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Catching up

by Juliemara

These photos were takes a few months ago, I love them so much. I shared one or two along the way but I really wanted to share all of them because they are some of my favorites I have ever taken. The dresses are hand-me-downs from my older sisters kids, hopefully there will be more little girls that get to wear them later on. Dresses like this will last forever if taken care of because little ones never get to wear them enough to wear them out. These photos make me think we have two little yentas in the making.

I love putting them in dresses now because they can wear them safety without much risk of hurting themselves because of the dress. They had a hard time wearing dresses while they were crawling because they skirt of the dress made it hard to move when it would get caught under their knees. Then when they started walking they were falling so often they would get their foot stuck in the skirt while trying to get up and end up just falling again. Now they are great walkers, and while they still fall occasionally and the skirt can sometimes make it harder to get back up, they are doing pretty good and the extra effort is worth it because they look so cute in fancy little dresses!

The black Mary Janes are now too small on them. The pearls were a baby gift from my Aunt Joan and her late husband my Uncle Harry. I miss him. Elmo goes everywhere. The purple “ball” was a new car toy for the long road trip we had just taken. Both girls were afraid of it at first. Talia got over it, Jordan is still mostly afraid of it and Talia knows it and taunts her with it. The green frog purse was a souvenir gift from the zoo their nanny got them, there is a tiger that goes with it. I’m thinking about starting to use a de-tangler in their hair after bath, any recommendations on an all natural one?

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A New Years Getaway – Traveling with Toddlers

by Juliemara

With the busy Christmas season behind us my husband and I wanted to get away as a family with our girls. We decided to spend the time off and go down to the gulf coast where we were hopping for warmer weather and could visit with my long time girl friend and her family. It was far from the relaxing family vacation we had envisioned, but more on that next week. In the end we had a fun adventure staying in a hotel with the babies for the first time and an even bigger adventure visiting with my friend Jaclyn and her family at their hunting camp in Alabama.

It was a long drive down to Destin, Florida we stopped in the quaint little town Eufala, Alabama, the road leading to downtown is lined with beautiful historic homes. We had lunch in the one restaurant that was open and peeked around the old building it was housed in which use to be a hotel with retail on it’s street level. Then we visited the biggest thrift/antique shop I’ve ever seen. I was in a little bit of heaven in this place and I think the girls enjoyed their window shopping experience as well.









It was quite late when we arrived to our Hotel, the Hilton at Sandestin, we settled in to our room for the night and the girls got in a game of toddler bowling with the plastic toy balls we brought that bounced and made loud noises on the tile floor.toddler-bowlingtoddler-bowlingtoddler-bowling

Up early as usual we spent the morning at the indoor pool and after the girls naps went over to Sandestins’ Baytown Warf shopping village. We had lunch at a restaurant that came recommended to us, Acme Oyster House. Apparently they weren’t mistaken, the food was great and Emeril Lagasse was seated at the table right behind us! Sorry, no picture to prove it, my husband wouldn’t let me be that tourist.




There was a playground that the girls played in for a bit, but even more fun was watching the ducks and running around the grassy lawn with a new little friend. It was too cold to go to the beach that day but out of the wind and in the sun it was nice to be outside in the village.






The next day we packed up and headed north to meet our friends in Spanish Fort Alabama to follow them into the camp. We had lunch at a bass pro shop, an experience all in it’s self then let the kids get some energy out at Kangaroos, a kids indoor play place with a bunch of inflatables.

We arrived at the hunting camp just in time for the guys to get out to the deer stands to look for deer. hunting-camp hunting-camp

While they were off watching the trees sway Jaclyn and I entertained the kids, fed them and tried to make sense of this new environment. It was Jaclyn and her kids first time there as well. Clearly this was the ultimate man cave and was in dire need of a female touch. After a quick sweep of the floor and a little furniture rearranging it was family friendly. hunting-camphunting-camphunting-camphunting-camphunting-camp

The camp is a private club of members who pay an annual fee to use the land for hunting and the facilities. There are about 40 members to this particular camp and about 1700 acres of land. There are rules to follow and respect of the property is expected from everyone who visits. Some of the members who have belong to the camp for several years have caravans parked on the property that they sleep in when they are staying the night. One member even built his own small cabin! hunting-camp

This place has so much character. Decades of people coming and going has left such a mark on this place, every inch of this place has been touched and retouched. hunting-camphunting-camphunting-camphunting-camphunting-camp I felt like I was on a treasure hunt the whole time I was there. I wonder if anyone knows this full size jenny Lind style bed is worth about $150?hunting-camp

We stayed in the main cabin and were the only overnight guests for new years.

The main cabin has a covered and tarped porch to shelter it from the wind, a main livingroom/kitchen, a large bunk room with eight beds, a smaller bunk room with two beds and a full bathroom. It’s simple, rustic and perfect. There is nothing to fuss over, it’s a place for relaxing and enjoying nature and the people around you. hunting-camphunting-camphunting-camphunting-camphunting-camp

I loved being at the camp and the girls did too. In the morning they played to their hearts content in the pea gravel and dirt. They loved having almost free reign to go and do and to have other kids around to play with.hunting-camphunting-camphunting-camphunting-camphunting-camphunting-camphunting-camphunting-camphunting-camphunting-camphunting-camp

Although they guys didn’t bring home any deer we had plenty of food and created a perfect new years feast. hunting-camp

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We have teeth!

by Juliemara

I finally got the babies to open wide and show us the pearly whites! Both Talia and Jordan started cutting their bottom front left tooth about a month ago and now the bottom front right tooth is quickly popping up. The first week or so of the teething experience gave us some very fussy babies, Jordan especially, she wanted to be held all the time. The best teething item I have found so far is a wet baby washcloth in the freezer for 5 or ten minutes. It’s ok if it stays longer it’s just harder when it comes out, but quickly softens up and becomes a great teether. The cold wash cloth is nice for the babies to hold on their walks in the afternoon when it so hot outside. It’s really fun to watch the girls figure out how useful these teeth are, more and more they are biting off bits of food that we give them, bread, rice cakes, waffles, my next goal is to get a photo of their little bite marks!

Miss Jordan and her two front teeth


Miss Talia and her two front teeth.

(she’s covered in avocado!)


If you click on Talia’s photo the picture will open wider and you can really see the teeth.


What are your favorite healthy foods to feed baby?

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That’s funny

by Juliemara

Becky is one of my favorite mommy bloggers, she blogs about her Twin boys. I loved the screen shot of her text convo with her mom, so my mom. Love you mom and I know the babies are way more interesting to see than me.

I found this cute picture of kid art used to decorate over the crib. The girls are nearly nine months old and I still haven’t finished their nursery. I already have plans to redo the room for their toddler years. I want something for the wall over their bed, not their names and not another picture gallery like I have over the couch. Hmmm.

You know how sometimes when you think out loud you answer your own question, I just answered mine. Stay tuned…

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Technical difficutlies – Subscribers

by Juliemara

Sorry if you weren’t able to click on your email and be taken to the link. Hopefully the problem is fixed. It is Monday after all.

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Reindeer Spoting

by Juliemara

When we moved to our new home this past summer we had no idea how much fun it would be, even though it’s just over the river it feels like a mountain retreat most of the time, sure getting home during rush hour can be a nightmare but once home it’s worth the wait. One of the most fun things we have discovered about our new home is that we share our land with a family of reindeer!




Haha, just kidding, that’s Talia and Jordan dressed up like reindeer and wishing all of you a Happy Christmas Day, celebrating the holiday or just enjoying a nice winter Sunday.

Here are the actual reindeer, ok, they’re not really reindeer, they are just regular deer, but it was still cool to see them in our yard.




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by Juliemara

First bit-I have learned the hard way over the past two and a half months that pulling out the ruffle is an important step in diaper changing, it the last line of defense for poop from the outside world. I think even more important when you have twins, because while it’s fun to change babies clothing to a different outfit mid-day, every wardrobe change takes time, and time is something no parent of multiples can take for granted. So next time you are lending a hand with a diaper change be sure to take that final step and pull out the ruffle. Talia is our model for this twin tip.

You can be sure baby will stay happy, even through the next dirty diaper.

Second bit-Talia and abba spent some quality time together snuggling


Eventually she fell asleep, she loves her pacifier, so much that even after she falls asleep she continues to suck on it, even though it’s not there.

Third bit-I finally got a throw pillow for the loveseat in the nursery.




20111222-213211.jpg I have had a hardtime finding pillows in just the right colors and style for the nursery. I found this one from fongstudio on etsy. When I ordered it I didn’t pay attention to the fact that it would be coming from Malaysia, and since I have an amazon prime membership, which gets me free two day shipping on most things from amazon (thrifty alert!) that I get for free because I signed up for amazon mom and get diapers delivered regularly using subscribe and save, I am not use to orders talking more than a week to arrive. So when it was taking longer than I expected it to I contacted etsy to see what was going on. I quickly got a response from the seller that the package is on its way in the stated amount of time, but unfortunately she gets some sort of demerit from etsy for a bad report. I wrote her back to apologize but I’m not sure it helps her shop. So if you are in the market for a pillow or need a unique gift for someone please visit her shop and support her. It won’t be here this year according to her shop policies, but maybe you know someone with a February birthday or someone in chi omega sorority, or just an owl lover?! Happy shopping.

Fourth bit- I made brownies.


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Gather ’round the table there’s latkes to eat

by Juliemara

Tonight will be the third candle of channukka, we have spent nights one and two with family for dinner and candle lighting. Channukka is the girls favorite holiday, How can the girls have a favorite holiday? because it is the festival of lights and they love lights! They just stare at them, at night they stare at the red night light, during the day they stare at their chandelier or the tv.












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Good Morning

by Juliemara

I love mornings with the girls at home. We ha e setteld into a great little routine that includes playtime on the play gym mat since the girls nearing three months are becoming more aware of the interesting things around them and are amused by the lights and sounds that some of the toys make. After an hour or so of play time and some tummy time they poop out for thier nap until its time to eat again.













Check out the video of their swings on YouTube.

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Tre Magnifique!

by Juliemara

Believe it or not the girls do have a few outfits that are not from Carter’s, like this fancy French ensemble thanks to Safta. They are like little princesses in these fancy Petit Bateau outfits.






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