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Carter’s Free Shipping and In Store Coupon

by Juliemara


Carter’s is offering free shipping on orders over $50 right now, use code SHIPJUNE. They don’t do this often and there is some seriously cute new stuff in stock. Also, if you do live near a store here is a coupon good through 6/26 for 20% off $40 or more.


Happy Shopping!

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What we’re buying

by Juliemara


1/White flowy white top $18
2/Navy Polka Dot Shorts $9
3/Cherries Sunglasses $6
4/Sparkly Sandals $16

Although I’m sure it seems like blogging and taking photos of my girls is my full time job, it’s not. I have a full time office job. Ok it’s not like “the Office” it’s for Carter’s, yup, the cute kids clothing company. I really love working for my company. I think it’s more fun than the average corporate office job, I get to deal with cute little kid clothes all day and I really can’t complain about the employee discount that comes in very handy. I work on all boys product and have for the past five years, but I LOVE our girls designers and all the goodies they dream up for my girls. Four out of five days they are wearing Carter’s. This weekend we are going shopping, here’s what I’m buying.

If you want to grab a few essentials yourself please use the coupon! link to print below.


Have a great weekend


15% Off 

20% Off

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Good morning

by Juliemara


Talia and Jordan both learned how to unzip their coats. This was after our 7:30am outing to the new swings in the backyard. 20130320-092603.jpgThese fuzzy little coats are from Carters. The zippers they use are great because the zipper teeth are thick plastic so it’s easy for kids to learn to open and close all by themselves. Talia and Jordan don’t have the close part down yet, but they are working on it.

And Jordan wanted to say good morning too. 20130320-090749.jpg

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Favorite Find – DIY Clothes for Kids

by Juliemara

A quick background, I am a designer for Carters, the baby clothes company. Which means I draw tops and bottoms then I color them in. Specifically little boys swim trunks and matching rash guards, the coordinating hats, sunglasses and flip flops.


Then for the winter season I do the same with coats and cold weather accessories and shoes.
Yes, I have a really fun job. I color all day. Ok, it’s a little more complicated than that, but only a little. I’m sure you are imagining me like this…



but no, I do all my drawing and coloring on the computer.

Part of my job is to research new ideas and inspirations, in magazines, in stores, but mostly on line. Sometime I stumble across things that I love not just for inspiration for work but for being a great idea! The designer in me is always looking for fun ways to get my girls to think creatively and to create on their own.

I love getting ideas from two of my favorite bloggers who I follow Ashley Ann, who has five kids and created a whole studio just for creating and crafting with her kids.





And Joel, who has two kids and creates fun craft projects for his kids from items found mostly around the home.



Today I stumbled upon Gio Kit. It’s DIY clothes for kids. A garment with an outlined drawing and fabric markers. How fun!



It will be a little while before my girls are old enough to tackle this art project, but in the mean time they can practice on plain white t-shirts.

I’m ordering these markers and shirts from amazon today and will share their masterpieces with you soon

Don’t forget there is always a carters coupon link on the right side bar for you to print and use. If it is ever not updated please send me a message and I will update it or send you a coupon asap.
here are two current ones
20% off $40 or more
15% off everything
Please vote today and once everyday on Top Baby Blogs. The more votes I get the higher my ranking stays, help us be #1!
Thank you

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How much is too much…baby clothes.

by Juliemara

One big thing that I have learned about having baby girls is that they don’t need that much clothing. Yes, a lot of the dresses and two piece outfits are cute enough to die for and for the most part the stuff is reasonably priced, but there are only so many days in a babies first year and they grow so fast! I think it’s more painful to have to pack away an outfit that you loved in the store with only having put it on your baby once or twice because you were saving it for a special occasion or their just weren’t enough days to wear everything more than a time or two.

This was defiantly the case in my house, as I sort through the piles of clothing the girls can no longer wear I am astonished at the amount of outfits they had and barely wore.

The girls received these adorable tutu tanks as baby gifts.

I really wanted photos of them in them sitting up before they grew out of them, they are 0-6 size. So I took them for pictures at the beginning of May but they still were not siting up on their own. I love the photo anyway.

A few weeks ago I decided to put the girls back in the tutu tanks to see if they still fit, they do! And I think they will for a little while because of the racer back style!



The girls had a ball playing their new favorite game of jump around on the couch in their frilly tutu tanks.













So when it comes time for you to fill a closet full of beautiful frocks for your little one, accept this advice. Get a few things that are made of beautiful fabrics and full in the rest of your needs with gifts and hand me downs. Take the money you saved on clothes they’ll never wear and buy them beautiful outfits for all of their special occasions for years to come and let them wear your favorites completely out! Seeing them play in these outfits and keeping those memories will mean much more to you than keeping them in a box for one day down the road.

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The twins are crawling (videos)

by Juliemara

Yup it’s official big babies are crawling crawling, usually is opposite directions but every once in a while they will both lay eyes on the same thing and the baby race is on. Don’t get excited, I haven’t managed to catch it on video yet, but I will.

Talia is way better than Jordan, he learned first and is really fast, even in her pajamas. Jordan reminds me of someone walking on ice when she is trying to crawl across the wood in her pajamas.


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Pajama party

by Juliemara

Babies spend a lot of time in pajamas. While it seems fun to dress baby up in a cute outfit to come home from the hospital the reality of it is that the outfit, if bulky, will make buckling your handful of a baby frustrating and maybe a little unsafe. A really cute sleep and play one piece is the way to go for bringing home baby. You can even find a super fancy one like this one, made from cashmere!
Because I work full time most of the time I spend with my babies they are in their pajamas, this is the reason for all the pajama pictures I’ve posted. Today I am finally going to pack away the girls size six months pajamas, their little toes are getting squished, so I figured it was time. Some of the pajamas will actually get thrown away (maybe donated??) since they are stained with carrot and avocado. I’m a little sad that our girls have reached this new milestone (growing out of six month clothes) an I’m really sad to say good by to my favorite pajamas of theirs. The blue ones with the pink trim and black and white panda bears all over on and on their feet from Carters. Even though they were snap pjs, and I hate snap pjs! I loves these because they were so cute. The first time and every time they wore these pajamas they would stare at their feet, wiggle them and try to grab them, it was just the cutest thing. I’ll miss the little panda bear feet.







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How nice is that

by Juliemara

I had my first day back at work, I was ok, really! I really like my job, the people I work with and the environment, it’s not a bad place to spend the day. But come on, it’s still work and I still have two cute as a button babies at home. Here’s a video of Jordan on her tummy and Talia exploring what her legs can do.

But back to the whole leave the babies at home and go to work thing, I mean who wouldn’t rather play with babies than work, not me, but that’s not life, at least not mine or the other 15 women I work with who have infants at home or the hundreds of millions of women around the world who are moms and have careers, so I just keep reminding my self that by leaving them in someone else’s care I am not harming them, or scaring them, or being a bad mother, I’m just doing, to be honest,what most mothers do. It’s still not easy.
I am still breastfeeding the girls so while I am at work I pump to keep up my supply and have milk for them for the following day. My office has a “pumping room” which they call “mothers rest stop” (all our extra rooms have cute names like the playground or home room, lunch box) I’d never seen he room until today, because they keep it locked, I am pleasantly surprised, it’s a really nice little room.




The room has everything you need for a comfy spot to pump, a glider and ottoman, soft lighting, magazines about parenting, a mini fridge, a little table, photos of cute babies, which I am thinking I may switch out for photos of my cute babies ; ), and a mirror to make sure you are put back together properly after pretending to be a cow for 20 minutes! And this cute little sign to let people know the room is being used.


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Two of a kind

by Juliemara

Although we still fit in some of our newborn size clothing we now also fit in our three month clothing! It’s like going to a new grade for infants, so exciting. Oh, the doors fashion possibilities that have opened.

On another note I’ve found that the best time to photograph babies is when they won’t wake up to eat, it means they are sleeping hard. Which either makes for cute sleeping baby pics or wakes them up enough so they will eat.



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They are just too cute

by Juliemara

I use to think these footed outfits with stuff all over it, especially in pink, were really cheesy. But now, on my little girls, they are just too cute!






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