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10 Months

by Juliemara


photo by Rachel

Baaaaabyyyyyy, stop getting older! You are only 10 months but I’m pretty sure you think you are three like your sisters.  It’s starting to really bother you that you can’t hop up onto the couch and bed like they do, so I can imagine it’s only a matter of time before you figure it out. You stood on your own once, so I know you can do it. But with two little helpers and your booming voice you don’t have to go very far to get what yo want. You might be the happiest baby ever, and I’m not just saying that because you are mine, you really do smile all the time and you full out giggle at almost any entertainment. Your favorite activities are the parachute at Gymboree, the slide, anything outside and of course eating. You are a really good eater. Fruits are your favorite especially grapes and blueberries, you love tomatoes and cucumbers, chicken and fish. I finally got you to eat avocado by spreading it on an english muffin, and you can just about eat your weight in broccoli and cauliflower. This past week I registered you for school for next year, that was surreal. I know you will love it, but the thought of sending off my tiny baby makes my heart heavy. I love you baby girl. I love how you play and talk and love. I’m sorry you have the cold of all colds but as soon as it’s over you are welcome to start sleeping through the night.  Love, Mommy.


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Oh the places you can go…

by Juliemara


Baby girl, you can do it. You are a crawler! you are so cute when you do. Most of the time you move carefully, slowly as if you are moving across thin ice. But when your sister are involved, you move like you’ve always known how to. My favorite is when you get your little hip caught up on a corner. You’ll learn. You pretty much use your new skill to keep up with the action when Jordan and Talia are home and follow me around when they are not. Part of me knows that you would have so much fun in a daycare, but I’d miss you too much, so story time at the library, Gymboree and playdates will have to do for now. You are such a fun little baby. You nap when you have the chance, if you get woken up by the screaming choir you are usually just as happy to be entertained by them. You love other babies and show that love and friendship by a good head butt. Another one of your best new tricks is mimicking children screaming or dogs barking. you have the sweetest babble and your two bottom teeth are finally making a very slow appearance. I love you so much baby girl. Happy 9 months.

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4 months

by Juliemara


Little Noa, you are so sweet. You smile anytime anyone talks to you. You just wait patiently when everyone is busy around you. You really only cry now when you are tired or hungry. You have a special cry that let’s me know you have a burp stuck. Hehe. You are getting so big. When you had your check up you weighed 13lbs 4 oz and were 23 inches long. But the best part are your chubby little thighs and arms that keep getting squishier and squishier. You are doing great on your tummy, you even enjoy the new view for a while. And being the little show off that you are, you rolled over from your back to your tummy for the first time at your four month appointment. And since then you’ve only done it again with my help. I’m sure you’ll get it eventually.
I just love you little Noa. You are so sweet and such a fun baby. I waste away many an hour just making you smile, but I guess that’s hardly a waste.
I hope I am a good momma to you, I hope I don’t forget to change your diaper or give you water, if I do it’s not because I don’t love you, I just have a lot going on at once and I’m doing my best.

Also, when you are older and you realize you have a lot less of your life chronicled here than your big sisters did, I promise it’s for a good reason. Since I quit working in an office so I can stay home with you I am working on something new that I can do from home.

Please take a minute to check out my new line and let me know what you think!

Crazy Baby Clothing

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Noa, 1 Month

by Juliemara


Noa Mechal Sack, my tiny baby girl. One month went by so fast. Which is why this post is happening weeks late.

The first week we spent just hanging out at the hospital, eating and sleeping. The second week we spent getting adjusted to life at home with a lot of help from Pachelle and Safta, and trying to get your sisters to understand the difference between you and their dolls. Week three Nana came back to help out and hold you. And on week four we realized you had reflux when you would cry any time you were put down while awake.

You had a busy first month, you rolled over from your tummy to your back, you met so many of your sisters friends, you went to the park and wore your first Purim costume (which mommy was too stressed about having you out to remember to take a picture).

For the most part you are an easy baby. The fact that there is just one of you really adds to that ease. You are an awesome sleeper. I know I will eat my words for saying that out loud but I must brag. You just go to sleep at night when it’s time, I lay you down wide awake and after a few grunts you are sleeping like a baby. When you wake up to eat I change your diaper first, feed you and with in 20 minutes you are back to sleep and so am I, until your sisters wake me up screaming.

You love your bath really warm, the vacuum noise, baby massage and your sisters bed time routine. I guess it’s familiar from when you were in my tummy all those months. I’m convinced the reflux is because you are the third. It always happens in the afternoon when your sisters are home from school and awake after their nap. I think you know that the minute you are done eating you are on your own while I get them a snack and an activity. So to avoid being left in the bouncy seat with the same black and white pictures you’ve been starring at for weeks you just keep sucking, which means you eat more than your little belly can take. So now I cut you off, sorry, but it seams to be working along with the medicine.

I love you little snuggle bug, I love kissing your squishy cheeks and how you hold my hand. We are all happy you are hear. You have many of fun months ahead so if it seems a little crazy right now, it is, but it will calm down and just get more fun.




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