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I know the day will come…

by Juliemara

I know the day will come when my hands no longer hurt, I hope that day comes soon after our babies are born. I know the day will come when I can once again breath through my nose. I know the day will come when I will be able to sleep on my stomach or my back, even if it is for only a few hours at a time. I haven’t felt much like me lately, I miss me, I am generally a happy person, up for anything, energetic and enthusiastic. But now I’m just so tired and heavy and to top it all off my hand just hurt all the time, day and night. I use to get some relief during the day for a few hours here or there, but they seem to be getting worse.

To pass the time I think about all the other really amazing things to come. I know the day will come when someone will look at me and say “mama”, I wonder who will say it first. I know the day will come when i will be able to walk normally again and our little family of four will go on a hike in the woods together and we will share our love of nature with our little girls. I get to think about a million things like this as these days pass and they are the thoughts that make me happy they the girls stay inside me one more day. I just hope they are not beating each other up in there, because sometimes it feels like it. I couldn’t upload the video here, but go to my Facebook page to see my belly bump dancing.

Have a happy Monday.

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My hands

by Juliemara

I really hate my hands, I can’t figure out if moving them or keeping them resting feels better, because they just hurt so much. There’s not much I can do these days, even typing this is painful, but at the same time it takes my mind off the pain for a bit.

My friend at work and I took another instagram break on Friday, it was 1000 degrees out but I liked the outfit I had on for instagram.

In other news the house us still a work in progress but I love it already. And we went to our labor and delivery class for multiples today, 6 hours of how, what and why of childbirth of twins, at first it seems like there are so many choices to be made but at the same time the dr is going to do what is best for mom and babies and it my job as the mom to be ok with it and go with the flow.

Enjoy the pics!





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what happen to your wrist

by Juliemara


Susan Imerman Weinstein’s Photos – Sarens Baby Shower (8).

That’s the pregnancy induced carpal tunnel syndrome, it’s really painful, mostly on the right hand, the wrist splints help some, but not much. The cortisone shot was suppose to make the pain go away, it did nothing except hurt my hand worse for the remainder of Thursday (the day I got the shot).

But here I am at my friend Saren’s baby shower, she is due two weeks before me, looking huge and miserable, drinking a Martini? I wish, it’s virgin, but the fruit juice alone made me feel better as chugged it in record time.

I think it’s funny that mt friends are literally HALF the size of me.

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