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The 9th month

by Juliemara

remember that bumpdate I use to do what back when before I had babies outside of me? This was the last post I did on that.

I was determined to finish it and finally I did.

The final picture of me with the girls is actually when they are about six weeks old because as you can see, I’m smiling, with both sides of my mouth.

I pretty much hate all the pictures I took of me during the first five weeks because my face looked funny because of the bells palsy. It was one of the worst things I have ever experienced and I and so thankful that it went away.

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The Birthstory

by Juliemara

Ive had the story written down and edited for a few weeks, but I wasn’t sure when was the right time to post it. Today is as good as any…

While the trials and tribulations of having a new baby (or two) in your home are pretty much the same for everyone, how each person gets there is completely individual and unique.

Here is my girls birth story…

Thursday October 6th my husband and I went to enjoy a dinner out, knowing it may be our last for a while. We went to Salt, a trendy restaurant in Old Roswell. We sat outside, watched people walked by, ate yummy food and enjoyed the perfect weather. It was excellent.

After dinner as we started to drive home I mentioned that the babies weren’t moving as much that day as they usually did, especially after a meal. To be on the safe side I called the Dr. She told us to go straight to the hospital to get checked. We arrived at the hospital and as soon as I signed my name on the admission form the babies started doing acrobatics. But we were there so I got all hooked up to the machines and did the NST (non stress test) for several hours before being discharged, everything was fine.

The following Tuesday I had my weekly appointment with my OB, at the appointment I told her that the babies still move but not a much as they did in previous weeks, she told me that it was time, decreased movement with twins is not something they take chances with, especially past 34 weeks, I was 36 weeks and three days.

I walked over to the hospital and checked in. My mom who was with me called my husband to let him know it was time. He went home to get our things and met me at the hospital.

Since both babies were head down I planned to push these babies out the old fashioned way. I knew I would be getting an epidural because it’s the responsible thing to do with twins because the chances of needing an emergency C are increased. It was after 6pm when all the paper work was complete and the nurse set my IV and monitors for the babies. Now, here is when I get to tell you about how miserable I was. I had carpal tunnel syndrome through the last half of my pregnancy which meant that my hands hurt, badly, all the time. The nurse who placed the IV did it in my hand, since I am not in the medical profession, I did not know that this was a stupid thing she did, she could have placed it in my arm like normal nurses do, but I guess this nurse didn’t bother to think about her patients comfort. Other nurses offered to reset it for me but I hate needles, a lot, I could not deal with the thought of one more needle, so I left it were it was, and suffered…


At 6pm the nurse gave me the medicine to help dilate me, which can also help to start labor. I had to wait two hours before I could eat or drink anything, around midnight a friend brought us dinner, we ate and I went to sleep.

At 4am I woke up in pain from cramps, my contractions were frequent but mild. Apparently even mild contractions are very uncomfortable. All I remember was that I tried all the different labor techniques we learned in our classes to ease the pain. I think these techniques are more of a distraction than a way to actually relive the pain. At 8am the new nurse convinced me it was time for my epidural, another needle. I hate needles, a lot, but compared to the cramps, the needle didn’t even hurt. There was pressure while they were putting it in and it was scary because you can’t move, but I don’t remember feeling any pain from it. Shortly after I got my epidural my contractions stopped, so they gave me pitossin to get them going again, but this made my contractions come too frequently, so they lowered the dosage, then raised it again until the contractions were spaced appropriately for my level of dilation, which was probably a 4 by now, sometime in the early afternoon.

During these many hours I laid in my hospital bed and ate as many ice chips as they would let me, I was so hungry and thirsty! Eventually I began to feel so much pressure that is was excruciatingly painful and I felt like I need to start pushing, but I was only 6 centimeters dilated, no pushing yet. I was in constant pain. They decided to try to reset my epidural, another needle, at this point I would have tried anything, it was uncomfortable to say the least. They re-did my epidural and it helped, but epidurals block pain, not pressure, so I still felt the pain from the pressure of the girls getting lower and lower. Around 6:15pm the nurse checked me again and let me know that I was now dilated only 5cm, I had gone backwards. I had heard of this happening, but only in rare instances and I never imagined that it would happen to me. No one told me why that happen but I would say it was from all the pressure of two little heads trying to exit at the same time that I became swollen. When the nurse told me this news I knew I was having a c-section.

My doctor came in and told me she thought it was the best next step, I agreed, unhappily. I was angry, it was not what I had prepared mentally for, it was not the way I wanted my babies to be born. They prepped me and I was on my way to the operating room in 15 minutes, I was terrified. I hated the operating room, I knew they were cutting me open, I couldn’t see it but I’d watched enough videos to know what it looked like, I was trying to focus on the fact that I was going to meet my babies soon, but I couldn’t focus on anything, except my husband, who although he looked really cute in his scrubs was not very good at staying focused on me. He was too interested in what was going on on the other side of the curtain.

Eventually I heard the doctors voice say here is a baby, it was 7:40 pm someone held her up in a seated position for me to see, she was blue, covered in white with blood all over, her name is Talia.

Then they took her away, and in one minute they lifted another baby over the curtain, it was Jordan, it was 7:41 pm,


she grabbed the curtain and got it all bloody, which was gross but at the same time I’m glad she did that because since they took her away so fast and me being all drugged up it was hard for the to believe that they were really here, but I looked at the blood and remembered her reaching for the curtain and knew that they were really here. They brought them to me one by one for me to kiss their little cheeks, they were so tiny.



In the recovery room I watched as they gave them thier first baths, they let me hold someone, I think it was Talia and try to breastfeed. Then they took us all to our family room where all the granparents and my sister were waiting to meet the babies.

That night was a complete blur. I have photos that I remember it by, but all I really remember was the leg massagers they put on my legs to keep me from getting blood clots. We let them keep the babies in the nursery that night and the nurses brought them back during the day. I was in a lot of pain, it was hard to move much. It took me about a month to be able to move around comfortably like I could before I was pregnant. And even now six months later I still have soreness in my hands at times, aches in my legs and numbness in my knees. I’m not sure if these things will ever completely go away but I’m ok with it because all these little things that my body did made it possible for use to have two healthy beautiful baby girls.


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by Juliemara

Still waiting and waiting for these babies to make their appearance. I feel a little worse each day, tired achy and just ready to go get this done and get on the the next part. Although I am only 36wks today the babies are big and the doctors feel confident that if they come any one of these days they will be happy and healthy, so bring it on! I can’t imagine having to be pregnant for another month, it will be two weeks at most.

With the help of my Mom this past week we have gotten every last minute thing that either of us could think of done and wrapped up and she made the curtains for the babies room, which I am really thankful for since I can only use my hands for a few minutes at a time before they hurt to bad to do anything. And making curtains involves more standing over an ironing board than it does actual sewing, something I’m not even going to attempt at this point. So now the room is really ready, clothes are washed and put away (also thanks to mom) and a few more fun touches have been added thanks to my sweet husband.

This simple lamp from IKEA is going to eventually get a makeover

and hopefully look a lot like this


The closet needs some organizing and the pictures need to be hung, but these things will have to wait. I will add more over time once I regain normal feeling in my hands hopefully right after the little ladies arrive, but it could be a month or more (lets hope not).

These are some of the cute Carter’s twosies the girls have so far. I have to dress them matching while they are little, because once they get an opinion I don’t plan to make them dress alike, unless they want to ; )

After the moblie was hung I realized it’s not so interesting form babies view point, but we’ll make a point to look at the animals after the diapers are changed.

Here’s my twin version of this great nursery art I found online, I’m just waiting for the other dress I purchased from ebay to arrive.

The inspiration


My mom also got to come with me to my perinatal appointment last week where they measured the babies which are now approximately the size of a crenshaw melon.  Baby a is bigger, weighing in at 6lbs 3ozs and baby b is slightly smaller weighing in at 5lbs 11ozs. What exactly is a crenshaw melon, I have no idea but it makes me think of that great movie with Morgan Freeman, Lean On Me. But if you really want to know here you go and a recipe in case you feel really inspired, let me know how it turns out.

It’s getting harder and harder to see the babies clearly in the scan pictures because they are so big and the ultrasound wand is so small. But they are both vertex, which mean head down, yeah! Here are profile shots of each baby.

I did manage to get the last belly pics done, here I am 8months pregnant with my twinsies, I really don’t know how my body is doing this. I have to say I am a little scared of what I am going to look like after ward, I’m thinking deflated balloon. But from the pictures of the women in my international twin momma facebook group maybe I have a chance of having the bikini ready body I so hope to have by next summer. My dermatologist recommended special stretch mark/scar stuff call kelo-cote, if you’ve heard anything I’d love to know what your thoughts on it are before I invest in the stuff. So while you are enjoying these last pictures of my very serious belly bump, please also take note of my seriously puffy feet, totally blotchy skin and very dried out hair, these babies have sucked all the good stuff from me, but I’m ok with it as long as they are healthy!

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Ultrasound Update

by Juliemara

The babies are getting so big that the ultra sound techs don’t even bother giving me pictures anymore, so I don’t have any from my last appointment which I was 31 weeks and 4 days on Sept 7th. But I can tell you that the babies are growing strong. Baby a in the right corner (my right) is weighing in at 4lbs 3oz and baby b in the left corner (my left) is weighing in a 4lbs 8oz. These little ladies are about the size of a Cantaloup! Yum. Of course the weights are estimations that could be off by about 10%, but considering I still have 4-5 more weeks of growing babies to do, I think they will be big twins. My husband and I were each 9lbs or more! Thanks Moms for growing us big and strong!

Hopefully I will get a picture of a foot or an ear at out next scan to share.

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what happen to your wrist

by Juliemara


Susan Imerman Weinstein’s Photos – Sarens Baby Shower (8).

That’s the pregnancy induced carpal tunnel syndrome, it’s really painful, mostly on the right hand, the wrist splints help some, but not much. The cortisone shot was suppose to make the pain go away, it did nothing except hurt my hand worse for the remainder of Thursday (the day I got the shot).

But here I am at my friend Saren’s baby shower, she is due two weeks before me, looking huge and miserable, drinking a Martini? I wish, it’s virgin, but the fruit juice alone made me feel better as chugged it in record time.

I think it’s funny that mt friends are literally HALF the size of me.

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The fun part is officially over

by Juliemara

The first month I didn’t know I was pregnant, I knew it was a possibility but can’t know until four weeks in. Technically Your not even pregnant for the first two weeks that they count as part of the forty weeks. The second and third month I had the morning sickness that lasted all day, feeling that bad was exhausting, my life was centered around eating tolerable foods at the right time. At month four that went away and I felt really good, my feet would hurt by the end of each day. But aside from that I didn’t feel too big and was enjoying the summer and getting started on our home renovation. Well i’m now half way through the sixth month and I no longer feel good. In fact at this very moment I feel sad, scared, sick and in pain. I’m sitting in the ob’s office because I failed the 1 hour glucose tolerance test so now I have to take the three hour test. Which means I have to drink a nasty 100gram sugar drink, which has made me feel like i want to throw up, and get my blood taken four times before noon. I HATE NEEDLES! I know getting your blood taken doesn’t hurt that much but I get anxiety over it, I can’t help it, it’s just nit something I deal well with. And the possibility of having to prick my finger several times a day to check my sugar is just scary and sad to me. I really think that I wouldn’t be crying my eyes out in the dr office this morning if I didn’t also have to deal with the fact that MY HANDS HURT! I have pregnancy induced carpal tunnel syndrome, so I hold an ice pack, wear wrist splints, they help a little, but the only way to get rid if the pain is to get a cortisone shot IN MY HAND, another needle. And last unfun thing for now, because I could go on and on, but I didn’t want to be a whiner complainer pregnant person, but it’s my blog and it makes me feel better, is that I have baby b’s little feetsies digging under my ribs, which is a sharp pain that doesn’t subside unless I do a back bend, which is so easy to do these days.




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Ultrasound Update

by Juliemara

June 27th 21 Weeks

It was back to the Perinatal again this week for a checkup and I’m happy to report everyone is doing great. The babies are each weighing 15ozs

that’s about this size, that’s a spaghetti squash.












They were moving around so much during the scan the tech had a hard time getting good pictures of them.

Here is b’s profile













and a’s head and body, mosltly spine.













and b’s big foot












and a’s little hand, awww












Have a Happy Fourth of July Weekend!

June 13th 19 weeks

I have finally started to feel them moving around, not much, just a tiny little bit here and there. It’s so subtle that if I’m not being super still when they move enough for me to feel them then I miss it. Sometimes I think I feel a little muscle twitch, but the more I talk to the other 15 women in my office who are pregnant I realize it’s them! My husband can’t wait to start feeling them move and kick and punch and whatever else they will do in there for the next four months (hopefully). And he’s really good about saying hi to them everyday, in Hebrew .

It was back to the Perinatal doctor this week and again, everything looks good, no ttts, good! They are very quick and thorough with their check, they just don’t take the time to get the good images like they use to, tisk, tisk. Hehe. That was a joke, they are doing their job making sure that our babies are growing well, which they are. They both measure 19wks and three days gestational age and each weigh the same at 11oz. Their heads are now above my belly button and they are both feet down, but they spin around like tiny dancers the whole time. Which is probably why it is difficult to get good pics. The tech did manage to snap these…

baby girl b’s head









baby girl a’s footsie








but the rest just look like blobs, like this one




or scary skeletor people, like this one…





She actually has her hands up by her head, which is a good thing for babies, it means they are relaxed (my sister told me that).













I feel really lucky that I get to check in with the babies every one to two weeks, I just don’t know how people can stand not knowing what is going on for months at a time.  12 days until next scan!

June 6, 2011 18 weeks

May 25, 2011 16weeks

just baby girl b

just baby girl a

May 9, 2011 14weeks

just baby girl a

just baby girl b

April 25, 2011 12 weeks

just b

just a

close up profile

April 5, 2011 9 weeks

March 22, 2011 8 weeks

March 16, 2011 7weeks

March 9,2011

See original Ultrasound Post here)

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