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by Juliemara




Talia and Jordan Turned two on Saturday. They slept in the latest they had ever slept and woke to a bunch of gifts to open and cards to read. We threw a backyard party that evening with friends and family and it was a great success. Details to come.

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Happy Fourth of July

by Juliemara


We spent the holiday with my parents, sisters and some extended family at my sisters lake house. It was great to be there with everyone because my girls LOVE playing with their cousins. My sister kids 10, 8, 5 can entertain them endlessly and the girls squeal with delight at the fun they have with their big cousins.

While the west coast is dealing with record high temps on the east coast is just won’t stop raining. We have had seveer storms on a regular basis the past few months and today was no different. We got lucky, the clouds broke for a bit in the morning. We got to take a nice long boat ride,Fourth_of_july

Talia and Jordan really enjoyed it.


But by the time we were heading back the rain started falling, we had a sun shade that helped some, but we were pretty wet by the time we got home.


After a couple quick rain showers the sun came out again, we all headed down to the dock for a swim. Talia and Jordan played in the water for a few minutes then decided it wasn’t for them. The bigger cousins were jumping off the dock into the water. I was siting near the edge and another grown up was in the water just below me. Talia walked up the edge an pretended like she was going to jump, we all said good job, nice try. The next thing I know she is flying off the dock and landing in the water. I should mention we have a strict rule that kids are required to wear a buckled life vest at all times on the dock and boats, no questions or exceptions.
She was quite startled but totally fine, she didn’t even swallow any water, she wasn’t about to jump again but enjoyed getting everyone else to jump in on her command. The good thing about the storm/sun/storm/sun you never get bored of any one thing and the day seems to last forever. Which I am ok with.

Hope you enjoyed your holiday! Do you have a holiday tradition or do you celebrate in a new way each year?



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A Reason to Celebrate

by Juliemara

Jordan in pink, Talia in Tye-dye.


This past Friday the girls turned 18 months. It’s a big milestone in the world of a baby and for new parents and I always love a reason to celebrate. So on Saturday we had some friends over to enjoy the day and for an afternoon snack the girls got a birthday “cupcake”. The cupcake was actually a fruit and veggie muffin topped with whip cream and a bit of rainbow sprinkles. Talia ate the sprinkles one by one and not much of the muffin. Jordan licked all the whip cream off and ate a bite or two of the muffin The girls friend Livia was over so she joined in the half birthday fun, she finished her whole muffin!18_months_party

She was also the only one that would wear the birthday hat. Her mom also brought the tasty muffins. I did try them, they are very good.


It was low key, but fun none the less and a memorable way to mark the occasion.

Happy half birthday sweet girls you are getting so big so fast.

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Happy Purim – Chag Sameach

by Juliemara


The Girls nanny finished their Purim Costumes in the nick of time. Here’s my little double rainbow!

Chag Sameach – Happy Purim

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Happy Valentines Day

by Juliemara


I hope that today is special for you, however you want to make it special. If you like a dozen long stem roses I hope you get them, if you like diamonds, I hope you get those, if you like Chocolate (like me) I hope you eat some and if you like heart shaped candy with cute sayings I hope you get lots. I like valentines day because it’s another reason to tell the people in our lives how lucky we are that they are in our lives.

I love my husband, he is my cool dude. We may have our not so loving moments but I never stop loving him. He is so good at little surprises. One of my favorite things he does is set up my coffee mug in the morning, so sweet. Thanks Baby.

Then there are those sweet little people that make us smile and laugh every single day. It seams almost impossible to love them as much as we do, but we do, every day more and more.The Girls helped me with our very simple but very festive Valentines decoration this year, paper hearts garland.


And is it really Valentines day without a heart shaped food, I think not.

I made it, well actually my husband did, using a heart shaped cookie cutter, please note you must spray the inside of the cookie cutter with non stick for this to work, cooking tip is also thanks to my sweetheart. Thanks Babe.

There are a few people that we want to send a big loving hug to today…Nana, Grandaddy, Safta, Saba, Doda Cilla, Dod Ben, Aunt Tracey, Uncle Sammy, Aunt Mindy, Uncle Bryan, Liliah, Elizabeth, Jacob, heather, Baxter, Colby, Guage, all of our aunts, uncles and cousins and all of our dear friends who are always there when we need their support and friendship and who always amaze us with their generosity and loyalty.

  Here’s our virtual Valentine for you!

Vintage Heart Valentine’s Card
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View the entire collection of cards.

Happy Valentines Day We Love you.

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‘Tis the Season – Cookie Swap

by Juliemara

I went more than 30 years of my life never knowing what a Cookie swap was, I wasn’t even aware that such a thing existed until two years ago when I attended one of these events with my good friend Jennifer. It was a quaint little event at a friend of hers house. There were about 10 women, we had wine and dips. Then with a Tupperware in hand, we circled the table taking two cookies from each platter and continued until all the cookies were gone. We each left the swap with a nice assortment of cookies about 3 of each kind. Cookie swap events have been going on for over 70 years, and probably longer in some form or another. Traditionally it is a pre-Christmas get together with the purpose of coming away with a variety of cookies to serve to your Christmas day guests.cookie-swapcookie-swap

Last year I totally goofed when I posted this about the cookies my sister was planning to make for the annual cookie swap she attends. This event is more like a competition of the baking wolves, there are winners for the best tasting cookie-swapand best looking cookies, cookie-swapso it is important that cookie plans stay under wraps until the big reveal.cookie-swap After last years exposed cookie plan debacle I asked if I could attend this years annual cookie swap, I wanted to make some cute confections and see what all the hype was about. Conveniently my sister forgot to invite me, until the day before, humm, I think she was covering herself this year, to make sure I didn’t ruin it for her again. I can’t really blame her, these things are not easy to get over. But it worked out to my advantage. She baked enough cookies for both of us to participate and I just had to show up! With camera in hand I arrived to what I will forever remember as the greatest cookie swap known to the south.cookie-swapcookie-swap cookie-swapThis event was not just about yummy and cute cookies, no, it was about much much more. It was about delectable tasty treats, it was about awesome displays of creative and culinary genius, even those who were not able to win a prize because of their cookie swap organizational ties still when all out to create good enough to be the winner creations.


There were cookies for every category,



Non Traditional




Fun and Festive


and then they was the just plain delicious, like the chubby hubby cookies, here’s the recipe! Add melted chocolate icing for extra yumminess.


Some of the cookies were displayed in elaborate settings to showcase the theme, like this knitting themed collection of cookie button and yarn cupcakes.


Then there was the elaborate and exquisite maj jong cookie display. cookie-swapcookie-swapcookie-swapIf you are not familiar with the Chinese tile game, here is a picture of a real maj jong set, the bakers did an amazing job!maj-jongmaj-jong


Everyone left with a nice assortment of cookies to good to eat. But I am sure they did.  And here’s a helpful tip I earned. When you get home, separate the cookies into individual containers or plastic bags, otherwise they all taste the same in the morning.cookie-swapcookie-swap

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Another year

by Juliemara

20121128-101215.jpgI’m not a big birthday person, I really never have been. I just don’t like that on your birthday everyone asks “how’s your birthday?” “Are you having a good birthday?” And you are expected to say yes. Well what if you are having a bad day?! Maybe you woke up with a headache, or the outfit you wanted to wear just didn’t fit right, or anything? What if it’s not a good day, then you have to tell everyone “no, I’m not having a good birthday” and they think you are just a grump.
None of those things happen to me. My birthday was yesterday and I am happy to report it was a pretty good day.
I wore my new shoes from Sole Society and I love them!

20121128-102419.jpgAnd I got some pretty nice gifts.
Like this little piggy from fruitflypie, from my sisters.

The beautiful flowers above from my in-laws. And some yummy perfume and a chocolate cake from my husband.

20121128-102313.jpgWe also asked our nanny to stay extra late so we could enjoy dinner out with friends.

We went to VG Bistro in Roswell. The food was excellent, but I would suggest passing on the desserts. .

20121128-102332.jpgInstead stop by the Krispy Kreme down the road. All in all it was a good birthday. There was no embarrassing awkward surprise party at work (I’ve been at my same company for five years) So I was quite relived by that. I got a grand total of 118 happy birthday posts on my Facebook time line, 1 Facebook message, 7 emails, 14 text messages, 2 ecards and 2 paper cards. I feel very loved. And my girls danced for me while Yael sang happy birthday in Hebrew. I think they we’re confused as to why there were no toys.

I never thought I’d be one of those women who lied about their age, but it turns out I am. From here on out I am 32. Until I’m 60, then I’ll turn 50.

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Thanksgiving Day

by Juliemara

I love Thanksgiving, it’s probably my favorite holiday. 20121122-202628.jpg20121122-211013.jpg20121122-211029.jpg


20121122-211107.jpgI love it for several reasons, since its not a religious holiday there are no services to attend. It’s not that I mind the services, it’s just nice to get to spend the whole day off enjoying free time with family. And it’s a great excuse to dress babies up in their fancy dresses from Safta. They are from Zara (similar here).20121122-202357.jpg20121122-202651.jpg20121122-202603.jpg20121122-202416.jpg20121122-202758.jpg20121122-202738.jpg20121122-202428.jpg20121122-202453.jpg20121122-202618.jpgAnother reason Thanksgiving is a favorite of mine is because we spend it out in the country at my sister lake house, which is beautiful and relaxing and always one of my favorite places to be. OK, its not exactly out in the country, its more like a country club, but the town is far away from a big city. 20121122-202815.jpg20121122-202440.jpg20121122-202348.jpg20121122-202323.jpg20121122-202329.jpg

20121122-211018.jpgThen there is the fact that Thanksgiving is always within a week of my birthday, so I always get to celebrate my birthday with my family.

And last is the deserts! 20121122-202259.jpg20121122-202306.jpg20121122-202312.jpg20121122-211024.jpgI love pumpkin and pecan pie, whip cream in anything is perfect and there is always enough chocolate left over to last for days. The actual meal is always tasty too, but it’s the deserts that keep bringing me back each year.

So that’s a wrap for thanksgiving 2012, let the games be watched.
I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving and spent it in company that you enjoyed. I hope you ate enough gravy to last you until next year and I hope that each day you remember that you can be thankful for the people who make your life special.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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Family and Friends

by Juliemara

Just want to share some of my recent favorites from Instagram. I am gearing up to make my first Instagram book using Blurb. I have almost 700 photos I’ve instagramed, I think probably 600 of them are of the girls. I’ll have to cut some, it’s not going to be an easy task.

I love this one of Jordan on the slide. Without socks on she can climb up to the slide platform but doesn’t quite understand that she can fall off so we help her once she reaches the top to safely get down the slide.

Talia isn’t as into climbing, she would rather us just put her on the platform and help her down the slide.

Talia learns a new trick from Mommy.

Jordan’s technique for going down the steps.

Teddy seams to be shrinking

My little snuggle bug, Jordan

Present from Abba

Lovely love

A southern wedding, my childhood friend got married this past weekend in my hometown. We had a great weekend playing with our girls, celebrating Dori and her new groom Brian and seeing lots of friends and family.




And lastly for today, Abba little snuggle bug, Talia. Yes, they all said it would happen, one twin prefers mommy and the other daddy. Thus is the case in our house.


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Halloween with one year olds!

by Juliemara

20121031-223248.jpgWe had such a fun night celebrating Halloween with our girls and our friends. Our good friends were so sweet to host the get together at their house. The fun started around five getting everyone into their costumes.


20121031-223204.jpgWe had our two little watermelons of course,

20121031-223506.jpgthen there was Ragedy Ann

20121031-223211.jpgand a little snow bunny.

My sister stopped by with her kids to see the girls, it was a fun surprise. My niece was Repunzal and my nephew was a sumo wrestler.


Once the rest if the dads arrived we gave the kids some snacks and headed out.







Livia’s grandma made sure to take about 1000 pictures of her dirt granddaughter.

20121031-223330.jpgbut she better get more iCloud storage for next year because she will have to take 2000 pictures!

<img src="" alt="20121031-223336

There weren’t too many trick or treaters out before sunset but to was fun to take an evening walk with the girls since its not often we get to do this.

But it was fun to walk around the neighborhood and look at all the decorations.


20121031-223446.jpgthe girls had fun discovering pumpkins

20121031-223500.jpgand meeting Superwoman (this is our friend Alex, but I’m not sure if the girls recognized her in her costume)

After the trick or treating fun we headed back to our friends house and all had dinner together.


Once the babies fell asleep we ate all the candy they collected.


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