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Peepee in the Potty, Peepee in the Potty

by Juliemara


I wanted to share a story of recent accomplishments in our house but I won’t be sharing images to go along with it. So I hope you like the video that is completely unrelated. The girls are 20 months old now and I keep getting how to potty train emails from the parenting websites I am registered on. I am a believer in the idea that there is no need to push the issue. But if they are interested why not foster the interest, what’s the worse that could happen, umm, eekk, yeah. OK, well here’s the thing. I’m not home during the day, our super nanny is, and she decided to make an activity of it. Great, all I ask is that the couch doesn’t smell like pee and poop at the end of the day. We have had two little portable potty’s and a toddler seat for the regular potty in our house for a while now. Every now and then before bath I would ask the girls if they wanted to sit on the potty. Two times Jordan made pee pee a little, yay! I was so proud. But more often she would sit there a few minutes while Talia was flushing the toilet repeatedly. They she would say all done get down and proceed to pee all over the floor.

Yesterday the girls spent the whole afternoon with no diapers and went pee pee in their little potty’s multiple times. Talia had a few “accidents” and Jordan had none. Good job girls, mommy is super proud. So this morning Jordan communicates to me that she wants her shirt off, then her pants, then her diaper. OK, off they come. I told her if she was going to be without a diaper she needed to sit on the potty and try to make peepee. So she did, just sat there. I went back to cleaning the kitchen and then I hear little feet. I turn around and Talia is carrying the inner pot of the little potty down the hall and Jordan is following. I follow them in to the bathroom where Talia was trying to open the child safety on the toilet. I open it for her and she dumps the contents of the little potty in to the regular toilet. Team work! Jordan went peepee and Talia cleaned it up. See they really love each other like sorority sisters! So weather I like it or not here we go on the potty training train. It will be interesting to see how this works out on the weekends we when are out and about the majority of the days. I think I’ll be purchasing another portable potty and a travel toddler potty seat, sorry for the indecent exposure but I am not about to start trying to hold one kid over the public gross toilet while yelling at the other one to not touch anything. I change their diapers in the trunk, why can’t the go peepee in the trunk? How did potty training go for you? How old were your kids when you tried to get them to use the potty?

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a video

by Juliemara

sometimes I wish we were on a reality show so I could have video documentation of every moment of the girls lives. But I know that is ridiculous so I’ll just keep being mamaratzzi.


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Little moments, big changes

by Juliemara

It really does just keep getting more fun. Talia and Jordan learn at the speed of light these days. Some of their new favorite things to do are “wash hands” after dinner. I save this activity for only after dinner because next is bath and since washing hands turns into soaked toddlers getting straight into bath rather than having to change outfits is just easier.

The girls are all about climbing these days. Pushing chairs around our great room to see what they can get access to. Like the kitchen island, the upper bookshelves and over the sides of the couch. Of course I am constantly worried that they will fall and get hurt and most of the time they do. I try to remind them that chairs are for sitting but the truth is kids climb and they will always climb and I really love that they have this sense of adventure. I just try to make sure that there are no sharp corners to fall on. I can deal with a bump, a cut, on the other hand gets me a little worked up.

There are a few other changes that have happened in the past month or so, the girls switched from liquid vitamin D, we have used poly-vi-sol since the girls were born, to chewable fruity multi vitamins, we get the whole foods 365 brand, plus a chewable fruity vitamin D3 supplement. The girls now sit in boosters at the table with us rather than in their high chairs. We still have the high chairs handy since we only have four dinning chairs we need them available when we have guests. And a new favorite activity is play dough! The girls will cut and mush and break the homemade play dough from this Pinterest link for a good twenty minutes before they get bored.

Winter cold and the sicknesses that have come with it are starting to get old. As the start of March approaches we are getting excited to spend more weekend days hiking on the great trails around our city. And being able to play on the deck in the mornings early hours before we head to work.
And to leave you with a 6 sec video from my vine. You can follow me on Vine by searching username smilingwatermel

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Using your best judgement

by Juliemara

Being a parent, especially a new one is an on going lesson in using your best judgment. I struggle constantly with how much freedom to give my girls. Where should I draw the line between letting them explore and keeping them safe.

Sure I could expertly baby proof every square inch of our home and make sure that nothing except baby tested and certified toys get into their hands, but I don’t think that’s the best way to raise independent, creative children. And despite the fact that the girls have toys that are safe and developmentally appropriate within arms reach at all times they would always prefer to get their hands on something new.

I read in a parenting book to try, as much as possible, to only say “no” to a child if they are in real danger of hurting themselves. It’s a way of keeping the word “no” a serious and meaningful one. Jordan is really good at listening when either of us says no, it kinda startles her. But she was always the one to jump at the slightest noise, even when she was a brand new infant. She is also a very cautious and careful child so she doesn’t get herself into dangerous situations too often.

Talia on the other hand is a little dare devil. She will jump off anything and everything. She automatically assumes that if we are within arms reach we will catch her. She is always climbing and falling and hurts herself many times in a day.

When you have a new baby the last thing on your mind is the day that they start running, usually with a small object in their hand, and then they fall. The thing is, it hurts little knuckles a lot when you land on them because the little hand was busy clenching a tiny toy and there is no way to prevent it. They will fall, they will get hurt and you, as the parent, just have to try not to freak out.

The girls have lots if toys that could present a hazard, we try as much as possible to supervise them when they are playing with these toys such as the Melissa and Doug stacker with its wooden stick or the drum sticks from their music set or even the bristle blocks that when stepped on hurt a good bit.

I took this video of the girls this past weekend. I can’t believe we are here already, they take turns so nicely until the very end when it starts to get ugly. But for a while they each take their turn. Talia starts out with a stick in her hand, which I took away because eyes are really hard to replace. But the whole time I was filming this I was saying to myself Talia, please sit before you go down the slide. And, begging for those little rubber soled shoe to not get stuck on the plastic slide. And for no one to fall off while climbing up and for none of the other hundred things that an go wrong in a second to happen. If you turn the volume way up you can probably hear me gasp a few times.

Oh, and to all the stranger that wished us good luck when they saw us out with our infant twins, we will take it now, we need it for their toddler years.

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Show Offs – A Video

by Juliemara

Just a quick video of Talia and Jordan showing off

1)being crazy

2)listen carefully you can hear some b words


Brilliant little people.



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The itsy bitsy spider

by Juliemara




I love all these new experiences with the girls when they show us that they understand what we are saying to them. Like when i ask one of them to go get something, and they do it!, its amazing and becoming incredibly helpful. I love seeing how they remember what we have taught them. Like how to put their arms through the sleeves of their shirt or getting the food on the fork and into their mouths all by themselves. In the past few weeks the girls have memorized the hand motions to a couple of songs, The Itsy Bitsy Spider and Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the bed. Sometimes they do the hand motions with so much excitement I think they are going to knock themselves out, other times they look at me as if I am a complete nutcase, usually when I am trying to get them to show an audience.
Here they are performing The Itsy Bitsy Spider. I should mark this as a first, it’s their first recital.
Please excuse my not so great singing, or just turn the volume down.



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A new video

by Juliemara

A little video of the girls being their little punky selves
Copy and paste the link into the browser bar if the video does not automatically load.

I am in the process of improving the blog, the experience is never without some hiccups.

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The great thing about twins

by Juliemara

Happy birthday Safta! We hope you enjoyed your birthday! We love you, Talia and Jordan.

My little ladies just get funnier and funnier. They play together better everyday. Instances like the one in the video are happening more and more often. I love watching them entertain each other, it just melts my heart. I can’t imagine our world with out two. My husband and I thank god everyday for the gift we received.


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Video dump

by Juliemara

I never feel like I take enough videos of the girls and the ones that I do take I try to upload to YouTube as often as possible. If you are a YouTube subscriber you will be notified when I upload a new video but don’t put it on the blog.

Here’s a 60 second video I took of the girls in thier very own bouncy house. Yes, they have thier own personal bouncy house. Lucky for us the girls have three older cousins who 1) have pretty much grown out of everything that is fun and appropriate for toddlers and 2) have a mamma who is on a cleaning binge and keeps giving away all their stuff! This was one of those hand me downs I was happy to accept. If you feel like your little ones need their very own bouncy house you can get one here. We take it out and put it away each time we use it. Hopefully it will last for a bunch more cousins to come. It’s pretty heavy to move but doable and super easy to set up and put away.

I bought the girls each this bouncy seat before they were born. They sat in it some when they were tiny,and state at there black and white pictures,


20121106-145157.jpg but they really preferred their swings. We started using them regularly when they could hold their bodies straight enough to be fed bottles in the seats, then when they started eating solids they would sit in the chairs for snack time.




20121106-143608.jpgWe also used them for several weeks in a row around nine month when the girls were having trouble breathing from stuffy noses. The incline helped them breath easier and made sleep possible.

20121106-143621.jpgWe took these bouncy seats on the plane to Israel. It fits perfectly in the bulkhead space in economy comfort and disassembled easily to fit in the overhead compartment. And now the girls have found another use for the noise making, vibrating, two position bouncy seat-it’s a jungle gym! The climb on it, lay in it, jump out if it, over and over until someone starts crying. Here’s a video of one of those times.

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Time flies

by Juliemara

It’s a strang thing that happens, time goes by without waiting for you to be ready for its passing. I new time went at different paces depending on where you are in your life, I had a conversation with my dad about it when I was sixteen. I asked him if six months to him was shorter than six months to me, he said yes. But I had no idea what it would feel like for time to fly as fast as it does when you have a new baby.


Us women think about wanting a baby, some for a long time, some for a very long time. Then you try to become pregnant, some for a long time, which feels like an even longer time. Some for not too long and before you know it you are expecting, all of the sudden. And before you can blink your belly has grown huge, then your baby is here.

Before you know it all those baby things that you agonized over which one to get start collecting dust in the corner and the other things for older babies, that you thought would stay in a box forever, become necessities of every day life.

Tomorrow is a last day here, the last day before their last month of their first year.

20120910-232315.jpgI’m a little sad because I love having babies and my babies don’t act like babies anymore. They want to practice walking while holding my hand. They say words after I do, they want things, they understand how their toys work, they chew with teeth, they go to sleep. Everyone says it gets more fun as they get older and can talk to you. I believe them and I look forward to watching them grow and change everyday, but I will miss my babies.

I have loved with more passion that I could have ever imagined these last 11 months of our life. I have loved being mom and watching my husband be dad. Our children are amazing an we love them with every ounce we have. I’m glad you’ve been able to watch them grow and been here to listen to our struggles and smile with our joy.

Sweet baby girls, you got big so fast. There’s not a book out there that could ever prepare us for that.

Happy Birthday Miss Meriweather!

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