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Things are changing around here…

by Juliemara

Things are changing around here. The girls keep getting bigger and smarter and my blog is moving to a new home. the hope is that you wont feel a difference but posts may be a little sporadic for a while and the look will change some. but the cool thing is this blog will be much more fun! to keep up on all the updates during this transition time be sure to LIKE the Smilingwatermelon Facebook page. ill post never before seen pictures and videos there especially on days that the blog is having technical issues.

These sweet baby girls are 13 months old!

I was told recently by a coworker that after a year counting months is annoying to hear about. This makes me think I should stop coloring my monthly chalkboard and taking the white couch pictures. What do you think? Should I keep going with the monthly pictures or move on to something new? I wouldn’t mind the extra time to knock out a new project or two over this next year, but as my readers, will you miss those pictures? Should I keep counting? Until when? 24, 36, 48 months?

Counting or not they keep growing, they are walking (but not with out the more than just occasional boom into a wall/chair table right onto their face/head/tushie), they are babbling, and they are using their gestures to tell us what they want, or don’t.

It’s not easy to keep two toddlers busy all day. Sure they nap, usually two times a day for an hour, maybe more,sometime only once, maybe for two hours. But two hours goes by quick when you are cleaning up after the morning mess. Luckily we have a fantastic nanny who always seems to get everything done and keep the girls busy and learning all day long. She is even teaching them to sleep on little cots so that one day when we are out during nap time or sleeping somewhere new they will feel comfortable to sleep somewhere other than their cribs.


The girls nanny uses a great online resource for fun things to do with the girls on days when they don’t have music class or story time. Macaroni kid lists all the events in your neighborhood for kids, all the details are there to help you choose the best events for the age and most of them are free!


She also takes the girls to indoor playgrounds when it’s too cold/hot or rainy to play outside. Also, until a toddler is a good walker most playgrounds are not really practical with a wood chip or even dirt ground cover. Most I the indor play places like Kangazoom or Catch Air, have a cover charge, even for the babies, but discounts can always be found on Groupon, Living Social, Sweet Jack and on their individual Facebook pages.













I hope you are doing something fun with your kiddies this weekend! I’d love to hear about it!

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