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What to expect… A cesarean section

by Juliemara

What to expect… A cesarean section and an infant.

Infants are so cute. I don’t think that newborn baby wonder ever goes away. Maybe that’s why Michelle Duggar had 19 kids. The fact that all the parts of a human can fit inside a tiny little body is amazing. And then the amount of anger that little body can display is truly unbelievable.

Recovery from a c-section is hard. After the surgery is over the epidural line stays in for 24 hours to administer pain meds. I think it should stay in for 48 hours. The pills just don’t cut it that second night (why I am up writing this and not getting sleep that I need) . Not only does the incision hurt but the epidural location is now just as painful.

Teaching a baby how to breastfeed is hard, even if you’ve taught a class of two babies before, it’s hard. You have to be very patient even when they are not. Nurses and other hospital staff are not buzzing around me giving me breast feeding advice and the babies formula like last time. This time I have been greatly encouraged to breastfeed only. Which is fine, I like the encouragement. I also have no problem giving a formula bottle if necessary. But it turns out that a woman’s body is smarter that one might think, mine remembered that the last time I supplies milk for babies there were two, so this time I have enough milk for two again!

A baby’s personality and habits change daily at the beginning. Day 1 is sleepy baby. Noa slept 8 hour stretches the whole first 24 hours. Day two was about eating. She breastfed on and off from one until one am with maybe an hour in between at times. Day three she seemed to get a pattern of 2 1/2 to 3 hours between feedings, but day four she decided every 1 1/2 hours was more fun.

This time around I have decided and have the flexibility to not try to figure everything out. Instead I’m going to go with the flow and adapt when necessary. I’ll get the musts done firsts and when there is time I’ll get to the rest, like blogging, and bath time (just kidding on the last one).


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Family Trip to Destin, FL

by Juliemara



Christmas is a favorite time of ours to take a trip. We don’t actually celebrate the holiday but we still get the day off. My husbands business is very busy up until the Christmas holiday so as soon as Christmas eve arrives things slow down and we can take off as a family to anything we like for as long as my job will let me be away. This year we decided to go back to Destin, Florida, we went last year as well. And while last year wasn’t exactly our ideal vacation we did things a little differently this time. Last year we stayed in a hotel at a resort for two nights then drove to visit with friends in Alabama. This year we stayed for over a week in a rented house.

Destin Vacation Rental Ocean Views

The house was a perfect rental for the four families with seven kids between them that shared it. Six bedrooms, five and a half baths, golf cart, heated pool, great neighborhood, walking distance to the beach and close to great shopping. I loved this house so much I felt like I needed to send the owners a gift for letting us stay there!




It wasn’t warm on the gulfs edge but it was warmer than in Atlanta. We were able to spend some time on the beach playing in the sand. The girls were so cute digging and jumping and running through the beautiful white sands of the beach. It was so fine and white it looks a little like snow, but I’ll take sand over snow any day. One of the spots we visited was the Crab Trap restaurant which had a great playground structure right on the sand.



The girls had a great time playing with the other kids we vacationed with. They got to stay up late, sleep in and sit at the eat at bar for most of their meals. There was plenty of down time indoors so I brought an arsenal of indoor activities to keep kids entertained. And the pool heated to bath tub temps was a great way to spend chilly mornings. Look out for more photos to come.




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by Juliemara


Talia, she learned to say something new “ah-wa-dat”, translation “I want that”. Really? We say please and thank you in our house some much I’m almost sick of hearing it, where on earth did she learn “I want that” we remind her to say please after and she does, quite well “Peeese”. But still we need to nip the  “ah-wa-dat” in the bud real quick. Talia is over all a happy go lucky while extremely demanding child. She gets in her head that she will do something and she will do it, even when I ask her not; to. Oh wait they both do that, maybe that’s just being a toddler.


Jordan has had a rough month as far as sleeping goes, she’s ended up in bed with us nearly every night. Most of the time it’s not until 5 or 6 (we try to get them to sleep until 6:30 or 7) but more than enough it’s before midnight. Jordan is not an easy person to share a bed with, she is not a very sound sleeper, she tosses and turns and kicks all night. This past week has been especially rough. Jordan started running a fever on Sunday, by Tuesday it was up to nearly 104. We thought it was from teething, which may have been bothering her as well, she was also extra sleepy, clingy and cranky all week. But when she developed a faint rash on Thursday I did some research and though it to be Roseola, a virus that just has to run it’s course. So the sleepiness and crankiness was merited. I decided she needed to be seen by the doctor just to be safe, they agreed Roseola, not much you can do but wait. Kids are so resilient she never completely acted sick, she would be cranky and snuggly or lazy one minute and running around like a little crazy person the next. The rash only lasts a day or two, it’s not itchy, it’s just there. Now we are just waiting the arrival of two final teeth, whoooo, maybe then sleeping in our house will become a more regular thing.


And so it’s here. The second half of this year. It’s a little sad to think of it like that, I’m not a big fan of time passing so quickly. One one hand I want to hold on to my little babies and make them stay little. On the other hand I want them to start using words to express how they feel and sleep all night in their own  beds with out waking us up at all hours with bone chilling screams. I’m anxious to switch them to the toddler beds I bought for them before they were even born they are so cute! And I am itching to redecorate their room to be more toddler fun, but at the same time I am hesitant to make the bed switch. The doctor suggested they stay in the cribs until they are closer to three. And there is the chance that if we switch them, then instead of crying for us in the middle of the night, they will just get out of bed and come to our room, probably not a better situation. Or worse go wander around the house and throw who knows what into the toilet (none of the child safety locks we have tried for the toilet have worked against the determined little hands of Talia and Jordan).

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Tiny baby parts

by Juliemara


I love baby arms, some people go crazy over baby feet or cute little tushies. I’m a sucker for my girls squishy little tiny arms. Despite it being winter and pretty cold outside we keep our house toasty warm so that I can let the girls run around in just their diapers as much as possible. Any less than that is asking for trouble.
Hope you are having a nice weekend.

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We Love our Giant Bear

by Juliemara

We love our giant bear. He’s not as big as the bears they have at Costco right now, but he’s big. 4′ 2″ and 5lbs at least. And he is the girls best friend, 20121124-220746.jpg20121124-220734.jpg20121124-220741.jpg


although sometimes he probably thinks the girls are his worst nightmare the way they try to rip his head off,


but it’s all out of love. Yes the girls love their bear.giant_teddy_bear

Mr. Bear or dooby dov (Hebrew for teddy bear) has an unlikely story, here’s how it goes…

While I was pregnant I was suppose to walk, helps with circulation. But walking was painful, I didn’t like to do it much. It was late summer as my pregnancy got really difficult and there were plenty of neighborhood festivals happening all over town, a favorite pastime of my husband and I was to wander around these festivals in the hot summer sun enjoying the fair food and music. We had just moved to our new house a few weeks prior. One Saturday morning we heard some noise coming from the direction of the big street outside our neighborhood. My husband went to check it out, it was a parade! That culminated at a small festival of local vendors, crafts and games for kids. He came back to the house to get me and we went to walk around the festival bit. I ate some ice cream, learned that in our town you have to have 2 acres of land to raise chickens, boo, we only have one acre. And entered a raffle for…what you ask? a giant teddy bear! The raffle was sponsored by a local magazine, the East Cobber. I knew that entering the raffle was probably going to get me some solicitation email and maybe a trial subscription of the magazine, but I figured that was about it. A few weeks later I got a phone call, it was a nice woman from the East Cobber, HA! I was their big winner, I had won the bear. Funny, I rarely win anything, I can’t say never because when I first moved to Atlanta I won having my credit card paid off by a Q100, a local radio station and a few years later I won $100 in gas from the same station.

They delivered the giant bear to my house and when I opened the garbage bag it was in I realized it was the actual bear from the festival, gross. Every person at that festival pat the bear as the passed by. That bear wasn’t going anywhere near my newborn babies. It got put in a back corner of an extra room with the plan of donating it one day.

Fast forward five months later. Yael, the girls nanny discovered the bear, and introduced it to the girls, they became good friends right away. The bear was part of the family. The girls loved the bear and I am over my germaphobia. I figured five months of solitary confinement was enough to give all the germs time to die. And it has been proven in mice that living in a sterile environment caused more allergies and asthma to develop, so some germs are a good thing.



Games with the bear never get old. If we make the bear talk and play they talk and play right back,20121124-220712.jpg

they love to snuggle with the bear and drink their bottle laying in the bears lap, it’s super soft.




I love seeing pictures of them with the bear then and now. 20121124-222246.jpg

It so easy to see how much they have grown. The bear has gotten pretty gross but loved. The girls are constantly drooling on him an spilling their milk on him. We wipe him down as best we can but Mr. Dooby Dov’s days are numbered.




Dooby Dov may not always be center of attention but I’m pretty sure the girls take comfort in knowing he is close by, ready and willing to give endless hugs and snuggles.







One day I’m sure the girls will forget about him and he will sit alone in a corner again before we decide its time for him to move out, but we will always have the photos to remember what a big part of our lives Mr. Dooby Dov was.

With the holiday season upon us I just want to remind all my readers that there are so many children who, for no other reason than luck of the draw, may be without a teddy to hug or a train to push this Christmas. If you would like to make a donation to help a few of these children have a happy holiday please donate toys or money to Amy’s Holiday Party. It is a holiday celebration for close to 1000 Atlanta area children. The party is in its 15th year and includes games, a dance party, pizza, a visit with Santa, new pajamas from Carter’s, and a few new toys for each child to take home. It is a cause I have been involved with since moving to Atlanta five years ago. Thank you for your support.


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Thanksgiving Day

by Juliemara

I love Thanksgiving, it’s probably my favorite holiday. 20121122-202628.jpg20121122-211013.jpg20121122-211029.jpg


20121122-211107.jpgI love it for several reasons, since its not a religious holiday there are no services to attend. It’s not that I mind the services, it’s just nice to get to spend the whole day off enjoying free time with family. And it’s a great excuse to dress babies up in their fancy dresses from Safta. They are from Zara (similar here).20121122-202357.jpg20121122-202651.jpg20121122-202603.jpg20121122-202416.jpg20121122-202758.jpg20121122-202738.jpg20121122-202428.jpg20121122-202453.jpg20121122-202618.jpgAnother reason Thanksgiving is a favorite of mine is because we spend it out in the country at my sister lake house, which is beautiful and relaxing and always one of my favorite places to be. OK, its not exactly out in the country, its more like a country club, but the town is far away from a big city. 20121122-202815.jpg20121122-202440.jpg20121122-202348.jpg20121122-202323.jpg20121122-202329.jpg

20121122-211018.jpgThen there is the fact that Thanksgiving is always within a week of my birthday, so I always get to celebrate my birthday with my family.

And last is the deserts! 20121122-202259.jpg20121122-202306.jpg20121122-202312.jpg20121122-211024.jpgI love pumpkin and pecan pie, whip cream in anything is perfect and there is always enough chocolate left over to last for days. The actual meal is always tasty too, but it’s the deserts that keep bringing me back each year.

So that’s a wrap for thanksgiving 2012, let the games be watched.
I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving and spent it in company that you enjoyed. I hope you ate enough gravy to last you until next year and I hope that each day you remember that you can be thankful for the people who make your life special.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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Halloween with one year olds!

by Juliemara

20121031-223248.jpgWe had such a fun night celebrating Halloween with our girls and our friends. Our good friends were so sweet to host the get together at their house. The fun started around five getting everyone into their costumes.


20121031-223204.jpgWe had our two little watermelons of course,

20121031-223506.jpgthen there was Ragedy Ann

20121031-223211.jpgand a little snow bunny.

My sister stopped by with her kids to see the girls, it was a fun surprise. My niece was Repunzal and my nephew was a sumo wrestler.


Once the rest if the dads arrived we gave the kids some snacks and headed out.







Livia’s grandma made sure to take about 1000 pictures of her dirt granddaughter.

20121031-223330.jpgbut she better get more iCloud storage for next year because she will have to take 2000 pictures!

<img src="http://smilingwatermelon.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/import/20121031-223336.jpg" alt="20121031-223336

There weren’t too many trick or treaters out before sunset but to was fun to take an evening walk with the girls since its not often we get to do this.

But it was fun to walk around the neighborhood and look at all the decorations.


20121031-223446.jpgthe girls had fun discovering pumpkins

20121031-223500.jpgand meeting Superwoman (this is our friend Alex, but I’m not sure if the girls recognized her in her costume)

After the trick or treating fun we headed back to our friends house and all had dinner together.


Once the babies fell asleep we ate all the candy they collected.


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Happy Birthday Jordan and Talia

by Juliemara

20121012-131002.jpgBaby girls, today kinda snuck up on me. Sure I knew it was coming but all of the sudden here it is. You are one, one year old today. My little wiggly babies are now little waddling girls. I never wanted to be the parent that called their not so much babies any more baby, so I will try from now on to call you my girls even though you will always be my babies (at least until you stopping waking up at night and crying until I hold you.) I was a pretty independat and adventurous kid and I hope you two grow up to adventurous and fearless. You are already amazing us with your climbing ability, now you just need to learn what goes up must come down, hopefully feet first.

20121012-131033.jpgI have had so much fun taking care of you for the past year, your abba and I may not have been perfect at it sometimes, but I hope you two didn’t mind. I hope you had a fun first year. I tried to show you as many new things as possible in this short year. And while we have decades of fun ahead of us this first year was important to me and I loved every minute of it.

20121012-131111.jpgYou went from being wrinkly little helpless people to opinionated, smart, funny and friendly little toddlers. At a year old you can walk fairly well, as in across the room before you fall down, you each have six teeth, four on top and two on bottom, you both have lots of curls. Every now and then you repeat a word perfectly, you give me your spoon when I ask for it, you know how to balance on one foot when getting undressed for your bath, which you love so much. You love animals, pictures of them, stuffed ones, even the real ones. You love music and you dance to the rhythm in the cutest little way, you love playing outside.

20121012-131121.jpgJordan you are a mommas girl and Talia you are quite obsessed with your Abba. I’m not sure how or why that happened but all the parents of twins said that it would. It’s ok, we love you each with all our hearts.




It was the most amazing thing to watch you change before our eyes this past year, I miss the little babies that we brought home but I love the little girls who crawl to be in my lap more than I could imagine possible. I can’t wait to see what this next year brings for each of you, for your freindship, for our family.

Happy first birthday girls, mommy and Abba love you and we are proud of you every day.




















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Always learning something new

by Juliemara

We are lucky enough to have a nanny who loves them and takes amazing care of them while we are at work. She is always creating fun activities for the girls and showing them new things. The other day she brought the girls special markers! Special magic markers for one year olds.



And they colored their very first pictures! These are pictures of Sukkahs, a hut Jewish people build in their yards to celebrate the fall harvest! The holiday started last night and goes for eight days. Happy Sukkah!







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Breaking News – Talia takes her first steps

by Juliemara

While celebrating the new year with family and friends, Talia has decided to show off her new trick. Go Talia!

Shana Tova u’mituka

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