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Latley on Instagram

by Juliemara


I have a little Instagram problem, I love it. Maybe even obsessed. I love posting pictures of my days and reading the comments followers make. I love all the amazing things the people I follow post. Some of my favorite IGers are oh joy, bleubird, babiekins magazine, dwell studio, Kirsten Rickert and Anna Spiro. I usually post images on the days I spend with the family. Not as much when I’m working, the way I see it pictures in pjs jumping on the couch get old. Most of the posts above are from our recent trip to the gulf. More details on Destin and the amazing home we rented to come. The thing about this stage in the girls is that the pictures don’t do our days justice, it’s what the girls say and how they say it that makes us melt a little more each day. Check out the YouTube channel for recent videos.

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Too little time

by Juliemara


I’ve been absent a lot lately. This month is my busy time at work. Which means that six months worth of product has to get designed in three weeks. I’ve been working late almost every night so when I get home and eat dinner I barley have enough energy to get ready for bed and none for writing blog posts.

We had a great weekend. It was beautiful here and the warm weather is expected to stick.





I had to go to work for a few hours on Sunday, so I missed bed time for the fifth time this week. I’m not going to candy coat it, missing bed time with the girls makes me sad. But I’m lucky that it only happens a couple of weeks a year and I have a wonderful husband who can handle it all by himself.

Thanks for the loaner pj’s Livia!

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Lately on Instagram

by Juliemara

I post random pics most days on Instagram. I love getting instant feedback and getting inspired to take different kinds of photos of my kids. Here are some of my recent posts,

Sunrise at home


Busy bees just like me


Always trying something new


I’m free!


A pretty table where I enjoyed dinner


Tutu’s and a dancing pig


Weekend shopping




Food Coma


New hooded towels


New best friend


Too many toys


Pretty in pastels


eating with a fork


Brushing Teeth


Tada, I can stand on the chair

If you want more of the girls, especially on the weekends, follow me on Instagram!

And please vote for us for Top Baby Blogs! You can vote once every day.

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Tiny baby parts

by Juliemara


I love baby arms, some people go crazy over baby feet or cute little tushies. I’m a sucker for my girls squishy little tiny arms. Despite it being winter and pretty cold outside we keep our house toasty warm so that I can let the girls run around in just their diapers as much as possible. Any less than that is asking for trouble.
Hope you are having a nice weekend.

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Trouble sleeping

by Juliemara


We’ve had an arms full of good nights around here over the last 14 months, we have a handful of good nights then a whole bunch of not so good nights. This week has been especially bad. The girls have been fighting going to sleep at bedtime and are waking more than usually at night and crying for extra long.


20121213-065355.jpgThis morning the girls woke before six. I know they were still tired but weren’t going to go back to sleep so we rested and watched our favorite tv program, YouTube videos of Israeli kid shows, all in Hebrew.


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Thanksgiving Day

by Juliemara

I love Thanksgiving, it’s probably my favorite holiday. 20121122-202628.jpg20121122-211013.jpg20121122-211029.jpg


20121122-211107.jpgI love it for several reasons, since its not a religious holiday there are no services to attend. It’s not that I mind the services, it’s just nice to get to spend the whole day off enjoying free time with family. And it’s a great excuse to dress babies up in their fancy dresses from Safta. They are from Zara (similar here).20121122-202357.jpg20121122-202651.jpg20121122-202603.jpg20121122-202416.jpg20121122-202758.jpg20121122-202738.jpg20121122-202428.jpg20121122-202453.jpg20121122-202618.jpgAnother reason Thanksgiving is a favorite of mine is because we spend it out in the country at my sister lake house, which is beautiful and relaxing and always one of my favorite places to be. OK, its not exactly out in the country, its more like a country club, but the town is far away from a big city. 20121122-202815.jpg20121122-202440.jpg20121122-202348.jpg20121122-202323.jpg20121122-202329.jpg

20121122-211018.jpgThen there is the fact that Thanksgiving is always within a week of my birthday, so I always get to celebrate my birthday with my family.

And last is the deserts! 20121122-202259.jpg20121122-202306.jpg20121122-202312.jpg20121122-211024.jpgI love pumpkin and pecan pie, whip cream in anything is perfect and there is always enough chocolate left over to last for days. The actual meal is always tasty too, but it’s the deserts that keep bringing me back each year.

So that’s a wrap for thanksgiving 2012, let the games be watched.
I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving and spent it in company that you enjoyed. I hope you ate enough gravy to last you until next year and I hope that each day you remember that you can be thankful for the people who make your life special.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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Family and Friends

by Juliemara

Just want to share some of my recent favorites from Instagram. I am gearing up to make my first Instagram book using Blurb. I have almost 700 photos I’ve instagramed, I think probably 600 of them are of the girls. I’ll have to cut some, it’s not going to be an easy task.

I love this one of Jordan on the slide. Without socks on she can climb up to the slide platform but doesn’t quite understand that she can fall off so we help her once she reaches the top to safely get down the slide.

Talia isn’t as into climbing, she would rather us just put her on the platform and help her down the slide.

Talia learns a new trick from Mommy.

Jordan’s technique for going down the steps.

Teddy seams to be shrinking

My little snuggle bug, Jordan

Present from Abba

Lovely love

A southern wedding, my childhood friend got married this past weekend in my hometown. We had a great weekend playing with our girls, celebrating Dori and her new groom Brian and seeing lots of friends and family.




And lastly for today, Abba little snuggle bug, Talia. Yes, they all said it would happen, one twin prefers mommy and the other daddy. Thus is the case in our house.


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Everything is amazing

by Juliemara

People said it but I never really understood what it meant until now.

For babies, Everything is amazing. The way they freeze and stare in a state of wonder at any new sight or sound. Thankfully, if I plan it right, just long enough for a picture.

The way Jordan strains her little body to see what’s happening behind me. The way Talia will make her way into every drawer or inspect each toy thoroughly until all possible uses have been determined.

They are sweet and curious and smart and almost one. Where did the year go, that is what amazes me.

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Photo Dump

by Juliemara

Monday’s are my most challenging days for blogging. You’d think I could create some really great post for a Monday morning having had the whole weekend to work on it, but the truth is the weekends are my time to exhaust myself playing with and caring for my family. Every second of these two and a half days is precious time to me, and the last thing I want to do while I am sitting outside at the park or pool is be staring at my phone or iPad. I’ much rather stare at these pretty blue eyes!

The weekends are when I take most of the photos that I use in my posts and think about topics I want to write about, so I do work on them, I just prefer to save the actual writing part for the work week and then sit down and focus around 9:30 after the girls are asleep and dinner is cleaned up.

This is what’s called a photo dump, I promise it’s not as simple as it sounds, but it’s easier than writing a story filled with descriptive pictures. This is a bloggers easy way out. Its all the instagram pictures I have taken over the last month or so, and considering there are only sixteen, clearly I need to step it up on the instagram! I then take four pictures at a time and create mini collages on my phone using Diptic app. If you want to be the first to see these pictures as I post them you can follow me on instagram (iphone app) or online, username juliemara.




Happy Monday!

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