. Even though your doctor says keep you in the crib, I’m not sure I can wait, I’m too excited about these beds.

Girls, I love watching you think for yourselves, good or bad, it’s fun to see your forming your own thoughts, ideas and opinions. I could watch you all day long and never get bored. Jordan,  just yesterday I watched you hide your hand behind your back when I came to see what you were up too. While I wasn’t happy that you took something that you knew you weren’t suppose to I was pretty amused that you knew well enough that you weren’t suppose to and tried to hide it from me, you didn’t see it, but I defanatley laughed.  Talia, you continue to lead the way when it comes to development milestones. You have so many words and will attempt to repeat almost everything we say. Your animal sounds are top notch! You both continue to amaze us everyday with everything you are learning each day. You follow directions in Hebrew and English,(better in Hebrew) and you two play together for longer stretches of time without a care in the world. The other day I was making dinner and you were doing play dough, next thing I knew you were under your little table together doing a puppet show for each other and giggling like crazy. These are my new favorite moments. I can’t wait to see what comes next. We love you Talia and Jordan.

Tips: I recently learned (after a year and a half of doing this) that if you wet the chalk before drawing with it, it goes on easier smoother and thicker. But it is much much harder to erase. Also, if you want 18 month olds to sit and look at you, give them a snack.

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12 Months

by Juliemara

…and three weeks. So this post is a little late. Doesn’t matter, at least not to me. Everyday I let it go a little. Or rather when I do get something done on schedule I applaud myself and let all the rest just go. I work full time, I like to craft, I have an Etsy shop, I do the blog. And every once in a while I like to just sit on the couch and watch funny movie with my husband, like That’s My Boy, which we watched this week. It was really funny.

Talia is now totally obsessed with her loveies. She hasn’t shown a real desire for one over the other, but I’m pretty sure the ones she is holding in these pictures are her favorites. One is a cat and one is a bear, she doesn’t know the difference between them and they each usually have one.


Here are the little munchkins, not sitting nicely like they use too. I imagine the days of getting them to sit still and look at me at the same time are long gone.



I’m ok with it though. I love watching them explore and try to climb and just make each other laugh. If it means that I get more pictures of the backs of their head than their cute little smiling faces then so be it.



This is them head butting each other, their new favorite thing to do. Usually it just brings on giggles, every once in a while they hit each other just so and the crying ensues.


Happy Friday Everyone I hope you have a great weekend!

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9 Months Old

by Juliemara

Um, really?! Crawling, Standing, walking along the edge of the couch. Eating finger food, ALL KINDS! And worst of all drinking out of a sippy cup. What are my babies thinking trying to do more and become little people and less baby like. I mean I’ve only had them for nine months! What, next? Are they going to try to walk or something before they turn one?

9_month_babies9_month_babiesTalia, Jordan


I’m joking,  i know that my sweet happy little babies are doing all the things they are suppose to do and they are doing them so well. Talia mastered crawling about a week before Jordan, which made Jordan very frustrated, and even though it was only a few weeks ago it feels like an eternity ago that Jordan couldn’t crawl. Jordan started pulling up, mostly on me and then on the couch and toys a week or so before Talia, but now Talia has become very determined to find her balance and will pull up and fall down over and over and over. It’s really funny to see them standing, just a few months ago they couldn’t even sit them selves up, now they can go where they want and stand up to reach things, look in the mirror or out the window. They get so proud of them selves when they accomplish one of these feats and the smiles that plaster across their faces are just to die for. And in the last few days Miss Jordan learned how to clap, it is so cute.


The girls are home with the nanny during the week they go on the occasional outing here and there but for the most part they are home playing with one of their four gazillion toys. So on the weekends we LOVE getting out with the girls and going to the pool or swinging at the park, or to a restaurant for breakfast or dinner.  The girls sit in the high chair and just watching them pick up food struggle to get in into their mouths and chew it with their all but toothless mouths is such fun entertainment.

There are definitely new challenges with this age, like the amount of time it takes for these girls to eat a meal. They eat four/five times a day, each meal takes about 30-45 minutes, then they get a bottle. Between the meals and the naps it seems as though we are back in the eat, sleep, poop phase again. But at the same time the most important thing that we as parents have learned in the past nine months is that as quickly as a phase starts, it stops just as quickly and we are faced with new challenges and decisions to make on how to deal with them.

My husband and I break the bed time rules probably more often than we should because we just hate for the day to end and want to play with our sweet little babies for just a few more minutes. If the girls don’t fall asleep with in a few minutes of putting them to bed, and cry more than we are comfortable to listen to we will go and get them out of their cribs and let them play for 15 or 20 more minutes, then they usually fall right asleep when we do put them back in bed.

Happy 9 months little babies!



These white couch photo shoots have become much more difficult since the girls are more mobile now, that and the fact that their favorite game to play is jump off the couch, usually it’s into our arms, but they have not distinguished the difference between “I’ll catch you” and “stay on the couch”. So my husband has to back me up during the photo shoots to make sure that no babies face plant off the couch. HE does such a good job.


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7 months old

by Juliemara

This past weekend the babies turned 7 months old. It’s amazing to watch them grow and change. Everyday they learn something new. Lately while they have no interest in sitting up they are on a mission to get moving. In the past week they have taught themselves how to get their tushies up in the air and are rocking back and forth. For now all they do is kick their legs out behind them and belly flop. The goal of this new move is to go forward toward a toy that more than likely they just pushed out of their reach, but because of they way they push up on their hands they end up pushing themselves backward instead of forward. If we leave them on the floor unattended for a few minutes we come back to find babies who have backed themselves into opposite corners of the room or underneath the couch. Once they figure out how to move each hand or knee independently I’ve been told our lives will change in ways we never could imagine.
I know I say it every month, but how does the time go by so fast. These babies who reach for me when I come home from work, or squeeze my face to give me a big kiss, and hold their own bottles are so different from the little babies who screamed like crazy when we made them spend time on their tummy just a few months ago.
We are having so much fun with them there really are no words to describe it. So here are the new pictures.




















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6 months old, that’s half a year

by Juliemara

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Four Months Old

by Juliemara

They are four months old. Jordan is just an ounce shy of double what she was when they were born at 12lbs 7 ounces. Talia has almost completely caught up to Jordan at 12lbs 4ounces. They are such happy babies. They smile, they make baby talk sounds, they even giggle a little bit here and there. They pick up toys, hold them, put them in their mouth. They hold hands and put them in their mouth. Their colds are finally going away (after two months). They still hate tummy time but love bath time, it’s in the real tub now. Their hair is growing, they sleep without being swaddled. They love walks and they still love their star. They are quickly growing out of their three month clothing. They eat slow. And they love stories.
Remember how small they were in their first week, six week, two month and three month pictures. Here they are now.20120221-225807.jpg20120221-225415.jpg20120221-225407.jpg20120221-225427.jpg20120221-225438.jpg20120221-225448.jpg20120221-225457.jpg20120221-225507.jpg20120221-225518.jpg20120221-225529.jpg20120221-225546.jpg20120221-225609.jpg20120221-225841.jpg20120221-225853.jpg20120221-225914.jpg20120221-225925.jpg20120221-225935.jpg20120221-225944.jpg20120221-230126.jpg20120221-230135.jpg20120221-230148.jpg20120221-230217.jpg20120221-230246.jpg20120221-230334.jpg20120221-230346.jpg20120221-230355.jpg



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